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Elijah Johnson: T-Rob’s KU career ‘all over’

I only want to say Thank You, to each and every player on this team! You are all champions! You make me proud to be a Jayhawk fan! And to TRob you are, and
will remain, my favorite player. Good luck at the next level. Dam proud to have had a chance to watch you play. RCJH

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

As someone who has been a Jayhawk fan since the day I arrived on this Earth, I am of course sad to see one of the greatest players-people I have ever known, leave. But so very happy for Tulsa's gain. Smart move. I wish Danny, and family, the very best. And yes I feel somewhere down the road he will return home! Thank you Danny for the years as a player, the years as a mentor, and the years as a coach. First class, and I mean CLASS.
You make me so very proud to be a Jayhawk fan.

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'I'm still here': Tyshawn Taylor’s story marked by adversity

Good Luck in your future! Thank you for pouring your heart, and soul, into leading your
team, to yet another Big 12 championship! No guard who I ever remember playing at
Kansas can explode to the rim, like you. Much like everyone else, I got frustrated at
times with the turnovers, but I never, ever, questioned your heart, or desire! Or your
ability! It has been a pleasure to watch you bloom, into a star. And the heart and soul
of this team.

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CELEBR-EIGHT: Kansas clinches outright crown

I know I'm just one of many. But I just wanted to say, what a fantastic season this has been, so far. Watching a team grow, and become stronger, and stronger, and a coach
prove so many people wrong. And watching a player who has been slammed, and told
he was not worthy of his position, eventually shut his critics up! And in my humble
opinion, become an All American. Although totally frustrated by him, at times, I believe our coach knew this was coming. And to (T.Rob) The big man in the middle: I know you carry a pretty big load on your shoulders, every day, and you show so much heart. Dam you make me proud to be a Jayhawk fan! Thank you to this whole team, you are true
champions! RCJH!

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Toughened up, Jeff Withey ‘fabulous’

+1 agreed.

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FINAL: KU hangs on for 59-53 victory over Kansas State

You are right about that. The ref's were as bad as any I've seen all year. And Knight would be better served, to go softly into that good night. No need to rage against the dying of the light, it has already died in his case...

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Fans chirping over what could be last KU-Mizzou basketball game in Columbia

I think you are giving the MU grad a little too much credit!

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Happier campers: Clinic helps Jayhawks put loss behind


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