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To run or not to run: Where KU's offense goes from here

I totally disagree with Jeff Coffman. Very few programs have been in as bad a shape as KU, certainly none of those mentioned by him. Weis probably was a major factor in our being so down, he left us with a huge gap in scholarship players. The result has been to have to put players in as starters that should have had a couple of years to learn and beef up, particularly our linemen. I've said from day one that Beaty needed five years to get on track and I still believe it. Starting over now just puts us back into that deep hole, probably not quite as deep as Weis put us in but in a position that will put us that much further behind.. Are we where I'd like for us to be? No, but I'm not surprised. Give the man his five years before jumping to conclusions. You just might be surprised with what he is finally able to do with his team.

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Tom Keegan: New KU chancellor backs football coach, athletic director

Good post and I agree with Dryk Dugan's response. We've dug ourselves into a very deep hole and it's going to take time and patience to get out of it. Firing Beaty and Zenger would only dig the hole deeper and take longer to get out of, if ever.

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David Beaty expected much cleaner on-field product for KU's season debut

We didn't score as much as I had anticipated, but the 2nd and 4th quarters kind of hurt us with our mistakes. Overall I'm pleased. We won. The game wasn't ever really in doubt. The mistakes we made can be overcome. Our guys have a real game under their belt now. Bender did a good job and he has a real game under his belt. I believe we'll be just fine against Central Michigan, if we get things tuned up a little better and I think we will. I'm still saying that we will surprise some this year. We are moving in the right direction and that's what is important at this point.

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A closer look at new Kansas commitment Silvio De Sousa

I'm thinking that 2018-19 is "next year's roster." This year's roster is 2017-18.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas football better than 101 ranking

I have a feeling that this year is going to turn some heads. I like what I've been hearing about the team and it's attitude, workouts and improved talent. I don't always agree with Tom but I do concerning this article. I have no prediction concerning the number of wins, but I believe that there will be some surprises.

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Mason says goodbye in Players' Tribune tribute to KU

No KU basketball player has etched himself into the hearts of Jayhawk fans more than Frank Mason, and we've had some who have deeply etched themselves into our hearts. Trust that he will have a great future.

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Tom Keegan: Look for some changes now that Bill Self has been elected president

I thought these boards were suppose to be politically free. What a slam at our U.S. President. Have some respect for our president even if you disagree with him.

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Jayhawks plan to use time off to fix, focus on defense

I did a little checking. I guess Self is a terrible coach. During the past 14 years through today, the win/loss percentage for the following coaches is: Coach Cal...772 Coach Roy...775 Coach K...810 Coach Self...829

Wow! He is truly a terrible coach, only a .829 winning percentage, the best of the four best coaches the past 14 years. I guess for some fans anything less than a 1.000 percentage win/loss record is bad. Maybe some of you ought to apply for the job, or at least become one of his assistants. Sorry if I am sounding a bit sarcastic. I probably am. This is counting Coach Cal's wins(38) removed by the NCAA for the 2007-08 season.

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Jayhawks plan to use time off to fix, focus on defense

It's amazing that some of you aren't coaching the Hawks instead of Self.

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Next 5 weeks feature 2 key stretches for Kansas basketball

At this point any predictions are pretty much up in the air. I certainly hope that Suzi is correct and Nick is wrong. Either could happen. It could even get worse. I'm optimistic that things will go quite well for our team. As well as Jackson is doing, I'm sure he will get better. It appears that Lucas has found his way and has become the consistent we need. Hopefully Bragg and Vick will improve. No doubt Self will get better defense out of the team which will help. Deep foul trouble is probably the biggest concern or just a really bad game(s). We've now won two conference games in which we didn't really play our best. Maybe, just maybe, we are getting our bad games out of the way early, and yet still winning. I'm not a chicken little, I like to err on the optimistic side.

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