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Kansas basketball lands No. 1 seed in Midwest region

Your 9] should read, "29 NCAA appearances in a row for KU with 34 out of 35. Brown took us to the tourney five years straight. We weren't allowed to go the next year and then we've been there 29 years straight.

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Jayhawks need consistency from 'X-factor' Lagerald Vick in coming weeks

He reminds me of Wayne Sheldon, inconsistent, never know what to expect, but has a lot to offer.

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Unprecedented: Jayhawks top Texas Tech, surpass UCLA's conference title streak

I've noted that there were quite a few Jayhawk fans who had given up hope. I wasn't one of them, but I'm glad that you are able to apologize for your hasty remarks. That's a whole lot better than having to hear you say, "I told you so!" I think you are quite happy as well to be able to apologize.

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Graham climbs up Kansas basketball career charts

Devonte deserves any and all accolades he receives this year. He probably won't receive all that does deserve.

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Graham climbs up Kansas basketball career charts

I should add that basketball had become a game that wasn't fun any more for Wilt. Other teams often double and triple teamed him to slow him down. He was even scratched, clawed and bruised quite often with no fouls being called. All to keep him from helping KU win. It's a wonder he accomplished all that he did. I guess all of this just adds to his greatness and mystique.

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Graham climbs up Kansas basketball career charts

I was referring to the comment made about all-time greats. Wilt played two years plus his freshman year. Back then freshmen couldn't play on the varsity. He didn't come back for his senior year as he felt the blame for losing the national championship rested on his shoulders and he felt the fans blamed him as well. He learned differently when he came back for his jersey to be retired. He spent one year with the Harlem Globetrotters as he couldn't play for the pros until another year expired. With Wilt on the freshman team they beat the varsity.

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Graham climbs up Kansas basketball career charts

I agree that Danny was a great player and one of my favorites. But when you are talking about all-time greats, don't forget about Wilt. He scored a little less than half the points that Danny did. But Danny had four years, Wilt two. In Wilt's day they averaged about 25 games a year, in Danny's it was about 37 per year. In Wilt's time there was no shot clock. One way other teams tried to slow him down was freezing the ball. There were times when the other team would go over three minutes without taking a shot. Not even considering the points he would have scored without the other teams stalling so much, with the same game schedule in Danny's day (and today), Wilt would have scored well over 4,000 points in four years. With the same figures he would also have had over 2,500 rebounds in four years. This is not even considering that he would have done better his last two years than his first two. When discussing the all-time great, no one compares to Wilt Chamberlain.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 104, Oklahoma 74

I'm only asking for 12 more games like that this season.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 104, Oklahoma 74

Six players in double figures. Great grades!

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To run or not to run: Where KU's offense goes from here

I totally disagree with Jeff Coffman. Very few programs have been in as bad a shape as KU, certainly none of those mentioned by him. Weis probably was a major factor in our being so down, he left us with a huge gap in scholarship players. The result has been to have to put players in as starters that should have had a couple of years to learn and beef up, particularly our linemen. I've said from day one that Beaty needed five years to get on track and I still believe it. Starting over now just puts us back into that deep hole, probably not quite as deep as Weis put us in but in a position that will put us that much further behind.. Are we where I'd like for us to be? No, but I'm not surprised. Give the man his five years before jumping to conclusions. You just might be surprised with what he is finally able to do with his team.

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