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KU students can join new Junior Williams Fund to begin earning priority points for athletic events

I am one of those recent grads that thinks it's complete horsesh!t that in a couple of years, there will be 10,000 people ahead of me in priorty points. My wife and I graduated in 07 & 08, respectively, and have each been WEF members since graduation. We called and gave the athletics department and WEF an earfull of how rediculous all of this is and tried to see if there was a way for recent grads to get any sort of benefits from this and explained to them how for $25 a year they're screwing a bunch of their supporters, but they essentially said tough luck. I'm pretty pissed, and unless we hit the lotto, this pretty much craps all over any shot of us getting in Allen for the rest of our lives (season ticket wise). We're loyal, diehard KU fans, and we'll keep supporting WEF, but it's just unlikely we'll see any direct benefit (other than supporting many national championship teams, but i guess i can't complain about that).

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