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Dearly missed: Jackson opens up about his mother’s tragic passing

I hope things work out for the best for him. He almost defines "work ethic" and "dedication".
If he can embody the qualities in his children that his mother helped him with they will grow up to be fine people.

I agree that he is one of my very favorite Jayhawks also.

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Where would Sherron Collins rank in your list of all-time favorite KU basketball players?

Nobody worked harder ALL the time. His great work ethic and non-stop hustle will be hard to be replaced. He's definitely one of my all time favorites. That "never say die" attitude put many a W in the win column.
I wish him all the best and have the feeling he'll be doing good wherever he goes.

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UNC coach Williams apologizes for Haiti remarks

PC BS -- No big deal.

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How Keegan voted — Dec. 28 college basketball poll

Staying in the number one spot helps with recruiting. I hate to see the East, West, and South coasts erode a recruiting edge because of a population edge.

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Face it: Morningstar belongs in rotation

I just watch. I figure that HCBS knows the team and it's individuals better than I. That's why we win and he gets the big bucks for winning.

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Markieff answers Self’s call

"NOTE TO SELF" Watch the yelling and screaming at your players. You're only a losing season away from the unemployment line. lol

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Mangino’s words just overkill

This will be the most transparent University program in America starting NOW-------------Now----------------now-------------now.

We can't have it both ways. They should have kept the "internal" investigation internal, rather than spewing it all over the public forum. If Mangino needed to be fired they should have waited until after the season to do it and THEN explained their actions. It wasn't fair to him , the team , or the KU the way it was handled.

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KU vs. MU head to head

I guess there's no reason to even play the game---huh?

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Probe timing curious

As Jack Web would say------------"Just the facts, Maam. Just the facts."

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Reesing deserves courtesy

Mangino probably knows what he's doing and Reesing will probably kick some mildcat butt. I still think we will end the season with a very good record.

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