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KU basketball coach Bill Self supportive of Kansas City's push for the temporary relocation of the NBA's Toronto Raptors

Aw, hell no! No NBA team in Kansas City! The NBA is beholden to Red China and is a hotbed for anti-American, anti-Trump sentiment. We don't need the NBA in the Heartland!

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ESPN no longer planning to host college basketball events in Orlando

There were outbreaks at Iowa and Iowa State when those schools resumed classes. I understand the virus was spread in bars in Iowa City and Ames.

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Former KU basketball player Silvio De Sousa facing charge of aggravated battery, court records show

Looking back at the schedule, Kansas did not have a game on January 1. The Jayhawks were in between the Stanford game on December 29 and the West Virginia game on January 4. So it's quite possible that, in between, Silvio did commit this act of assault. Hopefully he didn't, and this was a case of mistaken identity, though.

Either way, this makes me feel even worse about all the time and money and resources invested in getting Silvio's two-year suspension reduced to one year

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Senior forward Silvio De Sousa leaving Kansas basketball program

5) Are you kidding? For most Democrats, the 2016 election still isn't over!

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Senior forward Silvio De Sousa leaving Kansas basketball program

Silvio De Sousa, yet another in a recent string of KU players who never lived up to his potential and was more liability than asset. Some of it wasn't his fault (the ridiculous one-year suspension from the NCAA), but some of it was (his role in the brawl with K-State and nearly weaponizing the chair). I would love to remember him as the spark that helped Kansas get to the 2018 Final Four, but instead I can only remember him in the same breath as players like Cliff Alexander, Cheick Diallo, Billy Preston, Quentin Grimes, among others.

Welp, next man up! RCJH!

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Turnover-plagued 1st half dooms Jayhawks in home loss to Coastal Carolina

Even when Iowa isn't allowed to have a season because of the pandemic, they still win. At least they don't have to carry the stench of losing to Coastal Carolina in back-to-back seasons.


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Jayhawks still don't know 'when we'll be able to play'

Yes, KU should also cancel its season. It would spare itself the embarrassment of getting its asses kicked 10 times a year.


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T-Mobile Center taking over for Sprint Center in downtown KCMO

It's okay. We don't need the leftist BLM-loving Trump-hating NBA taking up residence in Kansas City.

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Ivy League scheduling changes could impact Kansas basketball

The Ivy League schools are all a bunch of leftist hotbeds who have churned out Marx-Leninists bent on transforming this country from a free republic into a totalitarian state. America would be better off without them.

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Time to pull the plug on the idea of fans in the stands in 2020

Why should we "follow the rules" when rioters and looters aren't held to the rules? A government that fines or arrests citizens for going to church or holding a BBQ in the privacy their backyards while allowing rioters and looters and BLM "warlords" to run amok with impunity isn't worthy of our obedience.

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