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Kansas AD Jeff Long wants to hire next football coach 'sooner rather than later'

Lot of really good potential candidates out there, even if some don't have the big name of a Les Miles. Just thought I'd throw another one out there that I haven't really heard being talked about.

Bo Pelini. I don't know if he would be interested, or necessarily KU's first choice, but I give him credit for what he did at Nebraska. He took over an absolute dumpster fire, and won 9-10 games every year.

He brings Big 12 experience from time at Nebraska and OU, he's also well connected in Ohio which produces a lot of talent. I think the most interesting aspect of Pelini his is defensive coaching experience. I think he could do a nice job developing some of the younger defensive players on the roster.

Again, maybe not the first choice, but I think worth taking a look at.

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KU AD Jeff Long follows interesting coaching names on Twitter

Jeff Teddford is a very good coach. Not sure he would want to leave for Kansas, but a good name.
Its all speculation of course, but he also follows some other interesting names of head coaches and coordinators. Some of the more compelling to me are

*Bronco Mendenhall-Proven winner at BYU, currently turning around UVA
*Butch Davis- Well traveled in the NFL and NCAA, proven track record, KU could easily pay him more than FIU does now
*Greg Shiano- Not great in the NFL, but did have some success at Rutgers which is obviously not easy
*Jim McElwain- Didn't work out in Florida, but a good offensive mind and did very well at CSU
*Randy Shannon- Had issues at Miami but helped guide them during some hard times and HC experience
*Dave Aranda- Probably on the riskier side but also very intriguing. Successful D coordinator and recruiter. Is very well paid at LSU and probably would want a better job for his first try at head coaching but I think worth looking at.

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Daniel Wise to return for redshirt senior season at Kansas

The only name that comes to mind off the top of my head is Khalil Mack for Oakland. He played for Buffalo in college and while they weren't as bad in terms of Wins/Losses, they have mostly been an average MAC team since joining the FBS. He was a top 10 overall pick and has done well for the Raiders.

The thing is that now where you go in the draft isn't all dependent on where you played and how you were in college. Heck, the first QB taken last year only started something like 13 games in his whole college career. Guys in Wise's position may not rack up great stats because they are such a point of focus for opposing teams, but if they have the right size and skill set they will get drafted high because of potential and ability to adapt to the NFL.

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Dorance Armstrong to skip senior year at KU, enter NFL Draft

A mock draft I saw had him going to New England at 64. Its hard to cheer for the Patriots in any way but he would make a lot of sense there and probably do really well. Maybe the Broncos should take him at 40, they have good luck with Jayhawk defense players. Three Kansas alumni all starting on one side of the ball would be pretty cool, sort of like a better version of Dallas with Boise State...

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KU football's 2018 recruiting class currently lacks a QB

According to 247, he has offers from Arkansas, SMU, and Texas Tech, but hasn't made a decision yet. I agree with Jim that he'd likely be headed to Arkansas, considering his father and grandfather played there.
He's an interesting prospect. Not rated highly, and considered undersized. But, he's now won 2 state titles, and played really well in his recent championship victory. Maybe if he played at KU his Grandpa Jerry would donate to the new stadium project (mostly sarcasm but you never know with Jerry)

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Juco-heavy class brings immediate help to defense

Interesting article, thanks for posting. As a former Juco student athlete myself, I admit I'm sort of biased. That said, I think having these kinds of recruits isn't in itself make or break. We've seen it work successfully, and have seen it become disastrous.
Coach Beaty is a positive guy, but he's not ignorant to his situation. The fact is KU has to improve in year 4, and I would speculate that means winning at least 4 games to keep the coach in place. He is trying to get guys capable of stepping in to make an impact right away, because the 2018 team certainly has some question marks at various positions.
I guess as fans, there is nothing left to do other than see how this recruiting class plays out, and see what happens next Fall.

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Reserve tight end James Sosinski scores in his Kansas basketball debut

He could be a solid asset to have. When playing opponents who have really good scorers he might be able to come in for 5-10 minutes just to play tough defense and prevent some of KU's offensive weapons from getting unnecessary fouls and give them some rest.

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Kansas Air Raid woes don't start in the air

While personally I like spread offenses, I agree with you completely. Monken has proven himself as a very good coach. Also, when executed properly, the option offense isn't easy to defend. Monken was an assistant under Johnson at Georgia Tech, who also has fairly consistent success in the ACC without necessarily always being the more talented team.

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Kansas Air Raid woes don't start in the air

Thanks for the article, Tom. I am definitely going to check this book out. I've always liked the idea of the air raid offense, and love him or hate him, Mike Leach is undeniably one of the more interesting characters in college football.

When I was playing high school 8 man football in Western Kansas, a few teams we played were starting to experiment with a more spread out style. I was always jealous because we played extremely conservative run heavy I-Formation type football.

Either way, having success offensively starts in the trenches with the lineman. Hopefully, another year of development for the KU offensive line will translate to some offensive success. I guess time will tell.

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