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Bobby Cremins (finally) visits fieldhouse, speaks at clinic

Thankfully there are no comments here about the need for KU to build a new basketball arena. Some of you may remember that in this very space 5 or 6 years ago some posters were actually advocating such a travesty. Fortunately more posters were against the idea. I don't have any proof, other that hearsay from people who supposedly were friends with some of the high roller alumni, but word at the time was that Perkins wanted to build a big 20,000 seat arena outside of town but enough of those power brokers refused and pointed him toward making AFH even grander instead.

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KU women win exhibition opener, 57-35

It was good to see Natalie Knight play well. My memory is shot but I think she is the daughter of one of the Knight bros who had good careers here at KU.

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KU-Texas Tech football game to kick off at 11 a.m. on Nov. 10

These 11:00 kickoff's are not good if you are actually attending the game but they are great if you are watching on TV.

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Ex-Jayhawk Langford dazzles in Italy

In addition to Strikewso's point #5, has anyone who keeps bringing up Orton's name actually seen him in an AAU game?. The guy is a complete head case. We definitely dodged a bullet by not getting this guy.

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

Roy Williams had his faults but being phony was not one of them. In fact, he was honest to a fault. He needed to leave in 2003 because he had a chance to go home. I did not resent him for doing so. He left the place better than he found it. Bill Self is the perfect coach for KU but Roy was very good and gave more than he took. I wish him well tonight.

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Prep star delays decision

OakvillJayhawk, I hope you are right. That is my preference also-- not just because these guys are one and doners(actually I don't mind filling in a spot with these kind of guys if there is a scholarship open) but more because I don't want to see any of our current guys go. Having said that, I know we could really use a wing player like Henry or Stephenson.
Mbmerriman, you are correct in your general statement but I might add one caution. I don't know much about the character of Stephenson or Henry but I do know about Orton. If you ever saw him in an AAU game you would know he looks like big trouble and not the kind of guy we want at KU.

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Prep star delays decision

Lots of interesting chatter here, some really insightfull, some really stupid, sometimes from the same poster. But overall fascinating to watch the speculation.. I don't know the relative merits of Stephenson over Henry but if it comes to a choice, I'd rather have Henry. I hope I am right that Self already knows which of the current players is either going pro, giving up his scholarship or transferring. Not sure why they are being so quiet about it though.

I hadn't thought of the Gillispie angle--thanks to whoever brought it up. It definitely would be interesting if Cal went to Kentucky, Anderson took his place at Memphis, and Gillispie took his place at Missouri. That chain of dominoes is not probable but it certainly is possible

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Bitter sweet 16

Great positive comments by the posters here. This is the best set of posts I have ever seen, particularly at the end of the season. This was indeed a hard loss to take, particularly when it resembled a couple of others earlier in the season but this team is one to be proud of and I am glad lots of other fans understand that. I can't remember a time in recent memory where I have looked forward to next season so much. I hope Cole and Sherron come back but will understand if they don't.

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Gary Bedore’s Kansas basketball notebook

As one of the main "yappers" about the scholarship situation, I have to admit you are right Strikewso -- that Self already has a plan worked out. I just kept bringing it up because I knew at least two people would have to leave one way or the other and I hoped noone was going to be forced to transfer or give up their scholarship.. That wouldn't have to happen if two guys went Pro. I was just trying unsuccessfully to get people to speculate who would be leaving.

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Gary Bedore's KU Basketball Notebook

Even if a player like Releford redshirts, which is not a bad idea, his scholarship still counts against the limit of 13. As I said before, if we sign Stephenson, two underclassmen on this years team have to leave one way or the other or give up their scholarship. Both Morningstar and Reed could probably afford to give up thier scholarships or Thomas, Releford or Appleton could transfer. For the sake of the kids, I would prefer Aldrich and Collins going Pro to either of these alternatives but something has to happen.

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