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How KU's head basketball manager stole the spotlight during Thursday's boot camp

Gotta have a little fun during Boot Camp, right?

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KU senior Lagerald Vick more vocal during Kansas basketball boot camp

I'm glad to see Vick maturing so rapidly! He is evolving into the kind of leader this team will need to have a shot at getting to Minneapolis next spring. RCJH!

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Early to bed, early to rise: Boot camp off and running for Kansas basketball

Tough day of Boot Camp? Meh, Boot Camp is tough every year.

You know what would be newsworthy? If Coach Self went easy on his guys during Boot Camp. That would be an eyebrow-raiser for sure!

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2019 SG Christian Braun commits to Kansas

Welcome to Kansas, Christian! Always good to get homegrown guys to don the crimson and blue!

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Jayhawks bracing for another Bill Self boot camp

I've often wondered where Coach Self got the idea of boot camp. Did he develop it himself, or did he get the idea from his mentors at Oklahoma State? If he has at some point explained the origins of boot camp, it's been long enough that I have forgotten.

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KU's 2018-19 schedule complete with release of Big 12 men's basketball dates

What took so long? Normally, the schedule is released in mid-to-late August.

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

Apples to oranges, bro. But you obviously aren't smart enough to know the difference.

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

I wish Obama would go back to Kenya where he came from.

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

Joe, have you ever heard that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? Is it not insane to keep watching Kansas football week in and week out expecting a different result other than a big fat ugly L? I figured that out at long last. I'm sorry to see you and your fellow mindless groupthinkers can't muster enough brain cells between you all to figure it out too. Seriously, I find it entertaining to see you guys so angry that I dared to seek satisfaction from something better. You hate me because you ain't me! Keep the hate coming, suckers; it only makes me feel justified in my choice to cheer for Iowa in football; and God knows I need the entertainment between now and our game against Iowa State on the 8th.

#OnIowa #FightForIowa #GoHawks

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Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

So Kansas fell in OT to an FCS team again? Pitiful. I'd say I'm sorry for those of you who still cheer for this steaming pile of crap, but I'm not. Nobody put a gun to your head and told you that you had to be Kansas football fans. You made the choice yourself to keep cheering for them, knowing full well that they'd still suck this year, so you have no one to blame but yourselves if you're in a bad mood.

I, on the other hand, am in a very good and chipper mood. I had the privilege of turning on my radio and listening to the Iowa Hawkeyes open up a can of whoop-ass on Northern Illinois, the cream of the crop in the MAC West and one of the best teams in the Group of 5. The Hawks smothered NIU with their defense, and the only touchdown they gave up to the Huskies was in garbage time. U of I won 33-7. It made head coach Kirk Ferentz the winningest coach in U of I's storied football history, surpassing Hayden Fry.

It was a fun football game from a football team that has potential to do some damage in the Big 10 West.

And to think, I could have been cheering for Kansas and listening to them lose to Nicholls State...

Memo to Joe Ross - you cracked me pretty hard the other day for daring to think for myself and cheer for another football team. Well, it looks like I made the right choice, because my new team is well-coached, competitive, and fully capable of racking up a lot of victories. So where are you now? How's it working out for you to mindlessly cheer for a team that you know is going to lose every time they take the field? Get in here Joe, and, in the immortal words of Shaquille O'Neal, "TELL ME HOW MY @$$ TASTES!"

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