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Chalmers, six other KU products hit free agency market

Darrell Arthur is starting his seventh year.

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Three & Out with Oklahoma...

Matt, I think that you meant unusual, not usual, at the end of the first sentence. I love your coverage, just trying to help you out is all.

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Jayhawks in top 5 … for schedule

It is 5 to 4. Home games TCU, Okie State, Texas, and ISU.

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Kansas overpaid Bonnie Henrickson

I'll take -1 Final Four for +1 National Championship.

I have no problem with Brad Stevens, but are you really trying to say that a guy who has been a head coach for three years in one of the weakest conferences in the NCAA is better than Bill Self?

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KU football schedule brutal

And 3 of those wins came in one season. He never beat Texas, Texas Tech, or Oklahoma.

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Big 12 football over/under predictions: Answer to win prizes

1. Under
2. Under
3. Under
4. Under
5. Under
6. Under
7. Under
8. Under
9. Under
10. Under
TB 800

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RB decommits from Jayhawks

I blame the fact that he looked at the long list of RBs on the roster and decided that there might not be a spot for him here.

May 26, 2010 at 7:47 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Welcome home (home): Despite ties to OKC, Self all business

Obviously a lot of people are interested in the President's picks or ESPN wouldn't have asked him for them. I would have to say that I care more (still very little) what his bracket looks like as compared to the posters on here who I know absolutely nothing about.

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Gill’s assistants to earn more than Mangino’s

I don't know if anyone noticed, but last year (Mangino's best recruiting class) Kansas was also 9th in the Big 12. The class was ranked higher nationally, but not in the Big 12.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

People on here seem a little crazy...
Conference Championships
Turner Gill 1
Mark Mangino 0

Isn't that what we are after? Harbaugh is crazy and he's not worth all the consideration. You are all talking trash on one of the head recruiters of a national championship team, and you are yelling about Lew Perkins. It was Perkins who secured donations for the new football facilities not Mangino. HCMM had the most talent he has ever had this year and he couldn't win the games he was supposed to let alone the ones that he wasn't supposed to win. Also, I'm glad to know that one recruit leaving is considered a landslide. That kid was leaving before HCMM left. I think if we see a ton of kids leave it's because we lost 7 games in a row! Not because we hired a Coach that took a program that had won 12 games prior to his tenure to a conference championship.

Why do people say that we aren't still building? Are you happy with 6 wins and bowl game? That's all that HCMM was really good for, and this year he couldn't even run the clock out to deliver that.

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