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KU men's basketball No. 7 in preseason AP poll

I think everything looks about right in the Top 10, except for Florida. They've been overrated the last two seasons and last year's team was better than this years team. On a final note, KU ranked at #7...just so happens to be my lucky #...just sayin. RCJH!!!

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Point guard Frank Mason commits to KU basketball

I was kind of upset when I saw Frank Mason sitting at 131st on for 2013 recruiting class. But, I watched some youtube highlights. This may be a diamond in the rough, ladies and gents. He's got great handles, explosive, fast as hell with the ball. For a small guy, he's got good length. I'm not trying to say he is going to be a stud. I mean, there is a reason why he's rated so low. But, he plays like Phil Pressey of Mizzou. I hope I'm right, cause I don't care what you all may think of my next statment. Phil Pressey is a STUD. And anyone who thinks differently is kidding themselves.

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FINAL: Rice stuns Kansas with last-second field goal, 25-24

This team is better than last year. But, that isn't saying much. I'm so tired of KU football being so horrible. This is why KU was in the situation they were in a year ago with the conference falling apart and KU not having a place to go because no one wants a high school football team in their conference. I love KU Basketball, but football is king when it comes to money and anyone who thinks differently is naive.

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Times set for KU football's first three games

Do you actually believe KU has earned the right for a good TV spot? I bleed crimson and blue, but lets be real. KU Football has been some of the most pothetic piece of garbage to watch. You can thank Turner Gill for that. Not saying it will be more of the same this year, but we gotta start putting a better product on the field if we want to see better TV spots.

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Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond work out for Bobcats

When are you going to contribute toward the content of the story? I know it's hard to grasp for you and others. But, I don't think LJW really cares about yours or anyone else's comments on what to call KU. Now, if you have a comment about T-Rob in comparison to Drummond, I'd be more than happy to read your thoughts.

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Milton Doyle to play basketball at Kansas University

I hope Doyle does well. After watching highlights on youtube and mind you I'm no scout. But, he doesn't seem to have too explosive nor is he all that fast. It's hard to tell since the talent around Doyle's team and the opposing team, seemed sub par at best. But, I may be missing something. We'll see what happnens. RCJH!

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South Carolina transfer Damontre Harris picks Florida

Hopefully it's more Arthur and less Wright.

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