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A to Z guide to KU in the 2014 NCAA Tournament

Great stuff as usual, Matt. I believe KU played Memphis @ Scott Trade in the non-con schedule in 2009 during X Henry's only season.

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No time to lose: Transfer Tarik Black already working hard

There was an article a week or two ago detailing what numbers players were going to wear this year. Naadir let Selden have #1... I can't remember what he switched to though

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Bill Self basks in glow

How did Little make it into your "legendary" category?

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Bob Huggins' Mountaineers resemble Frank Martin's Wildcats

If there is ever a Street Fighter movie... I expect to see Kilicli as Zangief

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Jeff Withey's defense shuts down red-hot Romero Osby

Wesley doesn't play because he is the least skilled big man we have and is really just a scout team player like the rest of the walk-ons this year. There's no way he would take minutes from Withey, Young, or Ellis and Traylor has WAY more upside and shows flashes of the future that Wesley does not show.

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City of Lawrence's cost for Final Four downtown activities: $180,000

20/ hour is more like a regular hourly rate for officers.... OT would then be in the neighborhood of 30 to 40/hour... Maybe more depending on tenure and rank.

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Danny Manning appears Tulsa bound

Congrats to Coach Manning (and Dir. Hinson).... How about Norm Roberts come back in the assistant spot and Wayne Simien for Director of Basketball Operations (where Manning started)... then, next time Dooley, Townshend, or Roberts take a job, Simien take an assistant spot. Yet another successful big man to draw recruits.

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Jordan Juenemann ‘worked so hard’ for his shot

PJ3 sniffing the top 30 Naismith list is laughable. Apparently they use the same criteria as NBA teams... potential.

And no TT on the Cousy list or the Naismith list? Wow... use it Tyshawn. Prove them wrong.

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What's wrong with the Aggies' offense? Plus, predictions for KU-Texas A&M

+1 for enthusiasm, -1 for math. haha. I agree that Withey will dominate in this game.

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Game Balls and Gassers: Kansas State

Exactly. Should read: Every player on the field and coach on the sideline.

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