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Devon Dotson's presence eliminates concerns, raises KU's ceiling

"Self asked Dotson to attach the rim whenever possible." I assume you mean Self wants him to attach the rim after Dok has torn it off with one of his slam dunks!

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Report: David Beaty calls KU's claims he refused to cooperate with investigation 'verifiably false'

I've just completed my 67th season as a Jayhawk fan. Say what you want about Coach Beaty, he gave it all that he had. If KU tries to screw him out of three million dollars, I say shame on them.

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In battle of college basketball's elite, Jayhawks have made up 34 wins on Kentucky in Self's 15-plus seasons

I think you need to check the records. Through the 1980 season KU had won 1189 basketball games. St. John's had won 915. That gives KU 274 more wins.than St. John's through 1980. Not even close.

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Jayhawks should learn from late-game missteps in win over Texas

So Self should have had Garrett, a 62.1% shooter, instead of Agbaji, a 50% shooter, throw it in? Plus, Garrett has much more experience under pressure than Agbaji in college basketball. I don't think so. Vick and Dotson are the ones who should have worked really hard at getting themselves open. The bottom line is, we are still working on coming together as a team. There were two freshmen (one just starting to get his feet wet in college basketball), one first year transfer, a sophomore, plus a senior on the floor at the time. Keeping Agbaji in shows that Self apparently has a lot of trust in him. They still have a lot of work to do to get it all together, but they are making strides forward. Hopefully they can get it together quickly enough to keep us in the conference race.

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Matt Tait: Beaty staying positive to the bitter end

Yes, very well said. I've really grown tired of the many who keep harping on how bad Beaty was/is. He has made the program better, just no fast enough for many. I've said from the beginning that we should give him five years. I wish him well. I've been a Jayhawk fan well over half a century and that includes the football program. It's had its ups and downs. But there's been some bright moments, like when we went into the OU Snakepit in 1964 or there-a-bouts and beat them!

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KU coach Bill Self dominating recent head-to-head meetings vs. Hall of Famers

You must have watched a different game than I did. Izzo did start the "Hack-a-Dok" and Self took him out.

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KU coach Bill Self sounds off on King James' streak

I'm glad that Self finally brought up Wilt. There is no doubt in my mind that he's the # one basketball player ever. Too many are putting him too far down their list of the greatest. Wilt would fit in very well in today's NBA, probably even better than he did when he played. As Wilt pointed out once, they changed many rules to slow him and the game down, they changed some rules to speed the game up for Jordan.

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Tom Keegan: Competitive football teams, not shiny stadiums, draw crowds

I am really getting tired of the constant whining and bad bouthing of KU athletics by KU "fans" and especially by some of the writers like Keegan. I've been a KU fan a good number of years longer than Keegan has lived. Do I like the recent number of bad years KU football has endured? No. But neither do I like the constant complaining. One big complaint, KU doesn't spend enough money on football. So KU decides to build a great practice facility and do a huge upgrade to Memorial Stadium. Results, many more complaints. The football team goes through several losing seasons. Results, fans stay home and complain, writers badmouth the program. Does any of that have an effect on the program? Certainly. Look at Iowa State. They've had a pretty sorry football program. What did the fans do? They filled many, if not all, of the stadium seats and stood behind their teams. They remained supportive. The football program is finally making a turn-a-round. No, spending a lot of money on upgrading football facilities will not make a winning team, but it doesn't hurt and KU is investing money into the program. Where else do we invest money? Buy better players? Oh yeah! Spend more money on coaches? Wow! We've spent a ton of money on coaches like a revolving door. Tom Osborne was once asked why KU and KSU didn't have winning football programs. His response was, "You don't keep your coaches long enough." KSU apparently heard that response and have kept Snider a good number of years. He took that program to about as high of a level as you could expect for them. KU continued to have it's coach's revolving door operation in high gear. Result, a football program going about as low as it can get. We all knew that when Beaty was hired that it would take at least five years to see the program begin to turn around. But do we give him that chance? No, we want to continue the coach's revolving door policy as well as want to get rid of the AD. Building or remodeling a stadium will not guarantee a winning program is a given. But would a decent number of fans coming to that stadium and boosting their team help any? Fans getting behind the program would probably help about as much as anything we could do. And writers like Keegan being more supportive rather than so negative wouldn't hurt. The players know what kind of support they are getting. You try to play before constantly empty seats and listen to complaining fans and writers and see how excited you get. I know many will want to rake me over the coals for what I've just said, but doing so will continue to keep those who want to be supportive of KU football from coming out of the woodwork and being supportive. So we continue one of our major problems, lack of fan support.

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Tom Keegan: Is Adidas money worth the embarrassment for Kansas Athletics?

David Reynolds I fully agree with you. Judgement and decisions should be made after we know the facts, not before.

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The rocky, yet rewarding, evolution of KU's Malik Newman

Great article. Glad the light came on! It's in the nick of time. What a problem for the other teams now, guard Svi, Newman will make you pay, guard Newman, Svi will make you pay, work on both of them, Graham will make you pay or now even Vic. Try to cut off the 3 pointers, throw it into Dok or drive in and pass it back out to the open man. I like our chances in the tourney more and more. Don't count on Graham having a bad night next time out.

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