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'It's just not normal': Jayhawks slip at Allen Fieldhouse again, lose to Texas Tech

We are thin. Our guys are playing like they are made of glass so they don't get in foul trouble. Our guards need to drive like Frank and not be afraid to guard aggressively. TT came at us hard last night just like ASU and we had no reserves to allow our guys to catch their breath, to sit on the bench and be settled down, etc. You could tell they were panicked which is unlike KU. 2 more bodies allows for a lot more rest and coaching.

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LB Joe Dineen: KU football fans 'deserve so much better'

How can Beatty say "they believe" I sit behind the bench. I don't see one ass chewing for blown assignments, I don't see one person being held accountable. You can watch the QB and receivers looking at each other with their hands in the air after a blown play. They just go back and line up and run another bad play. The play calling is not bad, it's that half the guys don't know the play. The tackling is absolutely horrible, the number of people out of position is astounding.

KU may not have the athletes, but we don't have the brains either. We should be sitting people when the blow a play and letting them know that they aren't good enough to start on the worst team in america! We should be chewing ass, running laps, doing push up, something. I have friends who watch practice and there is a bunch of "slap and tickle" going on. These people don't know what serious is.

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Mike Lee aims to rectify on-field mistakes that cost him starting job

Who else can we sit? Seems to be a good strategy. If you aren't good enough to start a game for the worst Div 1 football team, you really suck.

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Following loss, David Beaty declares need for balance in KU's offense

What gets me is we are talking about passing and running when the d line and O line are the problem! Bender suffers from the same problem his predecessors had, sacks and receivers who can't get open. The D line couldn't scare that QB, he had all day to shred the secondary. That put the secondary in a really bad position, not that they were in position to begin with. I have been reading this paper most of the preseason, there was not much said about the line play. Are we just trying to not talk about the elephant?

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Tom Keegan: Kansas defense among best in Big 12

Dillon, be patient. This is not the pros where you just plug another experienced receiver or back that you pick up from green bay. This is college ball. On good college teams you have to be in the system for 3 years before you start. You might play but you don't start. Our coaches have only been here 2 years and they are making progress. I see lots of progress on this team, more on the defensive side but the offense looks much better than last year. we are just not experienced and deep enough...yet!

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David Beaty understands frustration with KU’s offense

At most top notch programs, you get to play as a junior and senior. A little here and there as a sophmore. We are throwing guys with no experience out there because they are better athletes than the others. It's all we have. It takes time guys.

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Bill Self: Brannen Greene 'disrespectful' of K-State in closing seconds

I think HCBS did this to send a message to the Green that he will no longer "keep it in the locker room" because that is not working anymore. I agree that this team is lacking in intensity and focus. I think coach is done chewing tail in private on some issues.

Green has had a million chances, he blows the opportunity most times. If you truly watch the games, whenever there is a wide open shot for the other team and Green is on the floor, it's his man. Offense is only half the game.

We are Kansas Basketball, I'd like to think we are classy good, not classless good.

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Bill Self: Brannen Greene 'disrespectful' of K-State in closing seconds

disgusted? Pretty strong word. I think Green is a moron. bitches about playing time and was suspended for it. He is one of the worst defenders on the team. He is one-dimensional. He plays stupid and acts stupid. I think Bill took the opportunity to once again, knock him down several notches, He acts very cocky for a player that is just not that good, except for the 3 ball.

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Jayhawks can't stop Denzel Valentine, fall to Michigan State

I think it was a poorly played game by KU. I also think that in the past 5 or 6 years, HCBS has allowed it to happen in one of the early games. I think he hangs the cocky, know it all kids out to dry and allows them to be embarrassed. It gives them incentive to learn and try harder. Last year's loss to Kentucky for example, the year before to Villanova and a few others. He doesn't want to lose, but I think he doesn't coach as hard so that he can prove a point.

It's not about winning every game, it's about winning the last one.

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Police release details on 'large disturbance' that led to arrests of KU basketball, football players

Not sure where you hung out, but Gammons, the Hatter, etc. always had fights with players. We just did not have the Internet to spread the word.

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