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Worth asking: Does Billy Preston want to get drafted?

I've long wondered if Billy Preston even wanted to play basketball. I'm sure he wants the money but my bet would be if he got on with any team, he'd spend most of the time on the sidelines (bench or DL).

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KU's Bill Self, Quentin Grimes help USA U18 win gold at FIBA Americas

With Self and Grimes leading the way, this team had a disincentive Kansas flavor. If Self siigns the other leading players, notably Earl, Young and Hurt ... Kansas can lay claim to this being another Kansas international Gold Medal to go along with The Olympic and Korea.

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Tom Keegan: Legalized gambling will make sports more exciting, more dangerous

Can you begin to imagine what this will do for March Madness? The Tournament, an ideal gambling platform, is now on steroids. With hand held devices for betting, we can probably get odds on converting FTs in the last minutes of a game. What would the betting line be like for Doke late in the game!

I've been really down on ESPN and Disney. However, today I was investing a decent chunk of my retirement fund. Since DIS is buying Fox, they will own the two premier sports broadcasting products. Combine that with Disney properties, that mouse will be roaring.

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Administrative salaries jumped by 42 percent in a single year at Kansas Athletics; KU salaries top K-State's

The KU Athletic Department has tied itself to a venerable House of Cards based upon a corrupt administrative state's Title IX and a flood of money from ESPN, which has been a drag on Disney stock. Disney is trying to buy Fox in part to bundle ESPN with Fox sports so they can dump it either as a business sale or spin off....before the current bull market crashes. It's really difficult to see any scenario where the relative cash gravy train continues for athletics.

It would be interesting to break out the increased cost related to basketball operations, notably recruiting and coaches/staff cost deltas. Kansas stakeholder would probably be overwhelming supportive for anything BBall related...but then again Title IX comes into play.

In summary, a break out study of the increased cost from basketball operations vs those inflicted by Title IX compliance would be interesting.

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A Mother's Day first for Kansas basketball coach Bill Self and family

Self is right how time passes more quickly as one gets older. Seems like yesterday Lauren was a ChiO pledge.

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Tom Keegan: Competitive football teams, not shiny stadiums, draw crowds

Amen to that.

If we get a winning team, there will be a sorts of money availabile, assuming we do t have a collapse of the financial markets. If we do t win, attendance will never materially pick up.

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Report says Romeo Langford's father had issue with KU being mentioned in FBI investigation

Langford’s dad may regret the inferred slam toward Kansas. Arizona along with his. Either Sean are in the middle of this FBI thing. It could turn out that Archie may have also been involved at AZ. Perhaps he may ha e carried over those tactics to IU?

It would be rich if the FBI released a set of finidimgs prior to this next season and those finding totally cleared Kansas while smacking down the Miller brothers. IU could end up in far more trouble than Kansas.. Maybe IU will be declared ineligible for NCAA tournament play the next few years while Kansas continues to rack up titles, including National Champions.

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KU basketball target Romeo Langford to make college choice known tonight

Romeo could be Newman part II. He choices his heart me state school with a second tier coach only to bust the. Transfers to Kansas, with a top tier coach, sits out a year, then has the expected performance....three years later.

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A look at the finances of Kansas Athletics: Rising revenues, soaring costs, big bets

That debt ratio sucks. KU needs to focus first on keeping the Basketball program top of the line. Although we need a new football stadium, I’m not at all supportive of this project, at this time, unless a group of donors come up with their own money for it.

I know there is all kinds of hopeful talks of new gushers of revenue streams coming on from the likes of the FAANG companies but frankly I don’t see that happening. Disney, for all its great inventories, great revenues from hit movies, thyme parks and optimism to take on Netflix still has it stock stuck in the mud because of ESPN. Disney would sell ESPN in a heartbeat if they could find a buyer. One would think if one of the FAANG companies wanted to go in the direction of dumping money into sports, they would be all over buying ESPN.

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Reports: AAU director linked to NCAA bribery case, KU families pleads guilty

I seriously don't see the illegality or immorality of any company making a financial deal with a parent. It's a bit more problematic when it comes to guardians associated with off-shore kids because of the associated human trafficking issues. The major concern are those schools that actively participated and knowingly broke NCAA rules. Even if the rules suck, they are the rules and should be followed by all member institutions.

If the NCAA takes any titles or victories away from Kansas or other schools where payments took place without coaches/administration knowing about things, they better go back and adjust UCLA, although Wooden and everyone at UCLA knew what was going on.

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