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Freshman Perine's record day leads OU to 44-7 win

This was a perfect storm. The only reason we have found success is our ability to pass. With the weather today, it eliminated that option. It made it a pound for pound fight. We don't have the personal to win that. Their running back was also a beast. He was patient yet powerful. He's a heck of a ball player. Overall, I still believe Bowen is our guy. We've been terrible for 5 years, that isn't fixed in 6 games.

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Jayhawks speak their minds following blowout

I'm calling the idea of aggressiveness=passion ignorant. You won't hear me argue that Perry played poorly. I will argue that, that means he doesn't care and that fans wish he wasn't on our team. Unless you have seen heard how he practices without effort then fine. But all we hear is how hard he works.

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Jayhawks speak their minds following blowout

He does have a point. There are some positives and he named them. You have to build from somewhere.

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Jayhawks speak their minds following blowout

Because you watch 2 hours a week, you know all the work he puts in? I was a passive ball player. I'd have to get angry to become aggressive but I always gave 100%. A lack of aggressiveness isn't a lack of desire. Its ignorant to think that. Its just his style. Alexander who is a very aggressive player was shut down also.

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Jayhawks speak their minds following blowout

I'm more embarrassed by some of our fans. Wishing a player not on our team is downright disgusting. Don't attack Ellis by his personality. Do you see him practice? Do you see everything he does? You watch a game, and then you spout that. I could understand if he did something illegal and you wanted him gone. But because he doesn't show emotion and didn't play well? Shame on y'all, this kid not only does he do great in the classroom but gives his all so y'all can watch a stinking game. Its emberrassing hearing fans spout such nonsense.

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Abysmal in Indy: Top-ranked Kentucky throttles Kansas

A couple things.
1) this was a match up nightmare. They have 6 guys taller then our bigs outside of hunter. We have always been a big man driven offense, and we couldn't do anything. A positive I saw was our guards were able to get penetration.
2) Kentucky has already played close to 10 games. They look motivated and like they wanted to show the world how good they were. And they did. And they only put up 72. I thought defense played alright. Their bigs were hitting hooks and guards making off balanced shots. Their passing was really good, you can tell they have played together quite a bit.
3). We started the game off well until they blocked all those shots. It fazed our players big time. Bill has to find ways for our players to make it easier on offense. It seemed no guy was open all night.

I felt we were about to get blown out but not like that. The issue wasn't that they were taller, it was that they had so many that were taller. What made the 08/12 teams so special was team chemistry. Nobody could have beat UK last night. Only way they lose is if they take a game
off. The reason the Spurs are so good is they have had a core of players for 10 years. We need to get back to junior/senior system players. To beat Kentucky, you need easy shots which comes with good passing. Also, if you can hit the mid range shots.

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

But after the first few minutes, they rebounded the ball much better. UK never had fast breaks which shows effort getting back on defense. I saw a team that looked mentally defeated but few times did I think they could have played harder.

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

To me it wasn't an effort issue. Kids were diving, doing all they could. There was definitely a mental issue but that doesn't shock me. I thought Kentucky got away with a lot of pushing under the basket. Every shot was contested, every rebound was a fight. Kentucky has two top 10 teams on one team. The chemistry they played with was impressive. Also remember, they have played around 10 games already. This was our legit 4th game.

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

So Cliff, Kelly, Svi, Graham....

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No. 1 Kentucky steamrolls No. 5 Kansas

Defense didn't play bad. Doesn't really matter how well you play defense if you only score 40.

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