JayhawkLova7 11 years, 3 months ago

Man am I tired of hearing about how Sherron Collins is always driving the ball and not passing and all that other stuff. I am not trying to cause any arguments here I am just venting really. I mean seriously? Are you kidding me? Did anyone watch the National Championship game? Yeah Mario Chalmers hit the shot but who made it happen? Who put us in that situation? I'm sorry but thats just the way I feel you have your opinions I have mine. Sherron makes mistakes but is there really a 'perfect player'? Sometimes step back and think of all the things he has done for this team. He has led this team. He is tough and doesn't back down in the face of adversity actually he embraces it. Who could ask for a better mentality? All a round Collins makes mistakes but so does everyone else. He goes out there with the intent to win and not back down until he does. He gets fired up and that fires up his team. Thats the thing this is his team and he has a lot of pressure on those shoulders. In my book he is one clutch player that makes clutch plays that sometimes don't work out the way he would of liked.

Keep up the good work Sherron and the tough mentality! Rock Chalk Jayhawk, KU!

JayhawkLova7 11 years, 3 months ago

I have really been wanting to watch the 2007 Big 12 Championship game with Kansas and Texas. Do you guys now of a site or anything I could watch it or buy it from?


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