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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

Uh, the 2020 NCAA Tournament was canceled. Do you mean the 2021 Tournament?

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Former Jayhawk Naadir Tharpe joins Philly-based TBT squad; Self Made not yet registered

I've always kinda wondered what happened to this loser. He never really improved in the role he was expected to play, and I still resent that he went out partying with a topless woman after the 2014 Jayhawks, who had the talent to win a national championship, got stifled by a mediocre Stanford team in the Round of 32. Thankfully Kansas got a winner named Devonte Graham to take his place and get Kansas on the road to the 2018 Final Four!

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

KU should fight the NCAA every step of the way on this! And to Thomas Harrison's point above, they should take the NCAA to court if the NCAA levies sanctions against KU for this baloney!


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Former Kansas point guard Jeff Hawkins hired by Pembroke Hill

I don't know if Jeff Hawkins has ambitions about college coaching, but I'd love to see him get in on a college coaching staff someday.

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KU announces dates for renewal of Border Showdown football series with Missouri

Nobody goes to KU games anyway, so what else is new?


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Danny Manning moves to next phase of coaching career with no shortage of options

Everybody fails at something sooner or later. It's part of life. Danny Manning failed at Wake Forest, but that doesn't make him a failure. He was in over his head there. Any coach not named Dave Odom or Skip Prosser would have been in over there heads there.

Selfishly, I'd like to see him come back to Kansas and coach the big guys again. But if he wants to take it easy for awhile instead, he can and should. He's Danny Manning; he can do whatever the hell he wants!

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Danny Manning moves to next phase of coaching career with no shortage of options

I don't follow Demon Deacon basketball very closely at all, so I would be curious to know why so many freshmen were bailing out on Wake Forest on Manning's watch.

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Danny Manning dismissed by Wake Forest

Given the number of teams in the ACC (15) and the programs with all the tradition and power to them (North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse, Virginia, Florida State), it was going to be tough for Wake Forest to compete no matter who coached them. They were a force to be reckoned with back in the day when Tim Duncan was playing for them, and when Skip Prosser was prowling the sidelines, but Prosser's untimely death in 2007 was a blow from which WF still has not fully recovered. Manning did his best there, but he was simply in over his head at a place like Wake Forest.

He should come back to Kansas and coach the big men again. He was extraordinarily good at that, and it showed in our record during the time he was here on Self's staff.

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17 years ago today, Bill Self was introduced as the next Kansas basketball coach

In fairness, some of the instability surrounding Williams' departure to North Carolina had to do with that d!ckhead AD Al Bohl, aka "The Crushed Dove".

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