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Big 12 invites BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston to join

OMG! One of the very few opinions I'm actually agreeing with Brett! I also see the 11 game football and home-home bball schedules as very important. One conference,,,,the top two regular season finishers play for the conference championship. Kansas should lock in the KC Big 12 Basketball Championship asap. Personally I hate that tournament but love the excitement it creates in the city especially when ISU is in the hunt.

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Realignment Today: Reports indicate Big 12 planning to officially invite BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF to join the conference as soon as Friday

After the dust settles with this expansion, I bet the league goes to 16 along the lines you project. My guess is USF (Tampa) and CSU (Denver) would be great fits. The other two?...Tulane and SMU or Rice. I'd love for the Big 12 to get into the Chicago market but not sure DeKalb (NIU) does the trick. Perhaps UIC will add football to get a bid.

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Realignment Today: Reports indicate Big 12 zeroing in on making a serious push to expand with 4 schools

I doubt many will regret UT leaving the Big 12, especially the new people from UH. OU is an entirely different story and will be sorely missed. I predict now that the Sooners will regret the move and the fan base will demand a return to the Big 12.

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Realignment Today: Reported meeting Tuesday between Big 12, Pac-12 worth noting for several reasons

Damn...really good article and comments. Reminds me of a few years ago when the LJW's articles and comments were a daily must 'go-to'. IMO, it looks like Kansas will end up just fine, either in the Big 10 or a Big12/PAC12 super conference. Therefore, Matt's 'left-over 8' should do whatever is needed to cost UT/OU/ESPN the maximum amount of money. Personally, I'd love to see us end up pulling an impossible trick of getting NU/MU/CU back in the same conference. CU was always my favorite visit....NU people were always so friendly...all Kansas fans loved hating MU.

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Big 12 accuses ESPN of trying to 'destabilize' conference

I'll be more than happy with a UT for TAMU straight up trade with the SEC. No doubt the OU defection hurts for us long-time Big 8 fans. However, maybe if the SEC gave us MU in the trade....

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'Don't panic,' Girod says of Big 12 unrest; stakes are high for KU, but school must avoid making a rash decision

I say KU should soak OU and UT for every penny owed under the GOR/Bylaws while simultaneously suing the hell out of ESPN for tampering (or whatever legal arguments can be made). This would make KU the leader and hero to the rest of the league. While this is all going on, the league should be negotiating with various platforms and let other teams come to them with an eye on Houston/CU/MU/BYU/ASU/AU/Utah/TAMU.

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A look at KU's options if departures by Oklahoma and Texas put the Big 12 in jeopardy

Big 12 Adds: 1) TAMU, 2) MU, 3) NU, 4) CU, 5) ASU, 6) AU, 7) Houston, 8) CFU. Trade UT for TAMU...Great trade. Trade OU for the AZ schools ASU/AU....not great but pretty good. Bring in MU/NU/CU to rejoin most of the old Big 8. Add UH for a major metro area and TAMU rival. Add a major up and coming Florida school. This makes a new Big 12 look extremely formidable.

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Proactive approach critical for KU if Oklahoma and Texas really do leave the Big 12

That's a very good observation. I'd love to recombine with NB and stick with ISU. ISU's resurgence in football is a golden ticket at the right time. Too bad it doesn't appear practical to get CU to go with us as Boulder is a terrific visit. A Bill Self led Kansas team in the Big 10 could be pure gold for the program...and for the players!

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KU's Self, Goff believe Monday Supreme Court ruling, looming NIL laws signal start of big changes for college athletics

Good points. I'm very much inclined to fully agree with your second point. Oregon, with Nike's backing, has done exactly that. Now they can be more open about it. I hope our Adidas relationship is as strong as ever because we are going to need them!

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