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Column: Cyber bullies unfair to Ellis

I coach elementary school age kids in basketball. And every once in a while we lose by one bucket. My kids immediately think about the last shot that was made by the other team that supposedly lost the game for them and that kid is made the goat. The truth is more complex of course. These kids play as a team and there is 20 minutes of game time for them to either make winning plays or not. I point out to the other kids that we win as a team and we lose as a team. I point out that we could have hit a couple of more free throws or we could have made one fewer turnover that lead to the other team's bucket. I make them re-live the one or two plays during the other 19 minutes (not the last minute of the game) of the game that could have been played differently and lead to a victory. That is the same for the cyber bullies. They are acting like elementary school kids when that focus on one play that Perry missed. As usual Self moved 9 players through the game and anyone of them could have turned around a missed play the outcome against WVU would have been different. What goes for my kids, goes for the Hawks, we win as a team and we lose as a team.

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KU basketball players, coaches meet President Barack Obama before speech

I just want to say that I did not vote for Obama (I held and my nose and voted for McCain and then Romney--they weren't the best either!) But getting to the meet the President is a once in a lifetime experience and he is our President, regardless of how we voted. I'm glad he visited Lawrence, that's pretty cool. But having said that it is just plain wrong to assume that because I have never voted for O and I do not agree with O more than 10% of time does not mean that I am opposed to him because of his skin color. I oppose his politics, not him as a human being. Don't jump to the flat out wrong conclusion that I dislike O's politics because of his skin color. O's skin color has nothing to do with it. I just don't agree with his very left of center policies and his questionable use of Presidential Executive powers. That has nothing to do with skin color and do not make that numbskull, ignorant assumption about others that disagree with him either. There are legitimate political reasons to disagree with O's politics. He seems like a great father and a good husband and his heart is in the right place, in what he wants for the country, but I do disagree with his policies to get us there. KU should have taught you better than that. Grow up and represent KU better. Geez!

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KU basketball receives letter of intent from Kelly Oubre Jr.

I re-read what you wrote. Initially it seemed you were saying that Oubre was from Chicago.

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KU basketball receives letter of intent from Kelly Oubre Jr.

Oubre is not from Chicago. He grew up in New Orleans and his family moved to Houston after the hurricane. As for the others, we just won't' know until they announce. Everyone thought Wiggins was going to Florida State, remember? We will just have wait and see.

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Opinion: Wayne Selden working hard for KU

If not Tharpe, Wiggins, Seldon, Ellis and Black then who?

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Opinion: Tyshawn Taylor cautions about vultures

Those guys were jackasses.

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Opinion: Tyshawn Taylor cautions about vultures

The number of suspensions does not indicate whether you are a "jackass" or not. Your attitude determines whether you are a jackass. Tyshawn said and did a bunch of stupid things, but no reasonable person questioned whether he had a goal to win or whether he wanted all of the Jayhawks to succeed. People did question his judgement though. Questionable judgement does not equate to being a jackass.

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ISU coach Hoiberg on McLemore's 3: 'I wish it would've swished'

I completely agree. Everyone watching that game knew that BMac was going to get the ball or at least KU was going to give him the first and best opportunity to the get the ball. Travis did a great job getting BMac free, but seriously Iowa St should have been all over him. And of course Iowa St still had the whole overtime to beat KU and they just gave up after BMac's 3.

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Roy Williams’ surgery ‘shock to everyone’

Once again, free speech is not the issue. The government is not removing the comments of BlownJay. The LJW is. What part of that basic premise don't you understand, drgnslayr?

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Roy Williams’ surgery ‘shock to everyone’

No, BlownJay, LJW should not be, as you state, "ashamed of" themselves. That's silly. You are whining about your, as you say, "First [sic] Ammendment Right"!!! Huh? Your First Amendment rights are not being violated by what LJW did. Wrong. The First Amendment only applies when the government attempts to shut you up. LJW is not the government. Get a hold of yourself. LJW owns this website and they made a simple business decision to shut down the moronic, inappropriate comments of one of the posters on this discussion board. It is well within their rights and I totally support their action. You may not like but this tough decisions do make this place a great place to hang and discuss KU Sports. I like hanging out here without the over-the-top, inappropriate comments. Seriously, if you are going to complain at least get your facts straight. The First Amendment does not apply so don't refer to it and, of course, suck it up.

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