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KU-Oklahoma to kick off at 2:30 p.m., Oct. 19

All generalizations are wrong.

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Ritch, Ritchie Price savor second father-son stint with KU baseball

Thanks for the great article. Can you share anything about recruiting for baseball? Seems to me we need to replace a couple pitchers and and significantly improve in hitting. Any chance that we are bringing in some guys to do that? Local guys have always done pretty well for KU - any prospects from LHS or FSHS?

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KU officials eye Twitter account

Does this mean that everyone must remove "Jayhawk" or "KU" from their twitter, email or handle?

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Kansas Athletics budget, revenue on the rise

Is the department still top heavy with admin costs? I seem to recall we were way out of wack on % spent on non-coaching admin vs schools like North Carolina, Kansas State, (not to mention Texas and Michigan).

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Juco coach: Darrian Miller versatile

Lighten up, this is Kansas Football. "Might be in trouble" has described our Mays and Junes for 120 years. At least now, the idiots in trouble on the team are real athletes. It wasn't long ago that the knuckleheads going after Chalupas and falling off cars were not very good on the field either. Hopefully this represents an athletic improvement in the the non-idiots as well. I believe like most fans, I'm hopeful, but not convinced.

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KU women’s track still No. 1; men move to 15th

How about some info about some of the underclassmen or recruiting for track? Will success be sustainable after this year? I'd love to hear about that after the season.

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KU baseball left out of NCAA Tournament field

What is the Title IX position on lifeboats when the ship hits the iceberg?

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KU's Williams Fund opens door for more season-ticket holders to keep seats

KU Athletics has one of the highest percentages of budget spent on "Administration" in the country. "Admin" that does not include coaches salaries or capital improvements. And we have fewer sports. Top heavy.

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KU football recruiting class gets some national love

But Mr. Tait should check my work.

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