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McDonald’s MVP Diallo commits to Jayhawks

True, the ability to possibly play both could put him on the court.

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McDonald’s MVP Diallo commits to Jayhawks

What about Ellis? Play more 3/4 like Marcus Morris did?

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McDonald’s MVP Diallo commits to Jayhawks

This makes our lineup next year stacked. However, that means some players will not be getting some PT. I never understood why Hunter didn't get a chance last year. He was our rim protector and had the length to grab some rebounds. With Ellis, Diallo, it's going to be a dog fight for the backups. Bill normally only plays four post guys. Traylor and Lucas have waited their time, Hunter to me is our only true center. Bragg is highly ranked but a freshman. With a backcourt of Devonte, Frank and Selden most likely with Svi and Greene off the bench. If we get Brown and Mack, that complicates more things. It will be a great problem to have. Mack will probably ride the pine. Who will ride with him? We went from a good team to possibly a final four team. Getting out of the first weekend is a must. I won't say anything outside the final four is a bust because of the fickle nature of the tourney. Plus 30 second shot clock is likely next year. It will be a fun ride next year.

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

Selden to me still has the highest upside. He is very close to being a great player. He can drive, at will (when he inserts that will.) He can create his own mid range jump shot (when he inserts that will.) He plays good defense. He missed a lot of bunnies last year, an easy mistake to fix. He could have a huge breakout year. If he doesn't step up, SVI could very well be ready.

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Recruiting target Diallo sets Twitterverse abuzz

I think if we can somehow pick him up, we are a final four team. College basketball tourney is so chaotic that I won't call it a bust if we don't (I think it should be a best of 3 per round, more basketball!). Looking at past Self teams, the best ones are those who run two point guards or "combo" guards. I think our line up will
1. Frank
2. Devonte
3. Wayne
4. Perry
5. Lucas (but Diallo if he commits)

With Svi, Greene, Bragg, Hunter off the bench, that should be dangerous.

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Bill Self: College game needs work

And don't forget about moving screens. They aren't even called and it hurt us a lot.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

I'm confused. Not once did I state shady things didn't go on, in fact I did the opposite. I invite you to tell me where I said that. And your last sentence is my point. Those were situations the NCAA frowned upon. I am STRICTLY talking about what rules should or shouldn't be passed. 30 years ago players went to school for multiple years without a dime from the NCAA and had the ability to play pro ball. While there were many backdoor deals, that's not the matter I'm speaking of.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

I'm also assuming that many athletes still do get back behind closed doors somehow. What you're arguing is a whole different subject. While there was a lot of dirty stuff going on, those circumstances were against the rules. Point remains is that kids didn't go to college to receive those things. They most likely would have gone to college not matter what and just happened that accepted some benefits. Something that we all know still happens. The issues is the rules. Should the NCAA adopt those ideas? Should the NBA? My arguments isn't about the illegal activity rather the legal one.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

My main question is why was this not an issue during the 80s? Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Thomas, Ewing and many other stars stayed in school multiple years. The NBA did not have rules at the point that restricted high school seniors or freshman to enter, yet most players stayed a couple years. The NCAA was still making a ton of money, not nearly as much but still a lot. Yet, we didn't hear of players asking for pay to play? Or complaining of unfair NBA rules? Why is it suddenly a big deal?

Education has shifted in our culture from being a privilege to being a right. We don't emphasize the importance of education so why should these young players? I agree that they should let players return to school if they don't like their draft stock. However, if they commit and receive money from agents, then no.

The MLB is a bad comparison because the MLB has a farm league. Going strait out of high school is still a risk because farm league doesn't pay that well. If a high school baseball player declares for the draft and doesn't like where was drafted, can he go to a D1 school to improve stock? If yes, then basketball players should be allowed also. However, it is the NBAs right to have requirements for employment. While LeBron, Howard, Bryant and KG have all been very successful, there are more names of players who didn't make it. The difference between a player in the 80s whose pro career didn't pan out and those of the 00s who didn't pan out was a college education.

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Column: NCAA needs to fight back

I'll take a couple issues. Saying this team isn't coach-able isn't fair. The only real way to see that is if you personally witness practices. Now if you did and you saw that then it's fair. Second issue is all the drag on Alexander. I think everyone is being unfair to him like he wanted this. It's the double standard with our fan base. We yell that we don't want one and done players but when Freshman don't play like seniors, we thrown them under the bus. Go watch the study habits of a Freshman vs a Senior in College. I can promise on most cases, Seniors study better and with a better sense of urgency. In sports, the same concept applies. Freshman most times do not have the same sense of urgency that older players do. How fans interpret that is that the player doesn't care. You college basketball usually dominated their high school leagues and aren't used to having to give 100% all the time. When most college freshman enter school, they also don't know how to give it 100%. It's why so many Freshman drop out or transfer. The other ones are learning how to be independently motivated. Does this mean Freshman don't care about school? NO, they just aren't mature enough yet to have that sense of urgency. I never came away with the impression that Cliff didn't care. In fact, I fully believe he does care. I certainly also believe that Cliff didn't play with a sense of urgency. Our 05/06 team had the same problems. They didn't bring it all every game, they overlooked teams and didn't play well together. They lost in round 1 to an older team. Fast forward two years and that same team won the national championship. Let's not blame Cliff for his family mistakes and accuse him of not caring unless their is hard evidence of that. Which usually happens by having personal conversations with him. Most people think they read body language well but they don't. Everyone acts differently and it's unfair of us to assume that just because some reacts one way that it means they don't care.

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