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KU signees shine in McDonald's All-American Game

I think you nailed it Tony.

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Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa (22) and Duke forward Javin DeLaurier (12) fight for a ball during th

This is not the definitive picture of this play. In the Baseline View (which I love to watch after each game) there is a picture that clearly shows Silvio's hand off the ball, while DeLaurier's fingers are still on it. It was a super close call, but Krug caught indisputable evidence on film that the refs got that one right.

Of course there was also the deflection by Grayson that was called the wrong way - and then also the controversial charge call late.

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Mr. March: Malik Newman carries Jayhawks past Duke, into Final Four

One of the critical points so often overlooked is Svi swatting away the rebound from Grayson's miss. Many have noted how it almost went in at the end of regulation, but player of the year candidate Bagley was in the air ready to jam the putback in for the win, but Svi was right on time and blew up the play to give us new life. The value of seniors attention to the little details - especially seniors who have lost big games - has been critical for us.

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Postgame Report Card: Kansas 85, Duke 81, OT

I was hoping Vick would have a great game - since zone defense always seems to bring out the best in him. I was not disappointed.

I agree with Terrance - that I wish Mitch could have seen even a minute of time, but then I realize how ridiculous it is to question HOF HCBS.

I have long thought that winning the big games in the NCAA is so mental, and that it requires big doses of both luck and skill. HCBS shows off his crazy good coaching by winning the league, not just more than any other school, but more than every other school. But he blows my mind when he takes an atypical group of dudes, further limited by injuries and eligibility issues and somehow wins the league, the league tourney and gets to the final four. Talk about unbelievable, HOF HCBS is unbelievable.

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Experience, preparation crucial for Bill Self’s Thursday & Friday NCAA dominance

Yes, but he qualified the stat 20-1 as his tourney record since 2007 as a higher seed. The MSU loss was as a lower seed.

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Game day Breakdown: No. 1 seed KU basketball vs. No. 5 seed Clemson

"That should keep Weber around for a while, which is good for us." Lol!

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Updated odds to win 2018 national championship, per

Shouldn't these odds add up to 100%? But the sum of the the top six teams' odds add up to more than 100%. Odds of 4 in 13 (Duke) = a championship likelihood of over 30%. This means that Duke has an 75% likelihood of winning each of the next 4 games on average. Now Duke is good, but I'd give Kansas, Villanova and Kentucky or Gonzaga a better shot than a 25% chance to beat Duke.

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Clemson hopes stingy defense travels with Tigers to Omaha

Clemson is 5-5 against top 25 teams this year.
Kansas is 6-1 against top 25 teams this year.
. .
Clemson's coach Brownell has been to zero sweet sixteens before this one.
Kansas's Bill Self has been to 12 and he's 6-2 while at Kansas.
. .
Kansas has the Big 12 Player of the Year, and has the 5th best offense in the country.
Clemson has one guy on their all conference 2nd team (none on 1st or 3rd) and has the 45th best offense.
. .
Offense, not defense wins games in the NCAA tourney
Offense, good guards, experienced coaches and luck.
Not saying we couldn't come out cold, but we are due for a solid game and we have several of the right pieces in place to do so.

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Updated odds to win 2018 national championship, per

Odds provide a perspective no doubt, but luck is huge in this single elimination tourney; luck regarding how you are seeded; luck regarding who you actually face; luck regarding how your team will play; how your opponent will play; what refs you get and how they choose to call the game; injuries, sicknesses, off the court distractions and more.

To be sure, its not all luck either. We have a strong and experienced team - among the best in the country - and we have among the very best coaches in the business.

Luck has bitten us before, it might favor us this year...

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10 reasons Kansas has what it takes to survive March Madness

Success in the NCAA tourney is not about who is the best team. It has a large luck component also. We have been victims of bad luck at times - having been clearly the better team but lost on a particular meeting. By the same token, why shouldn't we get lucky this year?

We've got enough talent, we just need a good break here or there.

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