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Looking better: Cozart showing progress for KU

I saw a lot of improvements I liked. I never feared for the game, felt we were in control the whole game. That being said, the big 12 is tough this year. There are 7 legit teams. KU,TTU,ISU are the bottom 3. Texas Tech has looked terrible so far. Iowa State has looked better since week 1. I don't think we will beat UT, heck I don't know what we will look like. I hope we take steps forward like we did Saturday. Our o line has to get better, that element scares me the most.

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Better late than never

It might have been only a 14 point game, but it was more than that. I saw a lot of improvements and some huh moments as well.

I was a fan of the play calling besides a couple times. It was smart to have Cozart dump fast. Many teams thrive off the short pass turn big gain (A&M). The huh moment was in the first have were we didn't really extend the field once they pressed. This would be fixed though.

One thing that still concerns me are bad timing penalties and lack of at the line adjustments. Twice on third down they showed a 7 man blitz when we only had 5 blockers. Two sacks and two punts resulted. However, we adjusted by doing screen passes. Twice we had big plays, one a TD.

Overall this was a huge step forward. We dominated the game even though scoreboard won't say so. Pierson fumble and Avery Fumble hurt us. But were weird plays so can't really be to upset. I don't know how many conf wins this means. Tech is terrible this year. ISU hasn't looked that good. Besides that, our conference is very tough. Play competive and pull games here and there and we might be able to get to 5 wins. Looks now that 3\4 win season is most likely.

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Column: Juco quick fix is neither

After watching KState last night,it proves the importance of a good coach. Auburn from a talent standpoint is light years ahead but they should have lost. Synder might not be remembered as an all time great because he doesn't have a title but he should be. The man has done something special with KState. My biggest thing is we need to score this weekend (duh!). It's okay to stall everyone once in awhile but for years we have disappeared for long chunks. Last week Duke knew every play we were going to run. The option didn't work because they had two guys spying the whole game. Look for CMU to do the same. To me this opens up the flats and the middle of the field. Run some bootleg to get the linebackers moving. We have to use our spacing better instead of trying what already doesn't work.

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Notebook: Weis shoulders responsibility for 38-point road defeat

I could jump on Cozart but this is so something we have seen for 3 strait years. I think it's a scheme issue. We don't adjust at the line and plays take too long to devolpe. Duke was 2 steps ahead the whole game. Cozart was under pressure to much. Many time it was a shown blitz and nothing was adjusted. Because it was on TV, couldn't see if our wideouts were open. But it seemed they knew every play we were going to run.

We don't use the whole field, we haven't used the field. We replaced the nations worse defense under Gill with the nations worse offense under Weis. It would be nice to get an article with a video segment showing our plays and how much space we use. For 3 years, scoring has been terrible. We have talent, just need to get better schemes and better spacing. Defense played decent, just got gassed. Changes are needed. Hopefully we can turn it around but not likely

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First impression

Nothing has changed on the field. Since Gill took over, we have struggled to sustain. We had success but couldn't sustain it. If you can do that, it doesn't matter how much talent we have. It's week one so I'm not hitting panic button yet, but we have to change.

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First impression

The first quarter was some of the best football I've seen KU play in years. Defense was just a brick wall. Offense got what they wanted at every snap. Cozart was making perfect throws left and right. Then for whatever reason they turned it off for the night. That is what scares me the most. Teams that have an on/off switch like that will have a hard time finding success. The good news for us is that there are a few teams in our conf who struggles real bad against weaker teams also. The bad news is it looks like nothing has changed. We have the pieces, just lack the killer instinct. I hope this is fixed fast. We will get to see our true colors in 6 days against duke.

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Kansas cornerback Shepherd has history of helping others

That last quote is great. I would love for our seniors to go out in a bowl game. They deserve it

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Column: Enough football negativity already

I can understand the negativity with KU football. Fact of the matter is we have been one of the worse teams in the nation since '10. Every year there has been a reason to look up only to be disappointed. So I fully understand that people feel they are being built up only to be let down. Saying that, I feel this team is in a much better situation than last year. From the eye test, our defense was much improved last year. They created turnovers and were much tighter in coverage. Pressure still needs to be brought but last year it was better. Offense is what scares me. Our offense has been just terrible since Reesing and Co left. Now we have a proven receiver, another receiver who was stuck in a log jam and a speedster who needs to work on mechanics. We also have a Swiss Army knife player who is one of the most dynamic. A qb who has good size and is a great athlete. Question is can he be accurate and can he relax in the pocket. It all comes down to o line for me. If they are how they were last year, we are doomed. If they improve, we have a chance. I see the pieces, now let's just see if they can succeed.

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Juco CB switches commitment from Kentucky to Kansas

I think he meant the JuCo school

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KU football lands former UT offensive-line commit for 2015

Avery also 4 star on ESPN

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