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And so it begins: Freshman Wiggins, Jayhawks set for season

not sure about this. I have had season tickets for years and I've never had tickets to Late Night. Maybe simply because I just haven't asked for them? but it certainly isn't automatic or part of the season ticket package

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Opinion: Matthew Wyman earns rock-star status with clutch kick

sale? (in photo caption)

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KU, UK basketball vying for prep Oubre

It does me. I immediately thought of Carl Henry and how we seemingly couldn't go a single day without hearing about something he had to say regarding Xavier and/or CJ.

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KU wins NCAA women's track title

You made Jayhawk Nation very proud this week! Congratulations to all of you. I wish I could be in Lawrence to welcome you back today.

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First of all: KU women claim first Outdoor track crown

Nicely done, Jayhawk women! you made all jayhawk fans proud

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Opinion: Guessing game — Nobody knows where prep phenom Andrew Wiggins will spend his one year in college

True. It also doesn't force them to go to college. They just can't play in the NBA for that year. Didn't one kid (Jennings?) make news for playing pro in Europe for that year rather than going to college?

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Superman a Kansas Jayhawks fan? Also, columnist says FGCU should be elated to get Joe Dooley

Dooley goes from the most tradition-rich bball school in the NCAA to one that arguably has the least tradition (one sweet-16 run not withstanding). No negativity intended - just stating an interesting fact. I hope he brings them success.

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KU best team of 21st century? Also, videos of Wayne Selden, Joel Embiid from Jordan Brand Classic

Its 5 championship games - in addition to 2 titles in 88 and 08, there were title game losses in 91, 03, and 12.

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Kansas center Jeff Withey shares Big 12 player of the week honors

No kidding. And it's not just a recent trend either. Ever pay close attention to one of those old black and white clips? Those guys never make contact with any of the other players.

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Andy Katz says KU should be No. 1; video of KU-MU brawl from 1961

Question - does anybody listen to games on the radio anymore? Or even an internet feed of the radio call? Seriously - I'd like to know if you do. (But I don't count listening to the radio WHILE you're watching the TV) Almost every game is on TV or can be watched/followed in some manner on the Internet. I suppose people listen in their cars if they're driving. Armed forces overseas maybe? So do YOU ever only listen to the radio feed of games? - I think it would be interesting to hear the reason(s) if you do.

The reason I asked the question is that I used to have to listen to KU football and basketball games on a tiny, staticky, transistor radio on an AM station. I learned to listen to the background crowd noises as much as the announcers to determine if something good happened - or didn't. Listening to the crowd reaction to McLemore's shot reminded me of those days.

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