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Sweet survival: Jayhawks rally past Purdue

Good win Jayhawks. Made me proud to rep that blazing Kansas jersey. They might see me in KU gear both days on campus @ UNLV this week. Rock Chalk Jawhawk!

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Ho, hum: Kansas guards must sit

Wow, so it's All Good if they don't miss regular season games? You ku fanbots are so funny defending action You know Nothing of. Keep defending this crap and watch KU catch a whole litany of NCAA violations. Know any underage people in the bar, any players who get the coaches called before local law enforcement? Me too, the KU basketball team runs KU, and the entire city of Lawrence. I laugh all the way to . . . my house in Vegas, you sit mad in Douglas County, smile for the forums :)

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Kansas guards Tyshawn Taylor, Elijah Johnson will miss KU's two exhibition games for violation of team rules

Can some anonymous poster please come make an excuse for the action of Idiots? Oops, you've already spent most of Your Day doing just that. Bill Self should blame, Himself and nobody else. If you recruit people with quote unquote "character issues" then guess what happens, they get suspended repeatedly because we take care of our own if they bring money into the program. Sad but True. Not being a Lawrence resident I can see what the Douglas County for life people say every, single time one of their idols gets in trouble. Look at these boards. If I really even cared to I would put the Entire Program on blast for the preferential treatment of the money boys on the team. I don't care, and won't care. They won't win a title and it's because we recruit people who do this, or do like the genius twins who can't play until next year. Come on Trolls flame me all You want, I won't be back to read any response and I don't care to post until the next incident not so I can say "I told You so", but rather Can You Hear Them Now? Wake up to reality Kansas Basketball is as only as good as it's weakest link, and our whole chain is Weak.

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Kansas State coach, players gracious following blowout

Pride for what? Support for which coach or player? Security to protect what non existent fans? Students should waste their weekend sitting through the heartburn why? I bleed Crimson and Blue and I know when We Suk a Major Football. Mangino Won, turner gill is a simple minded coach who rubs that Loser-ism off on The Team He Coaches. Sorry, but I'm a realist not a stupid fanboy living in fantasy land.

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Sunflower downer: Two-minute stretch seals KU's fate in 59-21 loss to Kansas State

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Sunflower downer: Two-minute stretch seals KU's fate in 59-21 loss to Kansas State

Man, betting on the 2nd half even if they lose is always a good way to $-bank-$ as well. Palms lets You bet during the game, and they've been getting Hit Up. $1,000 on the 2nd half of the games where the team will either A) take out there starters and lose the half or B) keep smashing teams like KU so bad even with back-ups and people who don't play unless they're Div 2 like KU Football is my fave way to come up Big on a weekend.

Make $ on KU guys 'n gals = Thee only way to use the Hawks Mangino-itis for benefit of Pocketbook and Rock Chalk Jayhawk love

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