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NBA early-entry deadline passes with no word from KU center Udoka Azubuike

Does he wait to see what the results are from SDS’s appeal? I imagine they are extremely close and if SDS comes back then maybe Dok decides he’ll come back?

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No. 1 seed Jayhawks eliminate potential March Cinderella Penn

All but three of our guys had never seen action in the NCAA tournament. (Svi, Graham, Vick) Lightfoot saw some time last year, but Silvio, Newman, Garrett, Dok, etc. had zero experience. i believe they'll be more relaxed on Saturday when they play Seton Hall or NC State.

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Self offers Miege duo

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Thornton transferring because he wanted to play closer to home? If Miami is closer than Duke it can't be by much. Seems like he is transferring for other reasons (i.e. Forced out, thinks he's better than he is, not a team player, Etc.) definitely raises some red flags for me.

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WATCHETOLOGY: KU, Duke on Sweet 16 collision course?

With a win on Saturday KU will have avenged every loss except for the Michigan St. loss. Would love another crack at them in the tournament. The first game we played great until the last part of the second half. Don't see that happening again.

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Kansas-Nebraska series renewed

@KSU game when DJ Johnson and Hurt could bully our bigs down low after Perry was injured. That's what I was referencing. Without Perry our bigs struggled. Diablo and Bragg had 4 points combined I believe in those two games. What I observed was hurt and Johnson imposing their will inside.

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Kansas-Nebraska series renewed

Ferguson would be an interesting recruit if KU were to get him. If Selden and/or Svi were to leave, he could slide into the position.

Glad to hear Dwight is recovering well and will hopefully be full contact by summer. having another big body to bang with can only help the bigs get better. This year, besides Lucas, our bigs have struggled against bigger bigs (see KSU game).

Looking forward to senior night on Saturday and postseason play starting next week. This team has become one of my favorites. It didn't start out that way, but the way they have played and started showing emotion has really made this team a great one to watch.

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'Turned up' at Texas: KU cruises to claim sole possession of Big 12 title

I personally wouldn't trade a national title for that. If I was a KSU or Mizzou fan then I'd jump on that deal. But as a KU fan the answer is no.

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'Turned up' at Texas: KU cruises to claim sole possession of Big 12 title

KU always has a great team, but I think we as fans sometime forget that the pressure of continuing the streak probably affects the way guys play. I don't know what goes through the minds of these kids, unless they give an interview, but I'd imagine they think they have to make this play or they have to do this or that to continue the streak. I'd imagine they don't play as freely as they could. Last night that all changed. They were loose, they were free, they were having fun. Not havinf to worry about winning this game to continue the streak seemed to allow the players to enjoy the ride.

I hope Self lets the guys enjoy the ride for the next month. Let these seniors enjoy their last few games with Kansas across their chest. If that happens I think everyone will have an unbelievable March. This team is a fun mix of youth and experience and lasts night's game was the game we all were waiting for. We knew they could play like this, but just didn't know if they would. Continue to do the little things and let's cut down nets in Kansas City, Des Moines, Chicago, and Houston. Rock chalk.

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Can KU replicate Austin ‘recipe’?

I think tonight's game will show a lot about where KU's head is at. It will be an extremely emotional game, being senior night. If KU can stay within 6 or 7 points at the under 16:00 timeout, I believe they'll be fine. Just weather that inital storm. However, if they are down double digits at the under 16:00 timeout, I believe that it'll be a long night.

KU playing sharp tonight will show me that they want to win in March and will do whatever it takes to do that. It's Selden's time to shine. If ever Selden needed to prove himself to the NBA scouts, now is the time to do it.

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A look back at the Big 12 title streak through jersey numbers

surprised no mention of T-Rob with Tyshawn. Could have easily just said 10+0=10 and discussed how those two willed the Jayhawks to the 2012 championship game.

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