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Chicago prep Matthews considers KU

oh boy! remind everyone plzzzzz!!!!! hehaw!! snortle

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Notebook: Bill Self fired up during big win; Rio Adams 'frustrated'

i grew up watching KU bball, and i can only imagine what the likes of rex walters or kenny gregory or lester earle would have been capable of saying on twitter or facebook. tyshawn had his own socia media missteps. self asks a whole lot of his players. many guys that young can't stand up to self's demands (e.g. elijah's struggles this year). of course we want the talent of adams, but if he isn't buying into the the program, KU and Rio would both be happier with a transfer.

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Kansas center Jeff Withey shares Big 12 player of the week honors

Big 12 refs are swallowing their whistles so that when big 12 teams play big 10 schools in the tournament, they aren't bullied around. big 10 ball is way more physical than what big 12 ball was a year or more ago.

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Opinion: After victory, KU's 'scout' deserves honor

.214 percentage. this isn't baseball. outside the world of baseball stats, a .214 percentage would be 9 out of 4200 shots.

i would add though that your journalism has improved lately. so i had to work to find something to complain about this time :)

just havin fun.

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Rising above: Ben McLemore elevates above adversity

great story, terrible writing.

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Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber can't shake the ghost of Bill Self

"I asked Weber about the mock funeral and whether if he had to do over again he would not have done it. He stopped short of saying that."

hahahahahahhaa, best sentence ever. doesn't ku have an amazing journalism school? ku is the birthplace of basketball, and we have a top notch basketball program. if we have a top notch journalism school, shouldn't we expect top notch journalism in the rest of the town?

how many posts have to talk about how keeg's poor writing skills before he gets fired?

turner gill did a better job coaching than keeg does writing. i for one will never click on another keegan article. and you shouldn't either. fewer hits for his articles is the only way the ljworld will take a hint.

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Martin says he didn't run away from Kansas State

How could anyone blame him? Manhattan, ks sucks. he'll be able to recuit so much more talent now. glad we had him in the conf!!

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Lawrence, KU to rename two streets after Don Fambrough on Saturday

I like the 11th street choice because it runs along the stadium. also, fewer people had to change their address. also, missouri? what's a missouri?

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Crist studies Brady’s craft

Hawk it to em is a song that was written in the 60's when the jayhawks went to the orange bowl for the first time, awesome song, youtube it!

and april28 is a wonderful handle! april showers!

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook: Spring recruiting begins today

indeed. kansas doesn't get the top blue chippers, nor does it get the deserved media attention, but we still get it done. ROCK CHALK

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