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Is Friday the big day for some Silvio De Sousa news for Kansas?

I don't advise holding your breath over Preston. If his problem was resolvable, it would have been done weeks ago....i.e. Alexander.

Cunliffe ans de Sousa would/should be huge additions, or so we are all hoping and praying.

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Tom Keegan: Basketball man-child Udoka Azubuike doing his best to catch up

Dok has a looooooonnnnnnggggg ways to go. Next season he will be facing serious compilation for pt.

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National reaction to KU's loss to Washington somewhat mixed

I'm proud to consider myself amongst the first edge of cliff jumpers but not for early season...or preseason games, especially with major help just around the corner with Preston, deSousa, and Cunliff.

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Lagerald Vick's big night can't keep Jayhawks unbeaten

We lost our two big alpha dogs from last year in Mason and Jackson. If Jackson was in the center of that zone tonight, he probably would have had close to 50 points with all kinds of fouls on the UW players. This team needs a lot of help in the post. We desperately need both Preston and de Silvio.

Plus, we didn't show much desire to put up much resistance.

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Stock watch: Top Jayhawks project as 2nd-round picks in 2018 NBA Draft

I clicked on the provide link to Givony's ESPN site. I can believe he/ESPN expects people to pay real money for a load of BS.

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DA drops assault charge against ex-KU football player accused of threatening girlfriend with gun

Any chance Long will be reinstated once he completes anger management?

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Tom Keegan: Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger explains thinking behind retaining football coach David Beaty

Keegan ran a continuous story for the prior two years named...Say Something Nice About the Football Team. He only turned negative this season, right after the CMU game, when he saw a dramatic regression from an already low point.

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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

Girod has to talk to the LJW or some other interested media. As the leader of a public University responsible for the Athletic Department, he has to answer for his actions. Even if the reason is what we all believe it to be, i.e. major donors lead by Anderson/Booth want to retain Zenger/Beaty, he needs to clearly state that. Most reasonable people will understand these are successful business people stepping up to write big checks for the facility upgrades. The university needs those people and until naysayers want to writ multi-multi-million dollar checks, we need to be grateful to them and respect their decisions.....

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Sheahon Zenger: Beaty will return as coach in 2018

It would be great if the LJW could get an interview with Anderson. He is apparently the lead major donor that supports Beaty/Zenger. I’d love to here is reasons for support and his willingness to write major checks.

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Tom Keegan: Heisman favorite Baker Mayfield's right hand at center of two controversies

I don’t see how telling KU fans our football team has only has one win and to to go cheer on basketball warrants any kind of scolding. That’s been the KU thyme for the past decade.

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