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Jayhawks see odds as motivating factor

In honor of today's game, I had puffed Rice for breakfast today.


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Coyotes swept up in ‘waves’

I hope South Dakota wins a lot more games. They are big and have some hard nosed running backs and are well coached. I'm hoping that our 1st game jitters were just that - 1st game jitters. Rice will be a real measuring stick. I'm hoping -


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Previewing KU football's Week 1 match-up vs. South Dakota (Spodcasters)

Car Noises?

K-State - oh boy!

Starr is the star of their defense ?

This spodcast even came with its own with its own horn.

Thanks Guys I always enjoy your work.

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Dissecting KU's defensive line and wondering if the best is yet to come for Marquel Combs

Reuben - Are you really jumping ship before we leave the pier?

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Vestal turns up volume on KU football staff

Any word on Slater?

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KU safety Dexter Linton motivated by miss

I totally understand. Keep the faith - one day you will make your first tackle.


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Coaches tap Bill Self fourth for X’s, O’s

Best X's and O's coach I've ever seen in person is Larry Brown. He never should have beaten Oklahoma in 88. He simply outcoached Tubbs. Of course things broke for us that day as Milt Newton going 5 for 5 wasn't an everyday affair.

Best defensive coach - Bill Self

Prettiest Basketball I've watched coach - Roy Williams.

Best overall coach - Bill Self

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What caught my eye at Day 10 of KU football's fall camp

One item on Tait's breakdown of possessions was that Jake Heaps led the team to a scoring opportunity everytime he was under center. I like that!


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Jayhawks adjust autograph policies after A&M investigation

Nuleaf - buddy/friend. Have two things to say about your comment:

1) You are absolutely right, and

2) You're an old dude.

I'm an old dude and I remember Johny U well. Then again on some days maybe not so well. Oh well, that's life in the pickle jar.

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Opinion: August crucial for these 5 KU football players

Thank you Matt. Really enjoy your articles. I am looking forward to your educated guess about KU's win/loss record this year. You are going out on the proverbial limb are you not?

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