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Column: Enough football negativity already

I can understand the negativity with KU football. Fact of the matter is we have been one of the worse teams in the nation since '10. Every year there has been a reason to look up only to be disappointed. So I fully understand that people feel they are being built up only to be let down. Saying that, I feel this team is in a much better situation than last year. From the eye test, our defense was much improved last year. They created turnovers and were much tighter in coverage. Pressure still needs to be brought but last year it was better. Offense is what scares me. Our offense has been just terrible since Reesing and Co left. Now we have a proven receiver, another receiver who was stuck in a log jam and a speedster who needs to work on mechanics. We also have a Swiss Army knife player who is one of the most dynamic. A qb who has good size and is a great athlete. Question is can he be accurate and can he relax in the pocket. It all comes down to o line for me. If they are how they were last year, we are doomed. If they improve, we have a chance. I see the pieces, now let's just see if they can succeed.

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Juco CB switches commitment from Kentucky to Kansas

I think he meant the JuCo school

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KU football lands former UT offensive-line commit for 2015

Avery also 4 star on ESPN

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KU football lands former UT offensive-line commit for 2015

Depends on where you look. Rivals yes but ESPN Bragg and Watson are both 4 stars and ranked higher. We had a good recruiting year last year that hit a hickup with Wrench going JuCo

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Column: KU can win 4; here’s how

It all comes down to our offense and being able to hold the ball. It was always shocking watching them being able to put a drive together. We've had arguably the worst receiving corps since '10. Our qbs have been inconsistent but last year a large part was because our receivers did nothing. If they can catch the ball and create space, it will allow our defense to rest and adjust. How many times did our D force a TO last year only to be on the field 2 minutes later? I can see anywhere from 2 wins to 6 wins. All depends on if the O can drive down the field.

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Most Crucial Jayhawks: No. 5 - MLB Ben Heeney

If it wasn't for an injury, Heeney probably would have been first team big 12. He improved a ton on coverage and was a force again. He took down that big rice running back all by himself, something A&M couldn't do. He already has good reactions but if he can improve on that even more, he will easily surpass 100 tackles. Question is how will the line in front of him hold up. They improved a ton last year from the year before. If the interior guys can hold their gaps and the ends get pressure, it will allow Heeney to run free. A solid front 7 changes everything for a defense.

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Cyclones psyched to have Mark Mangino back in Big 12

And passing on Charlie Strong

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Cyclones psyched to have Mark Mangino back in Big 12

Seems an issue is to me is that we keep whiffing on hiring a guy who becomes huge. Meyer and Harbaugh come to mind. Mangino came in a horrible situation and gave us good memories. To my knowledge it was never denied that he said what he said and he has temper issues. But that team gave us hope (unless we played Tech,Ut (05 gave them a great game), and UT). Gill was a disaster. In Perkins defense, Gill was viewed to many as the next big thing. Looking back his recruits left us bare. Got a stable of running backs but no qbs,wrs,o line, a couple decent d line, did well with linebackers but not well with the secondary. Charlie might not lead us to wins but with his recruiting, I feel much more encouraged. We just have to find the next big thing at coach if Charlie doesn't pan out.

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Column: Love, Wiggins trade logical

Love is a star right now. He is the only guy who can create his own shot on offense and is the best rebounder we have seen since Barkley. It all depends on how they view Wiggins. If they view wiggins as the next LeBron, then you don't make the trade. If you view him as a star, then you trade. Love is a star now. Also, it would be good for Wiggins. Wiggins will be the third option for the next 5 years. If traded to Minnesota, he goes in as the primary guy. Question is, will he be able to handle it? I hope he has the mentality that if traded, he will make the cavs regret it. While we are at it, Twolves should trade for TRob and Ben Mac, make my decision on which team to follow a lot easier

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Cole Aldrich sold on PG Graham

Loved how this went from an article talking about new talent to a discussion bashing EJ. Stay classy KU boards.

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