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Which Jayhawk would you pick for team MVP for the 2019-20 Kansas basketball team

We wouldn't be where we are without any one of these three. They are all equally MVP for different reasons.

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Jayhawks' 3-point defense improving as season progresses

Remind me of how many titles we won under Roy.

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Back spasms delay Jalen Wilson's efforts to return to the Kansas basketball lineup

The wisdom of Jalen redshirting or not boils down to whether or not it is certain that he'll play four years. If not, then a few weeks this season will make no difference except to give him a few games under his belt before playing next year. If he is a four year player, then these few weeks problem wouldn't be worth it.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 3 Kansas at Oklahoma State

Maybe that included his senior year of playing!

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Ex-KU football coach David Beaty to subpoena ESPN for ‘Miles to Go’ footage, contracts

Daniel, I think you're way off base. Beaty tried as hard as he could. He also, because of pressure, resorted to the Juco route to try and win some games. KU needs to pay him and be done with this.

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Dotson named Player of the Week, KU No. 2 in NET rankings and an apology about the latest ESPN+ broadcast

I couldn't even access the game. It kept saying, "Video unavailable at this time, try again later." I called ESPN immediately, but that was like talking to the wind. I called again today. I'm not sensing that the higher ups are really all that concerned. This is the second time this has happened to me. It happened with the Monmouth game. Both times the excuse was given that their system was overloaded. Give me a break, that's their job to provide service. If they are getting overloaded, they need to cut back on what they're offering or whatever. Paying customers should get better service. If this isn't corrected, KU and the Big XII need to look elsewhere. The lady I spoke to asked me to access the site today and see if I could get the game. Of course I could, but I don't want to watch a game after the fact when I paid to see it live! I didn't have any trouble last year but this year is different.

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Notebook: Jayhawks close impressive decade at Allen Fieldhouse with 151st victory

When starting a game, you haven't started counting.

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Notebook: Jayhawks close impressive decade at Allen Fieldhouse with 151st victory

Thanks for making my point. Yes, the first year of your life ends when you're one. The first decade of your life ends when you're 10. After you're a year old, you're not 0 years old. The day you are born is the first day of your life, not the zero day of your life. In fact the moment you are born is the first moment, not the zero moment (by whatever means you're measuring) of your life outside of the womb. You never start with zero when counting.

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Notebook: Jayhawks close impressive decade at Allen Fieldhouse with 151st victory

I, too, am bothered by the inaccuracy of naming a chronological decade. When numbering, you start with one not zero. Go back to the beginning of the AD era. What was the first decade? It was 01 - 10. The second decade was 11 - 20. That is how you mark the decade chronologically. Bring that on up to our current decade and it is 2011 - 2020, not 2010 - 2019. Yes, you can make a decade whatever you want it to be, but it's not a chronological decade calendar wise. For example, if you wanted to note KU decades from the beginning of our having basketball, you start with the 1898 - 1899 season (it didn't begin on January 1). That would be the first year. the first decade then would be 1898/1899 - 1907/1908. Our most recent decade would be 2008/2009 - 2017/2018. Calling 2010 - 2019 a decade is something someone pulled out of thin air according to what they wanted to make as a decade. It is not a decade according to the chronological calendar nor according to KU history. I would be fine with a KU basketball decade being 2008/2009 - 2017/2018 for our most current decade. It would at least have a solid basis and would conclude our 13th decade of basketball. However, going with the 01 - 10 chronological decades would enable all basketball programs to be measured by the same decade by decade as all started at different days and years. That would mean staring with 1901 - 1910 as the first complete chronological decade (there was no basketball in 1891) and our current decade 2011 - 2020.

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Despite late-game heroics, KU drops 50-48 decision at No. 15 Texas

Come on folks. This was a great game. Had you been told the final score before the game, how many would have taken it? Yes, we made some mistakes. Very few teams ever play a perfect game. This game was great improvement. Come on, we played the 15th ranked team in the nation! We almost beat them AT THEIR PLACE! I see us possibly being in every game left. We've played the top two teams quite well and almost beat one of them.

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