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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self searching for 'dogs'

You may be right, Ross. For whatever reason, KU simply got out hustled against Washington.

UW's zone got most of the credit, but our rebounding and defensive woes were the main contributors to the loss.

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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self searching for 'dogs'

Just a little clarification. If the game is at 1 p.m. in Lawrence, that is noon here in Arizona. We are back to a one hour difference since we don't go on Daylight Savings Time in the summer.

That aside, I always like the way that Coach Self approaches things philosophically. His goal to "make the other team play bad" is very insightful and a key to the huge success that he, his staff, and the players at KU have had. If defense and rebounding are there every game, it is tough to lose, even when you have an off night offensively which everyone has now and then.

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Jayhawks to get second crack at Syracuse-style zone

I don't know that Malik is too short, but so far he has been too timid on offense to pose a serious threat. Hadn't thought about Mitch, but that could make some sense, as long as he isn't simply limited to being a sub for Udoka.

Mitch has the height to challenge on a drive to the basket and he has shown the ability to shoot the jump shot. If he can make the quick decisions from the high post, he definitely could be a factor, especially if Preston returns and deSousa is allowed to join the team at mid semester.

I also agree with Dale about Svi and the opinion that Lagerald has done such a good job thus far that a change certainly isn't necessary.

The bottom line is that KU has a good array of options on offense, which is a nice luxury to have given the lack of depth at this time.

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Jayhawks to get second crack at Syracuse-style zone

Ditto, Marius. The high post position is the key to beating the zone. If that person is a multi threat like Lagerald or perhaps Malik, it makes KU extremely hard to guard.

Obviously, Lagerald is the best candidate for now given his athleticism and passing ability. Would be nice to see Malik work into that if it can get him out of a funk.

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Game day breakdown: No. 2 KU basketball vs. Washington

Will be interesting to see another attack on the zone defense. Hopefully, whoever plays at the middle of the zone, probably Lagerald or perhaps Malik, will be more aggressive offensively. Hard to believe that UW's zone will be as tough as Syracuse's, so the opportunities in the middle of the zone should be as available, if not more so, than they were against the 'Cuse.

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Tom Keegan: Svi the senior playing Self defense

It better happen for Malik this year, because I doubt that he will be back next year. He's already a junior age-wise so his chances are dwindling especially given the transfers and incoming freshmen who will be eligible next year.

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KU coach Bill Self indicates Billy Preston situation nearing resolution

Love your post, Marius. Well researched and insightful. I certainly agree with your take on our prospects against Duke, if it were to come down to that.

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Clay Young's 'MVP' performance helps KU over Syracuse

Only if de Sousa doesn't make it for the second semester. I think that we still have the one that remained after Whitman left the program in the summer.

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Tom Keegan: Lagerald Vick's game and confidence steadily growing

All of a sudden, Lagerald can play. What does Mr. Brock have to say?

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Tom Keegan: Devonte' Graham even impresses NBA exec Pat Riley, who's seen it all

Couldn't agree more, Steve, about Malik. He hasn't lived up to his billing, but then again, he really didn't at Mississippi State either. Perhaps he has hit a ceiling. I hope not.

Have to agree with you too, Marius, about Vick. In fact, I don't expect any of KU's current starters to be back next year. Vick and Udoka will surely declare for the draft, and I still would expect Malik to do so, unless his current slump becomes a year long problem.

With the transfers who will be eligible plus the incoming freshmen, Malik might even be ousted from the starting lineup if he does return. If so, his draft stock would plummet even further. Therefore, his best chance will likely be to leave after this year because he is already a junior, age wise, after sitting out last year.

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