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Realignment Today: 3:44 p.m. update — KU coach Bill Self chimes in on realignment; ACC expansion and more rumors from Big Ten country

... and if KU and Notre Dame went to the Big 10 would that make it the best overall athletic conference? That would seem to be the dream scenario for the Big 10. Adding KU would put some appeal into their hoops season and tourney.

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Realignment Today: 3:44 p.m. update — KU coach Bill Self chimes in on realignment; ACC expansion and more rumors from Big Ten country

What happens with the GOR if the Big 12 goes away? There aren't a bunch of options out there for the Big 9 if KU goes to the Big 10.

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Charlie Weis tweets a molehill into a mountain

The only thing wrong I see in the whole scenario is this part:

"Lonergan talked to 810 sports talk radio host Kevin Keitzman off the air, trying to explain why she talked with Schuster, thus giving more legs to the 'story.'"

And that's just because it's daft. Did she just move here?

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Charlie Weis, KU football get back to work

Cummins should get a series or two each game from here on out. Not as a vote of non-confidence for Crist, but in the spirit of preparing for next year.

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Leaders at Big 12 meetings: League set at 10

Despite their recent success in losing four schools and getting to their dream of number of 10 (which was obviously the secret plan all along) ... they're just not instilling me with a lot of confidence. I predict a fumble at the goal line.

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Completed chat with KU football beat writer Matt Tait

Re: Memorial Stadium Improvement comment:

"I know there are plans in the works but some other things have to happen before they can get the ball rolling."

What other things have to happen? Can you please tell me there is plan to ditch the blue chain link fence at the south end for something that better fits the stadium architecture?

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‘Still Kansas City’: Self speaks out on Big 12 (minus MU) and K.C. tourney

I think the simple answer is for the state of Kansas to annex KC, MO. The state of Missouri hasn't shown much interest in KC, so it should be a simple transaction. Of course, we'd have to take on that school district, but on the upside, we'd get the Plaza and the Sprint Center.

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OU ‘confused’ by Big 12 Network plan

My desire to get away from the OU/UT clown parade has officially eclipsed my capacity to construct rational plans for KU's future. At this point, I'd be tempted to take an offer to the Sun Belt.

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Leftovers on menu for KU

How has ESPN not mentioned to the Big 10 that they really like the concept of Big Monday with Ohio State at Allen Field House or KU at Michigan State? I know it's not football money, but you do have TV ratings to think about December through early March. KU and MU to the Big 10 seems to fit.

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Big 12 might survive

I see no reason why OU should be guaranteed extra money. If that's what it takes, then I'd say let if fall. Even though it's not in KU's best interest, I think equal revenue sharing makes sense -- we'll see.

I think BYU is a great addition, but you need two more after that.

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