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Josh Selby waits out NBA labor strife

I personally would like to see them use something like they use for the NFL. It doesn't matter if you go to college for one or two years you can't go to the league until your class reaches their junior year.

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Josh Selby confirms plans for ‘Legends of the Phog’

Are the players each invited to play or was there a blanket invitation? I personally don't consider him to be a legend. Other than the criticism he has received on this site he seems to be a forgettable individual.

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KU’s Self honored at Illinois for Big Ten titles

They are actually honoring the team/players it makes sense to recognize the coach as well IMO.

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Former Jayhawk Jeff Graves has no plans to retire

I'd love to be able to blame Melo for that loss but the truth is that if Kansas had made even half of their freethrows they would have won.

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Thomas Robinson's return uplifting for KU basketball

I don't believe Nebraska will get past Okie State and they have two of the best in the conference in Pilgrim and Moses.

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Bobcats cut Collins

Perhaps he already knew what was ahead and is already headed in that direction.

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FINAL: KU escapes with 67-60 overtime victory over Michigan

Coach says he should play in their next game.

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UMKC's Michael Gholston Jr. relishes reunion with best friend Travis Releford

If there is a lockout there will still be a draft but there will be alot fewer early entries.

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KU’s Selby part of UT violations

I wouldn't be too hard on the LJW. With most newspapers the person who writes the article is not the person who writes the headlines. They have one person who writes the headlines often after just scanning the article so sometimes the headline does not absolutely match the article.

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Jayhawks survive another close call

KUShaw you should know that when your comments are longer than the article everyone uses their scroll button. I missed all of that.

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