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This Is The End: Kansas overwhelmed by Oklahoma, ending KU's quest for another Big 12 title

I can't believe how short sighted these comments are. We are one of the top 3-5 teams in the country and have been for all of HCBS's years here. Yet after losing one of the two most key players on our roster, we fail to meet expectations. Now everyone invites themselves to criticize a Hall of Fame coach we are lucky to have.

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This Is The End: Kansas overwhelmed by Oklahoma, ending KU's quest for another Big 12 title

This may have been the dumbest post I have ever seen here.

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Big Response: KU freshman Devon Dotson flips script from rough game at West Virginia to help Kansas top Iowa State

We have three solid players: Dedric, Devon & Marcus. Still need to see more consistency from Vick, Grimes, Agbaji, KJ, Moore Mitch & McCormack. I'll give Agbaji a pass since he has played so few games, but Vick & Grimes inconsistency has hurt. Still it feels like we could be close to breaking out. Kentucky will be a good test.

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Tom Keegan: Are expectations placed on this KU basketball team fair?

It really is happenstance who wins the tourney. The best team of the season rarely wins it all. Among the top 8 to 12 teams, its pretty much luck that determines the outcome (and sometimes none of the best 12 win!). Kentuckies, Dukes, North Carolinas win more titles because they are in the top 8-12 more often, not because they win with the best teams. Syracuse (2003); Kentucky (1998); Duke (2010 - 5 losses); Florida (2006 - 6 losses); UConn (2011 - 9 losses); Arizona (1997 - 9 losses); UConn (2014 - 8 losses) were none of them the best teams in the tourney and they won it all. And yes, even our NCAA championship wins are testament to this fact - especially in 88.

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Tom Keegan: Are expectations placed on this KU basketball team fair?

The tourney is very nearly a crapshoot with just that shred of credibility that keeps us interested. The NCAA tourney as the ultimate crowning achievement is a bill-of-goods sold to us by the press.

Fans of a program like Kansas, which brings out an excellent team every year, can either be miserable every year that luck doesn't favor or look elsewhere for a more meaningful validation of our excellence. Our string of conference titles provides a far more accurate picture - although with less glitter. These results rely on a sample size of 18 games from each team, whereas even the luckiest teams in the NCAA tourney play no more than 6.

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New Kansas AD Jeff Long addresses still-defunct KU-MU Border War

They destroyed the rivalry and 100 years of history when they left the conference. They did it for money and to poke their finger in our eye. What does it say to put them back on the schedule? It affirms their decision and says, "go ahead and cash in on one of the longest rivalries in college sports - think only of your own short term interests and sure, we'll give you the rivalry proceeds too - just like it never happened."

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Report: Feds seeking more information regarding KU forward Silvio De Sousa

If the NCAA declares him ineligible based on nothing more than hearsay about alleged payments, they could be and maybe should be sued for lack of due process. Last year's damage to Preston's net worth was dramatic - but likely of his own making. Silvio's case by contrast seems to hinge on far shakier innuendo and hearsay. If the NCAA makes a determination that is found to be false and Silvio suffers for it, they should pay.

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KU coach Bill Self still plans to meet with Lagerald Vick about future plans

Agree with ". Failure to prune his team would be a major mistake on HCBS's part - one with long lasting negative repercussions. These decisions seem just as important as recruiting decisions.

This is not to say that I don't or that HCBS doesn't love Vick or value his contributions. So many things are not in HCBS's control. This is one that is in his control and one that he appears to manage well.

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Mario Chalmers proves second round no impediment to NBA success

Not sure I agree with this title. Chalmers appears to be the exception and not a proof of the lack of impediments facing second rounders.

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Which Kansas prospect will go first in NBA draft no easy call

Agree with Ryan. Although (and perhaps because) Billy was a disappointment for us, he will be better than expected at the next level.

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