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KU headed to Insight Bowl

I've heard that Insight was founded by KU guys and they REALLY wanted us at there bowl game. Anyone know if there was any truth to that?

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Jayhawks reveal banner, defeat FGCU

I love the banners but the numeric order looks ridiculous. 1922, 1923, 2008, 1988 and 1952. Did a 1st grader have a say in this???

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Banner to be unveiled before Tuesday night's KU-Gulf Coast game

During the KU/UMKC broadcast they said they are going to hang it in the middle. And in the media guide it is shown in the middle. Are they really going to put it in the middle? I think that's kinda dumb. 1922, 1923, 1952, 1988 and 2008 would look much better.

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FINAL: KU defeats UMKC, 71-56

I have no clue. I couldn't find the game on my cable package so I checked this website and I checked That website I gave you guys had a post with a link and password to watch this game.

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FINAL: KU defeats UMKC, 71-56

No problem...sign up here... you'll find some good/funny stuff.Rock Chalk!!!

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Walk-on guard joins Jayhawks

Has a walk-on spot ever gone to anyone besides a white, Kansas kid with good grades? I know Moody was from North Carolina but he was white and really smart. Congrats Jenemann. You're on the team so that grandma looks at our team and feels more comfortable. And you better help the team GPA.OK, in all seriousness, congrats to Mr. Juenemann!

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Ex-Jayhawk Price to coach SDSU

Baseball needs money for facilities to compete.

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Recruit Henry in no hurry to select school

Drama Queen

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Return to the Sooner state

"In Kansas, everybody is either a K-State or a Kansas fan," Harris said. "In Oklahoma, I don't care if you go to Oklahoma State, you're still an OU fan. People just go to Oklahoma State because sometimes it's a cheaper school or something like that. But they're OU fans."Interesting statement from a Jayhawk player...but I think the same could be said for K-State students.

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