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Underhanded free-throw shooting underrated

Yeah, there's so much to write about on June 27th in Lawrence.

I thought it was a real interesting column. It reminded me a little bit of Mike Marshall, the former Major League pitcher who swears that he knows how to prevent arm injuries in pitchers, only nobody will listen to him.

In a sport with billions of dollars and jobs at stake, why not at least listen?

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San Diego State sources fire back at KU, Kevin Young

I believe SDSU.

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Former KU cornerback Aqib Talib indicted in alleged gun incident

And even if we do, we probably won't be able to spell his name correctly.

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Texas lawmakers criticize raise given to Longhorns basketball coach Rick Barnes

The worn-out method of communicating to the lowest common denominator--namely, voters who don't understand the structure of athletic department finances as they relate to the universities--has made political discussions idiotic.

As many have stated here, taxpayer money doesn't go near Rick Barnes' paycheck. These politicians know that. Yet they speak out against this "injustice" anyway. And we wonder why Americans are less and less informed every generation?

I swear, between zany bills being introduced and quotes like these, state senators are just dumb people.

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5DecadeHawk thinks this is absurd. And he'll be back tomorrow to find more content to be angry about.

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Freshman Selby has fairy-tale beginning

Who freaking cares?

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Freshman Selby has fairy-tale beginning

Absurd inferiority complex with no facts to back it up. Kansas is one of the 3 or 4 most respected college basketball programs in America. The Jayhawks are on ESPN all the time. The national media are always at Kansas games. College Gameday comes to Lawrence almost every year.

To say that the Kansas Jayhawks are ignored by the mainstream media is an insult to everyone's intelligence, and I bet most Kansas fans think that claim is ridiculous.

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Baylor soccer slips past KU in 2OT, 1-0

KU soccer made the tournament in 2008, but they've never gotten back to the level they were at from 2003-05. They were a force back then.

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Search for A.D. on target

How does KU translate to "University of Kansas" ? Shouldn't it be "KU" and "Kansas University" or else "UK" and "University of Kansas"?

The burden of proof is on you nuts to explain that one.

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What’s in a name?

The names are the front are more important than the name on the back. We get it. So keep the name on the front, where the players' eyes are located, put the name on the back of the jersey and just don't tell the players so they won't think that they, God forbid, are bigger than the University of Kansas. Like any 18-year old kid actually thinks deeply like that.

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