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Column: On paper, next year's football roster looks worse

I'm a Bowen guy right now but what about Jack Del Rio? He got screwed in Jacksonville and his teams always played better than their talent. We have talent, its a matter of them being coached up. I want Clint as long as we go through the process and don't make a knee jerk reaction.

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Column: Bilas says Allen Fieldhouse ‘has a soul’

Personally, Chuck is one of my favorite sports talk guys. I find him funny and pretty wise. I'll admit his speaking is pretty rough but they guy has many profound thoughts.

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Streaking in wrong direction

I'll look into him. Sounds good

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Streaking in wrong direction

You think we will all of a sudden start winning? Bowens teams have shown more improvements in 3 games than 5 years. We played Tech at their house, we weren't supposed to win. But we gave better teams good competition. If a better option than Bowen comes up, we should take it. As of now, idk who your list is but maybe 3 guys are on mine. Ed Warriner I wouldn't be upset with. Outside him, who else? Its amazing how much better this team is. We have been the worse power 5 team for 5 years. You don't only judge by wins if you have been as bad as us. You look for improvement and we are better. Bowen has my vote. He has passion, team is better and yeah he's a KU guy. BTW I'm pretty sure you said game was going to be 34-20, that was a dang good guess, props.

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Column: Bowen's passion, intensity rubbing off on Jayhawks

When hiring a coach, we need to look for 3 things.

First is, is he a teacher? Can he easily communicate schemes and have it executed.

Second is, is he a motivater? Are players willing to run through a brick wall for him.

Third is, is he a builder? Does he hire the right staff, recruit the right players and does he see the big picture. A great coach has all 3, a good coach has 2, if he has 1, he isn't head coach material. Mangino was a teacher and builder but I'm not convinced he players would run through a brick wall for him. Charlie was a builder but not good with the players. He hired some good staff and brought some talent. Bowen clearly is a motivator and seems to be a teacher. But can he build and maintain success. Campo might be the teacher behind everything so I don't know if its Bowen or not. Our D has made some huge strides since the Gill era. Switching out the center,qb, and hanging the ball off to Pierson was smart. I like our staff. Our RT and LG is a huge weakness right now. 78 got beat to many times and didn't handle the stunt well. Dispite that our O looked at its best since the Gill era. Saturday will show if this is growth or a fluke. Tech has improved a bunch since the first 3 weeks. Big 12 is as tough as it has been in a long time. I like Bowen, hopefully he keeps it up.

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Quick reversal: Late kickoff return dooms KU's upset bid

I was wrong. I felt Cozart was getting a raw deal but Cummings was light years better. I'm happy for him. This guy sat and took shots and still got the ball out. Our o line is still terrible, Right Tackle was just terrible. However they looked better. I feel sorry for our D. This is one of the better D's we've had in a long time. We have played some great offenses and have kept them under their average. Reynolds has been a force and shown he is an NFL player. Heeney will go in the top 4 rounds. Sheppard should be drafted, campo has worked magic with him. A drop in the end zone, the redsea on the return, a shanked punt. Dare I say we should have won. Moral victories might not count but they matter. Plenty of times in sports or life, higher moral equals better production. Proud of our fight.

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Quick reversal: Late kickoff return dooms KU's upset bid

See week 17 2007 Giants and Patriots. Tell me moral victories don't matter.

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Backup QB Cummings proves he's prepared

I wouldn't mind seeing Cummings get snaps in practice and start the game. The reason is because I want to see if this is a QB issue. I will say Cummings looked better at getting the ball out, however it wasn't too much of a difference. I would say Cozarts issue looks to be he wants to make the big play. That could be why he is struggling with his reads. With Cummings, he was more willing to do more quick dump offs but that were held to small gains. The option has the same issue. What I've noticed is that it seems teams are playing a two spy system. One on our qb, one on our running back. Every option I've seen, linebackers have been in near perfect position. Maybe some crack blocks could help free that space and have the runners avoid the corners. My eyes tell me that in the run game, our o line doesn't get enough push or get to the next level. Which allows the safties and linebackers to be more instinctive. The only way to open up passing is to make teams fear our run game.

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Column: Now is not the time for Bowen, Jayhawks to hesitate

Report is that Jim Harbaugh will not be returning to San Fran next year. Now the obvious look is Michigan. However, will he be burned by the politics and not want to go to Michigan because of what's going on now? We have money so we can offer, and he will not be under the microscope. He will have complete control and all he needs to do is show improvement. He's a qb guy so that will improve. Still a 90% chance he goes Michigan but don't surprised if we can reel him in.

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New foundation: Jayhawks say they fought, improved in loss

Offense still doesn't have it. People having been piling the blame on the qb but I think today we saw that its much bigger then the qb. Like Baldinger said in game, we are easy to defend. Our plays are predictable. To me this centers on the o line. I know people want us to run more, but they flat stink at holding the blocks, and getting to the next level. Cummings made the safer throws but I didn't see much besides that. Its understandable as he hasn't had the reps. Until we get more creative and can win some battles upfront, we will struggle. Good news is defense played the best against WVA then any other team has so far.

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