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The case for juco transfer Tyon Grant-Foster to be KU's fifth starter

Tough call for sure. Enaruna, Wilson and Thompson all could be there. I think Braun is the odd man out. My top 5 would be
1. McCormick
2 .Garrett
3. Ochai
4. Grant- Foster
5. Thompson
I want my 5 star to start. Supposed to be a great shooter and can dish the ball.
Love the Depth with Enaruna, Wilson, Braun n Lightfoot!

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Well it should get real interesting now that Zions agents acknowledged him getting benefits at Duke! Bout damn time! Duke better get some damn bad press and sanctions!

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Benton Smith: Shorthanded Jayhawks impress in crunch time against Wildcats

Impress is a strong word. I was not impressed but was encouraged that they fought through to get the win. David will be great next year once he learns how to limit his fouls. He has FT, mid range jumpers and motor to be successful. Muscadine and DeSousa can learn behind him. Thinking Enaruna may transfer since Self is using 4 guard 1 big sets. Lightfoot n DeSousa will be limited next year too. Since Dok is hurt I believe DeSousa comes back in TCU game as a backup Center.

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RBs coach Tony Hull leaving KU football

It says he is going to Hawaii.

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Kansas lands commitment from 3-star point guard Latrell Jossell

Now hoping PG Karim Mane is our next target! Can use a 5* 6'5" PG to lead team!

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5 star guard Bryce Thompson cuts his list to four

Hey Lawrence is only 3 h 35 min (217.3 mi) from Tulsa. Family can still visit and it is the top school on your list. C'mon and be the next great Guard and have a great supporting cast waiting on you! #RCJH

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

I am ready for this showdown. I hate Mizlose as much as the next guy but at some point you have to get over it and move on. All these fans that hate Roy it's the same thing. Roy was amazing for our program and have nothing but respect for the guy. Who cares if he left us for his Alma Mater, isn't that to be expected with any coach. Lets move on and embrace this rivalry again. #RCJH

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Sherron Collins' half court shot at Late Night wins money for students

That was one of the best moments of the night! Crowd went crazy! Pile up was right in front of me!

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How Kansas basketball landed Snoop Dogg for Late Night

It was a legendary artist that crosses some generations, so yes that was potentially perfect. No matter which hip hop artist you bring in, there will be controversy. This is a huge recruiting event and Barry Manilow isn't bringing in Recruits. KU did it right by making Snoop the last act. That gave 15+ min for families to get children out before his performance. Was a great show! Great write up!

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