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OU guard Trae Young fading in Big 12 POY race

Yea they do! What about Carter in that mix? Seems to me like a 6 way race for the first team of 5.

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Big 12 Power Rankings: KU-Tech showdown between league's 2 best teams looms

I'm more inclined to speculate the highest probability is a tie with TTU. We both go 4-1 with Kansas losing at TTU and TTU losing at WVa.

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Tom Keegan: Jay Bilas wonders why college athletes can't have agents

I thought many of these kids did have agents but go under the name of ...'guardian'

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More parity than ever in Big 12 basketball this season

Holy Cow! Incredible numbers.

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Gary Woodland has life, golf game pointing skyward

Woodland seemed forced and prepared watching him on the range. Super story of the emotional roller coaster they have had this past year.

Hope he’s able to make some good investments with his earnings.

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Tom Keegan: Sluggish start removes sizzle of home-court advantage

There must be something mentally severely wrong with this team. It’s very rare to see a Kansas team play with such low energy. When they choose to do that again at home in front celebrating 120 years of Kansas basketball...all those players representing so much glory.....something is a miss.

I have no idea what Self and the coaches can do about it but something needs to be done. I suggest putting Vick on the bench, maybe.

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Tom Keegan: Super Sunday for KU golfers Gary Woodland, Chris Thompson

Big day for KU and the LCC! Love Woodland’s Kansas head covers!

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Gary Woodland defeats Chez Reavie in playoff to win Phoenix Open

Really fun afternoon watching Woodland win this event.

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What's next for Udoka Azubuike the free throw shooter?

Don't be trite.

I made this point on Scott's column. The objective is to win. The strategic means to victory is to attack the opponents weakness while avoiding there strengths,per Sun Tzu ( 5th century BC. By fouling Dok (not Dow) after the bonus, our opponents accomplish both. Dow's foul shooting is a glaring weakness. Kansas running offense is our strength. Fouling Dok accomplishes both. Wait to see what happens in Manhattan.

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What's next for Udoka Azubuike the free throw shooter?

C'mon Matt, you can write the obvious what Kansas will see henceforth. Since you seem to be missing it, I'll tell you: Every team has about 13 players that can play but typically uses a rotation of 8. That leaves 5 players sitting on the bench. Once Kansas gets in the bonus, those player will be utilized to foul Dok...every time. That's 25 fouls teams could use with great returns. Dok's utility will be only at the start of each half, until the bonus is reached. Dow's inability to shot, jump shorts or FTs reminds me of schools like UNC in academics, who have no interest in the welfare of so many kids. If Self and the coaching staff are truly interested in Dok's well being, they teach him how to shoot. Dow's inability to execute anything near the correct form is inexcusable.

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