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Reseeding and Vegas odds reveal wide open NCAA Tournament

Very succinct and accurate, Mr. Joseph. You just know that this is what Coach Self is telling the team. Now, the only job is to execute the game plan, and let the chips fall where they may.

I like our chances against Clemson because we give them a much different look and challenge (or lack thereof) which Auburn provided. Actually, given the perpetual scandals surrounding Bruce Pearl, I am thrilled that Clemson beat them.

We typically have played very well in Sweet Sixteen games with a week's worth of preparation. Our challenge then comes in the Elite 8 game, when we are favored to beat teams like Villanova and Oregon.

In this case, if we beat Clemson and end up playing Duke, then my guess is that Duke will be the betting favorite, which might work to KU's advantage. Furthermore, Duke has had to resort to using a zone defense quite a bit this year because their man to man defense hasn't been up to their standards.

If we end up playing Syracuse, we did beat them earlier in the year. However, we would then be in the same situation as the last two years where we are favored to win the game. That could be a problem given KU's track record.

I don't think that the crowd demographics will be a significant factor. We looked awesome against Purdue last year in KC and then laid an egg against Oregon. Besides, if we end up playing Duke, they travel exceptionally well, and the crowd would be split a lot more evenly than one might expect.

One thing is probably certain. Most of the pundits will end up being wrong to the same degree that they have been thus far. They are more interested in creating conversation pieces than they are actually making astute analyses before the games are played.

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KU freshman Marcus Garrett guides KU to key bucket in relief of Devonte' Graham

Thanks for recognizing Marcus' contribution. He has been a very pleasant surprise this year, and his future is only going to get brighter. Would love to see him be a four year player.

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Tom Keegan: Nudge in right direction awakens Malik Newman

So happy for Malik. He's proven himself in the last half of the season, and it is his time to move on the next level. As he mentions a bit in the article, he can thank Bill Self for bringing out the best in him, and I am sure that he will be eternally grateful.

KU didn't play such bad defense, and Coach Self said so in his half time interview on television. The problem was that Delgado is such a beast that KU had nobody but Udoka who could do anything at all with him. Also, if Seton Hall didn't get unconscious in the last two minutes, the margin of victory would probably have been double digits.

Of course, Delgado is also a pretty good actor. You would have thought he got hit by a truck on the two offensive fouls by Dok. Then again, maybe that is what it feels like when Dok taps you. Just ask Devonte!

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Dominant Dok: Azubuike plays big role to lift Jayhawks past Seton Hall

Absolutely, Barry. The late surge by Seton Hall only kept them in the game thanks to the clutch play of Malik, et. al.

Agreed, Tony, about Malik going into the draft. He has loads of talent, and his stock is rising. It's time to "strike while the iron is hot." Hopefully, Langford is awaiting Malik's decision to make his "one and done" college choice.

As others have said, if it came down to having an experienced Malik versus a freshman in Langford, I would go with Malik. However, I'm afraid that train has left the station, and Malik will be playing for pay next year.

As for the subject of the article, a big tip of the hat to Udoka. He played through his pain and showed extreme loyalty and perseverance for his team. He certainly didn't hold back to protect his future, and that is admirable.

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Tom Keegan: Azubuike makes small progress in return vs. Penn

The Jordan Bell reference is a key point. Delgado is a tough dude, so KU has to find a way to somewhat neutralize him. I'm pretty confident that Coach Self and his staff will find a way. They almost always do.

To me, the bottom line is that KU beat WVU without any input from Dok, and Seton Hall is not as good as WVU. That's not to say that the Hall isn't capable of winning. They clearly are. However, anything that Dok can give us against them is a plus, and our biggest advantages still are the leadership of Devonte and the genius of a Hall of Fame coach.

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Special Senior: Graham's big performance carries Jayhawks past Penn

There were other players who also contributed to the win, as there were three others in double figures scoring, and Mitch had 11 rebounds. However, Devonte was certainly the leader and would be an outstanding choice for the Naismith Award. He is the epitome of what a student athlete and leader should be.

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Kansas-Penn not your run-of-the-mill 1-16 NCAA Tournament matchup

Yes, Don, that is the big myth. KU does have an inside game, and I expect them to try to exploit that today. If Silvio can continue his development, we have considerably more depth with Mitch and him than we had prior to the Big 12 tournament.

Also, as you point out, KU is not a typical 3-point team. They are more a "drive and dish" team than a "spot up" three point shooting team. You rarely see them put up a desperation 3 or one that is tightly guarded.

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Azubuike update: Self says KU center is now a game-time decision for Thursday vs. Penn

And who is going to get 40 points for Penn? That seems to be a standard prediction.

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KU senior Devonte' Graham one of four finalists for Naismith Trophy

I agree with Marius in that the toughest competition for the award is likely Brunson. It's not that a freshman can't win the Naismith Award, but historically, they seem to have favored upperclassmen.

We're all rooting for you Devonte. Nobody is more deserving.

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KU senior Devonte' Graham one of four finalists for Naismith Trophy

Congratulations to Devonte. I really believe that he has a shot at it, but if not, it is still a tremendous honor and a tribute to the kind of player and person that he is.

I look forward to seeing his jersey retired at AFH sometime in the future.

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