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Or you could just have fun with it! There's not going to be recruiting news everyday... I'm very interested in the power forward bracket personally

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KU adds pair of basketball walk-ons in Wesley, Roberts

Frederick's younger son, Mark, walked on at K-State

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Gary Bedore’s Kansas basketball notebook

Umberto - It's the same as saying he was arrested and charged with DUI...

suspicion of DUI = probable cause to arrest for DUI

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Hinrich’s toughness stood out

Roy would know all about players who flop for half an hour.... God's gift to basketball, Tyler Hansbrough, is the King of flopping.

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KU's Collins named Cousy Award finalist

lmao, Jaminrawk.... so true

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Morningstar, Reed help save day

actorman - coming back from Lincoln you travel briefly through Iowa and also through Missouri.... Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas = 4

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Self bemoans mistakes in loss

jaybate - the answer is C - releford is not a good enough ball handler right now... seems that he nearly falls over himself every time he dribbles (excluding when he's on the break)... he also is not a good outside shooter at all which is needed against the zonemlubyRN - i'm not positive, but yates is probably talking about Mario Little... just a guess

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Ryan Wood's KU football notebook

... or of beating KU

October 29, 2007 at 6:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU flounders in second half

Bill Self = awesome recruiter, decent coach... there are coaches who are decent recruiters, awesome coaches... Mark Few @ Gonzaga to name one. Get used to the excitement of bringing in top names and getting decent results. We'll get the conference titles and have a good record, but we'll never get over the hump to win the whole thing.

December 2, 2006 at 3:44 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Wood: Close games vex KU

I think he is just saying that all these games are winnable, but we could lose each one... therefore, each game has potential to be close.

Oh and just my 2 cents...

3rd & short = Brandon McAnderson (kinda like 1+1=2)

Running with Cornish takes too long to develop (and then he wants to dance behind the line before hitting the hole) and running with Barmann is a joke.

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