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The Day After: Simply put, one of the best games in Allen Fieldhouse history

A Gladiators' fight to the death in the Colosseum! No lesser descriptor is worthy of the titanic battle won. Kudos to all for leaving it all on the Court of the Phog! RCJH

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Sooners survive scare from short-handed Kansas

Here's a link to Yahoo Sports article on Alexander's possible situation.

What's missing now is a copy of the UCC Financing Statement.

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A tip of the cap to KU's Jamari Traylor for role in Monday night's court-storming fiasco at K-State

Let's see: Prosecutor is employed by the City of Manhattan and so is the Municipal Judge. Shame the case couldn't be transferred to Lawrence City Municipal Court for prosecution!

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K-State court-storming drawing reviews from several organizations

I'd add two other options for Big 12 sanctions against K-State.

1. Take away next year's home game with KU and require it to be played either at a neutral court, such as the Sprint Center, or be played at Allen Fieldhouse; or

2. Strip K-State of TV revenues it would have received for Monday night's game and give either to Big 12 or to KU.


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Opinion: Fake punt a risk not worth taking

Ohio State v. Northwestern Saturday night. Almost same situation but OSU called the fake punt. The run result was the same, and the only difference was Northwestern got 3 not 7 points. Even the good teams can make the same mistake. Just saying.

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KU becomes pioneer in using virtual reality to enhance football program

Interesting! Any idea what the cost is??

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

JUST SAY NO ! Fans endure corporatification of our University's athletic department too much already. Why throw it in our faces again and again by knuckling under to another mega-corporation's marketing, profit program?

This is just another "one small step" into the abyss of corporate greed.

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Mono-dramatic: Jayhawks sloppy in new jerseys

Put those corporate uniforms to good use: Donate to the KU Alumni Association or a local charity and hold an online auction! Give fans a chance to buy a piece of basketball history while helping a good cause and obliterating the worst, most classless idea the athletic department has done that I can remember.

We watch every game; fly the KU flag every day; and love this team. But we "TV fans" struggled almost as much as the guys did the whole game. Quickly seeing and knowing who's doing what was nearly impossible, and we were amazed how much missing quick identity hurt the game for us.

I've been charitable restraining my real thoughts. Now be charitable with these abominations and let them do some real good for people who need some help!

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CARDIAC KIDS! Jayhawks advance to final with 64-62, come-from-behind win over Ohio State

Not just you thinking he was about to ring her neck!!

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Game dull, but outcome not

Points well stated and taken by the Court, Counselor! Res Ipsa!


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