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KU reaches $2.55 million settlement with former football coach David Beaty

Wow, nothing like getting paid a couple million dollars even though he sucked so bad at his job! At least Kirk Ferentz actually earns the money he's making as the Head Hawkeye!


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Longtime Oklahoma State coaching legend Eddie Sutton dies at age 84

My favorite memory of Eddie Sutton was on KU's 2003 Senior Day, when Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich checked out of the game for the final time, and Roy Williams was giving them hugs, Eddie Sutton came down from the opposing bench to give Nick and Kirk hugs and congratulate them. It was the classiest thing I had ever seen an opposing coach do in all my years watching KU basketball.

RIP to Coach Sutton.

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Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby discusses necessary steps for football and fans this fall

I'm still pissed at Bob Bowlsby for ripping the Big 12 Tournament from us. I'm tired of seeing healthy people like us having our pleasures ripped from us because there is a fraction of a percentage of a chance we might get sick.

And no, this does NOT have to be the "new normal". If the Woodstock music festival could take place in the midst of the Hong Kong flu of 1968-1970, then college sports can take place without disruptions in the midst of this Wuhan flu.

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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

Why not take a chance on the IARP? We clearly aren't going to get a fair hearing from the COI.

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NCAA source confirms request for KU's allegations case to be heard by independent panel

Uh, the 2020 NCAA Tournament was canceled. Do you mean the 2021 Tournament?

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Former Jayhawk Naadir Tharpe joins Philly-based TBT squad; Self Made not yet registered

I've always kinda wondered what happened to this loser. He never really improved in the role he was expected to play, and I still resent that he went out partying with a topless woman after the 2014 Jayhawks, who had the talent to win a national championship, got stifled by a mediocre Stanford team in the Round of 32. Thankfully Kansas got a winner named Devonte Graham to take his place and get Kansas on the road to the 2018 Final Four!

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

KU should fight the NCAA every step of the way on this! And to Thomas Harrison's point above, they should take the NCAA to court if the NCAA levies sanctions against KU for this baloney!


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Former Kansas point guard Jeff Hawkins hired by Pembroke Hill

I don't know if Jeff Hawkins has ambitions about college coaching, but I'd love to see him get in on a college coaching staff someday.

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