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Jayhawks 'exposed' in miserable loss to Temple

Horrible game. Learn from it and move on. Our chemistry is still out of wack on defense. Felt we missed a lot of decent opportunities on offense. I was re watching the 08 championship overtime game. I noticed something about that team. On both offense and defense, they had a very good feel for each other. On defense, they switched with ease. The only good opportunists came from deep shots for Memphis. The past two years our teams have lacked that chemistry. What it looks like from this team is that when they miss shots early, the lose heart. It affects them mentally too much. Frank was the only one who seemed unphased by scoring but now we need him to make the game easier for our other guys. Perry needs to work on the strength of his shot. He seems to always put too much power when he is down low in traffic. Team chemistry will come, but we can't reload every year. Bill isn't that type of coach. I much prefer watching players grow for 3-4 years then 1-2 years. We have some good wins and some ugly losses. Regroup and come back strong.

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CB JaCorey Shepherd joins LB Ben Heeney, P Trevor Pardula on all-Big 12 first team

Unless Heeney blows his pro day, he should go top four rounds. Led the NCAA in Solo tackles, that's amazing. Shepard I think should go top 5 rounds. He can rocket up to top 3 with a solid performance during pro days. He was a true shutdown corner for us this year. Might be the most under rated corner in college ball this year.

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As expected, Big 12 skunked

Here is the logic I don't get. First, head to head should dertmine the champ. In a league where everyone plays everyone, a conf champ game would be counter productive. Imagine a undefeated 2nd or 3rd ranked team. They play a two loss ( one in conf loss) team in a champ game. The two loss team one conf loss was to the 2nd ranked team in the nation. However they then go beat that team in the conf game. Now the 2nd ranked team drops out of the playoff because they aren't conf champs even though they beat all the teams in the regular season. They are 1-1 agaisnt the team they just lost to. It makes no sense to have a championship game if you play everyone. Playoff needs to be expanded to 8 next year. 5 auto bids for power 5 conf winners. Bring back the bcs numbers to determine the three wild cards. Selection committee chooses the seeding.

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Column: David Beaty brings energy, work ethic to KU football

stats don't tell the whole story. Over the past couple of years our offense has been horrible and our defense slowly wears down.

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Reclamation project: Selden regains touch, leads rally

Missed the game but had it on DVR. First half, nothing to be said. But man second have was nice. Selden had the most NBA type game I've seen in a while. The NBA loves players who can hit mid range jumpers off the dribble. MJ, Kobe, KD have made millions off that. Selden was just special. Against Michigan State he struggled but made a lot of transition blocks that were forgotten about. Happy to see this for him.

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Source: David Beaty expected to be named KU's head coach, perhaps as soon as today

I can't believe we didn't get a hall of fame coach! At Kansas, we expect to only get the best with our football program! I mean, seriously, the only good head coaches ever had never been assistants. (that was sarcasm). This guy has proven he can develop players. He has time in Mark Manginos and Kevin Sumlins spread offense, has made some stinking good receivers, has great recruiting ties. Yea I wanted Bowen to get this job, but this is a hire I can live with. Keep Bowen on as DC to make sure no one transfers and then go get some talent. I like it.

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Coaching Search 2014: Another hypothetical example of the trickle-down effect

Off Topic news, how is Kyron Watson doing? He is the big player I don't want to see transfer. He didn't get to play a lot this year and I hope it doesn't discourage him. Another reason is he has a couple of highly ranked buddies graduating next year. Hopefully he can convince to form up an awesome defense (not likely, but I can dream). I guess I'm a little stunned that I haven't heard much about Doc Holliday. He has an heck of a resume. Let's get a guy who can coach and recruit. It sounds simple, but we seem to miss out.

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Coaching Search 2014: Another hypothetical example of the trickle-down effect

He simply did not do well at A&M beside one area. He is a great recruiter. I want to criticize your choice but I can't. He did have some good success at other schools. I never thought about his name being in the ring. Guess I should consider it more. He would bring in talent and that's a huge step in rebuilding.

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Loss motivates KU football

I get that. We probably could have done better. But considering some circumstances, I don't think our D has been that bad. Under Gill times were terrible. But our D kept us in enough games to win us games. Our offense is what blew it.

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Coaching Search 2014: News, nuggets and nonsense as things heat up

Thanks, appreciate the hard work!

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