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Monday Rewind: Rice

Tait, I agree that the D was very impressive Saturday night, but how can you say "Not only is that unit playing better and improving by leaps and bounds each week..." after only the second game?

McDonald might be one of the best corners in the conference.

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Opinion: Questions surround O-line at Kansas

TK makes a great point about Dent. Almost invariably, when a previous starter is supplanted by newcomers, it's an indication of a talent upgrade. There is legitimate hope that, overall, we have guys with more potential than we had last year.

For the same reason, however, I don't hold out much hope with respect to improvement on the DL - but would welcome being surprised.

If this OL proves to just be serviceable, and Heaps lives up to the hype, then this offense could be lethal.

Can't wait to find out.

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What caught my eye at Day 7 of KU football's fall camp

I think you are probably in the clear minority. Most people consider the time between plays to be worst part about watching football. Heck, a lot of people DVR football games, and fast-forwarding thru commercials is only one reason.

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Opinion: Don’t count out Kansas LB Schyler Miles

I don't feel strongly about it, but it seems to me that starting today and then taking a few extra days off during the first month would be highly beneficial; both from a mental/learning curve perspective and from a physical (rest) perspective.

The only disadvantage I can see is making the kids arrive in town a few days earlier, which is an issue - but a rather insignificant one, it seems.

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Opinion: Wide receiver Nick Harwell still coming to KU whether his former school cooperates or not

Wow, some people are really not too smart.

Weis hasn't "thrown away" any scholarships. It's not like he's sitting there asking himself "Hum, should I get this proven 21 year old man - who will almost certainly be a starter, or should I take this stud four-star high school prospect who is just begging to come to KU?"

Rather the choice is between the proven, grown man or giving the scholarship to a walk-on caliber kid.

Unless the kid might be a team cancer, these 5th year graduate transfers are an absolute no-brainer.

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NBA scout: Ben McLemore top-2 pick

Would have liked to have heard his thoughts on P Ellis. In my opinion, he is the perfect college recruit/player, because although he has elite skills for a PF, he has - for the NBA - a SF's body. He'll play in the NBA, but will stick around longer than he would've if he was a few inches taller (or significantly more explosive).

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How a fingertip, a late rotation and a great player contributed to Michigan's frantic comeback over KU

I'm sure he's going to tell us. Probably fully intended to in the original article, but just forgot...

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How a fingertip, a late rotation and a great player contributed to Michigan's frantic comeback over KU

Thanks. Now I'm pissed off again.

It's disappointing how many of those individual plays we appear to have been out-hustled. An example is B-Mac's missed drive. Burke hustled in from the 3-point line to get "under" Withey just enough to knock him out of position to (likely) get the offensive rebound.

In defense of EJ's 10-second violation, Burke's initial jab at the ball was as clear a foul as you will see without a player getting knocked to the floor.

Great work, though, as usual, Jesse!

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Crazy KU basketball uniforms selling like hot cakes — even Mario Chalmers wants one

Not a single comment since game time.

Guess they weren't so bad after all.

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