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Second-year pro Tyshawn Taylor auditions to back up Nets' star guard

I agree with you, and refuse to partake on the data hor Google's attempt to obtain my personal data for free articles only to pimp out to marketers & govt agencies NSA, IRS, FCC, Dem/Rep, etc. Google already tracks my Internet sites, emails and it wants more personal info? Shove it. My privacy isn't for sale. Very disappointed with LJW. Someone suggested feeding garbage while on survey... Hmmm...

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Opinion: Light fuse, get away: Ten KU athletes who will pack wallop

Hey Keeg,
Whatever happen to #4 on your list? Up too late writing the article? Happy 4th!

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After long wait, KU football shows off 5 new helmets

Are you serious? LJW in bed with Google? This data sucking, spying and tracking company is in bed with the NSA, and now you are going to hand us over to Google? No thanks.

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Opinion: Tyshawn Taylor cautions about vultures

Good one Overseas. Would have spilled coffee all over had I read it in the morning!

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Basketball notebook: UNC hires son of ex-KU athletic director

My sentiments exactly! Here are a few interesting article / interview to wet your appetite!

"It's Perry Ellis time at Kansas"

Self on Katz & Greenberg Radio (30+ mins) starts around 23min mark

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How a fingertip, a late rotation and a great player contributed to Michigan's frantic comeback over KU

Indeed MI rattled KU, and that was their strategy. Stay with KU, make'em think they're gonna win leading the entire game, and MI was just waiting to make a push at the end, and they did. And KU got rattled! MI knew there'd no free points for KU with no fouling, and MI used the time clock to its advantage. Don't know, but how many close games did KU win with the free throws? MI scout report may have the number on this. Anyhow, I'm rooting for Louiville because MI's strategy left a bad taste in my mouth. And don't care for that Mitch kid either.

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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

Well said Miles. It's a tragic parents/guardians spoon feed today's kids with love without discipline. Love without discipline leads to self-destruction. Hard love builds character, and teaches them about living right. Hopefully mature Rio will land somewhere that will provide discipline and guidance he will need as a man - whether living a life of NBA or whatever he ends up doing.

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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

Cute. Will DVR / DVD replays do the job or do they catch on at 3?

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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

We need true point guards!!! Point guards, point guards, point guards!!!! Michigan was clever & outcoached us - hanging around making us think we're gonna get a W with a double digit lead throughout the game only MI was waiting to attack at the end, and knowing it won't be giving us any free bees with no fouling. We choked & that mental toughness went out the window. Sorry but I've been holding it in, and doc said I had to vent it out for the sake of my health!!

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Rio Adams: Transfer from KU a ‘family decision’

I hear you. Politics = money = power. Always wondered if Texas had put a stop to Self's second run for NC by withholding Ben & Traylor in 2010-11 because Texas so wanted its own to have a run at B12 champ & the tourney? Old story I know, but wonder just like when I read BW featuring Enron CEO on its cover - BW worshipped Enron & Skilling like ESPN with UK & Cal - blind & dumb. Couldn't pinpoint, but sure didn't sound right about how Enron made money. Truehawk, this recruiting at UK and Cal doesn't sound right either, and we will know when it blows over one day.

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