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Conner Frankamp stands out at all-star game

There is no guarentee that he will be the #1 pick. He could be a Josh Selby type player and get a ton of hype and not produce very well in college. Ben McLemore was rated around 40-50 in 2011 and now he is top 5 pick. It takes hard work and talent to become a #1 pick.

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Opinion: Wait pays off for KU players

I believe Randle looked at our current roster and decided he wasn't going to start as a Freshman next year and decided to choose a different school. We don't have very many true freshman start at Kansas. In recent history a few guards will start but generally a Big Man don't start at Kansas as Freshman. Ellis is a perfect example he has the talent to start but took time to adjust to the college basketball speed. Look at Thomas Robinson he had huge potential and waited his turn to start. Self probably told Randle he didn't have a guarentee starting spot next year and he went elsewhere. I'm not opposed to OAD but we have had success without the OAD players.

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KU men look to defend Big 12 title streak today at Baylor

TCU is happy with 1 win. KU is only happy with Big 12 Championship and a National Championship.

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In rematch vs. TCU, Jayhawks bring back bit of history for milestone

Thanks for the link to his blog!

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Morris twins reunited in Phoenix

How about Robinson, Selby, Arthur, Hinrich and Henry? Any other former Kansas Players I'm missing.

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Opinion: McLemore, Smart face off again as Big 12's best freshmen

Technically Ben is not a 1 and done player. This is his second year at Kansas University.

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KU’s Bill Self won’t revisit flippin’ OSU loss

Rio is not going to transfer next year. He has a chance to be starting next year for the Kansas Jayhawks. Players will transfer if they see not having any chance to get playing time. Rio will get playing time next year. Self doesn't like to play freshman if he doesn't have too. This year he doesn't have to play any true freshman more than a few minutes per game. McLemore is not a true freshman (2nd year in the program). Self may start one of our freshman next year because we lack upper classman but I don't think he will want too. He would rather have Tharpe, Rio and White starting next year at the guard positions.

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Jayhawks ‘Shake’ funk


We have had young teams in the past and they have always been good. Maybe we don't compete for a National Championship next year but I guarentee we will be in the hunt for another Big 12 title. I believe Ellis, Traylor, Tharpe, White, Lucas and Adams will be better players next year. Bill Self doesn't play freshman players very much unless he is forced too or they are exceptionally good (NBA type talent as a freshman). Next year will be one of those years that the true freshman will be required to play significant minutes. I'm sure Adams and White know their roles and are happy to be the best players on the scout team this year. McLemore was the best player on the scout team last year and now he is one of the best players in the country. Bill Self has a good system of developing young players. Withey was very raw when he came to Kansas, now he is one of the best defensive players in the country. Thomas Robinson and Morris Twins did not play very much their freshman years and they are now in the NBA. Bill Self has a proven track record and we need to let it play out. You shouldn't be predicting the future anyway. Would your perspective change if McLemore decided to stay 1 more year?

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Bill Self questions team's toughness, desire following home loss to OSU

That is the problem we have a system that we are sticking too. Bill Self needs to shake up the system a little and get the focus back. Having 4 senior starters is great but something is wrong at this point in the season. Allowing Tharpe and/or White to start a game would send a message to the seniors for more focus, effort and desire.

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Bill Self questions team's toughness, desire following home loss to OSU

I would start Tharpe and White in the next game and put Releford and Johnson on the bench. Bill Self needs to send them a message that they need to provide leadership, desire and effort all the time. I loved how White came in off the bench and tried to win the game for us. We got get White more playing time. I wouldn't mind seeing Johnson play about 5-6 less minutes per game to allow White to have an chance to prove what he can do.

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