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Kansas, Missouri renew basketball Border War for hurricane relief

All comments have some good points. However, after digesting it all, I think that Tony Bandle has put it the best, as he often does.

Participants aside, this is a tremendous opportunity to raise a significant amount of money for a good cause, and by all accounts it was Bill Self's idea. Furthermore, he says that this in no way is intended to signal a change in his attitude re: playing Mizzou in the regular season (after all, given how the NCAA operates, you got to believe they would try to create a post season matchup just as they have with KU and WSU, and even KSU by putting us in the same region many times).

If Coach Self and the KU administration wants to put aside their feelings about MU for one exhibition scrimmage, then that is good enough for me. Besides, it gives KU another chance to just kick their butts, which is what I expect will happen.

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New KU hoops point guard Devon Dotson unselfish to the core

This young man is going to be a "gem" to coach and watch. Unfortunately, we probably won't get to see it for four years, but we surely will enjoy it while we can.

It's a tribute to his parents that he is so well grounded.

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2018 point guard Devon Dotson commits to Kansas

To your point, Yonatan, there will probably be as many as five or six who will be leaving the program. Devonte and Svi graduate. Then Udoka Azubuike and Malik Newman are almost certainly going to leave for the NBA after this season. Add in Lagerald Vick who reportedly is KU's best performer in early practice (Coach Self's words) and perhaps Billy Preston, both of whom would likely leave if the money is there, and you will then have plenty of vacancies to sign five, high profile freshmen to go with the holdovers and the transfers who are sitting out this year.

Remember, KU also has one left over scholarship from this year when Jack Whitman didn't stay. Lastly, there is always the possibility that lack of playing time for some of the holdovers could cause them to transfer out. In short, in today's environment, everything if pretty fluid.

My only concern is that McCormack, de Sousa, Dotson, Grimes, and Williamson (if KU gets them all) are mostly "one and dones" or at best "two and done." Would be nice to get an occasional "four and done" like Frank Mason, Devonte Graham, and Svi.

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FBI investigative file includes KU documents; athletic department says investigators have not contacted KU

All good points, Suzi. Just goes to show that a one-sided press is the most dangerous group in the country. Until Fox News came on the scene, you never got the "conservative" view. It is no wonder that they are the most watched of all the cable news channels by far.

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Joel Embiid 'thankful' for time at KU

Thank, Joel! We love you too.

Your game came to stardom in Lawrence. You were initially described as a "project" when you were recruited, but Coach Self quickly saw how fast you learn, and you became a lottery pick despite your injury.

Marius, I was a little confused as well about his comment of "pushed to leave." However, I think that he is referring to the pressure that comes surrounding money. Given his injured status and the uncertainty about the future at that point in time, when it became clear to him that he would be a lottery pick, he had no choice but to leave. You know, "a bird in the hand".

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FBI investigative file includes KU documents; athletic department says investigators have not contacted KU

Nice clarification, Chad. However, that legalese is mostly mumbo jumbo to the average reader. The fact is that, given the apparent "confusing" language and the meaning of it, the article should not have been published until all of the underlying language was clarified. Otherwise, you are kind of like the person who forwards all of the e-mails he/she gets without checking about the veracity/meaning of them.

Like I said, honest journalism is essentially dead in this country. Walter Cronkite is probably spinning in his grave. Although he was a devout liberal, you never saw it expressed in his news coverage. I respect that.

It reminds me of what Lyndon Johnson said about his demise surrounding the Vietnam War. He said that he knew he had lost when Mr. Cronkite eventually came out against it. That was a day when Walter Cronkite was one of most respected persons in the country in those annual surveys. Now the media has approval ratings down in the teens. So sad!

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FBI investigative file includes KU documents; athletic department says investigators have not contacted KU

Bingo, Titus!

Journalism today is essentially dead. There is little or no "hard news" today. It is all editorial, and in most cases without the proper disclaimers.

You probably have some "snot-nosed" kid at the UDK trying to sharpen his or her teeth for the big time!

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Is the Border War back?

NO, NO, NO, NO! Is that clear enough?

I'm all for hurricane relief, whether it be Puerto Rico, Houston, or Florida. However, find another way to do it. Sarah's idea has merit if people are so inclined.

Screw Mizzou! We should do absolutely nothing to help them, period!

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With the waiting now behind him, Malik Newman is ready to roll

Really like Coach Self's comment about "interchangeability". He has been a master of that over the years, and this year's team should be no different with Malik, Svi, Lagerald, Marcus, and perhaps others who can play multiple positions.

Also, Devonte can obviously play both guard positions, so if Marcus Garrett can demonstrate a feel for the point guard position in addition to what else he can play, then Devonte may be able to get some needed rest at times during the season.

The only potential weakness this year is in the front court. We have good people but not much depth again this year.

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2018 standout Zion Williamson recaps Late Night visit

Time will tell, Craig, but my bet is that Malik, Udoka and Lagerald are gone after this year, and Preston may not be far behind. These kids almost always think that they are ready for the NBA well before the rest of us think they are. Follow the money, my friend!

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