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KU Sports Extra — Season 1, Episode 3

I cannot imagine KU losing this game. I was born in Lawrence, so I bleed crimson and blue, but I have lived in Mount Pleasant MI for roughly 10 years. I basically just wanted to post this as an FYI.

Their 2nd leading receiver (in receptions last year) Andrew Flory and second string db Ryan Oruche were dismissed for criminal charges just 5 days ago. Also, their top receiver Titus Davis is still banged up from hit he took in their first win (knee sprain) and he's questionable for Saturday (he is their only real NFL talent and he really was still on crutches last week). Their second string (now first string with the Rawls suspension) running back is also questionable with a hip injury.

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Border War not dead yet?

Well, they own the overall record in football by one game. It sickens me to no end that we gave them the series lead right before everything hit the fan.

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Border War not dead yet?

I think you just made a case for why the rivalry should continue. The fact that you have such a negatively warped perception of normal college kids shows how much the mythology of the rivalry has impacted you. However, I can't pretend that I don't have the same sort of feelings toward that school, no matter how delusional I know them to be. It's these emotions that fuel the rivalry and make it great.

Heck, I honestly don't see those emotions going away any time soon, which is why my biggest concern with ditching Missouri is finding another rivalry that can hold a candle to it. What other history lessons can be taught to young KU fans as to why their rival is, in your words, 'the karmic equivalent to pond scum?' What other television and movie lines can we watch to further solidify the reasons why Jayhawkers hate Missouri? It'll literally take another civil war to create a rivalry on par with the Border War.

I guess some would argue that we don't 'need' such a passion-filled and historically-rich rivalry. Obviously. It's sort of like I don't 'need' to have meat in my diet. Yet I'll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I'd willingly choose to not eat meat. The same goes for rejecting Missouri as a rival. What can I say, perhaps I'm old and stuck in my ways.

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Kansas women win Sunflower Showdown at Manhattan

It was great seeing this game on Fox Sports! I went to a local bar in Michigan and it was already on. Great exposure for this team. Now, let's hope they can keep winning.

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Big recruiting weekend looms for Kansas University football

What follows is my interpretation of the recruiting reports on some of KU's current o-line commits.

Jacob Bragg is in my mind the top recruit we've landed so far. His power and athleticism are off the charts compared to all other centers in this class.

Apa Visinia has a huge upside, but will definitely take a couple of years to get into prime BCS shape.

Keyon Haughton needs some work with his technique, but he has good bulk that he leverages well. He should compete from day one.

Devon Williams needs work with both body composition and technique. However, he is gigantic. While he most likely won't contribute much until his senior year he should provide a good body to throw in if needed.

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Charlie Weis: Showdown huge

It's televised on FS1.

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Opinion: KU needs Cozart's mobility at QB

Bad decision after bad decision? Most of his incompletions were desperate bombs, which seemed to just be part of the game plan (Heaps chucked several down the field in vain). Also, his running out of bounds is what any mobile QB should do and does do when facing oncoming defenders at the sideline (otherwise they slide). The point is that most QB's aren't built to take a beating (Tebow is a rare exception).

Anyway, at least the defense was kept off the field for most of the game. KU dominated the time of possession. It was also nice to see some consistent first downs against a first-string defense. The majority of KU's offensive production has routinely just come in the 3rd and 4th quarters (in Big 12 play) when the opposing team's scrubs are on the field. The Oklahoma game is the only exception, but remember that this was the game where we threw for 16 yards. The way I see it, Cozart is KU's best chance at success. The o-line will break down, and at least Cozart can gain positive yards during those situations as opposed to losing 5-10 yards. It's also not like he's going to be passing for far less yards than Heaps ever does (it would be really hard to).

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FINAL: KU fails to score a TD in 42-6 road loss to Oklahoma State

Cozart didn't have that great of a completion percentage, but most of his incompletions were desperate bombs. It didn't seem like Weis and company had many passing plays designed for him. It was either a run-option or a bomb to a fade route. The few short passes he had were on target, so I'd be interested to see what a Cozart-based game plan could do. I mean heck, we had over 300 yards of offense today (just under what OKState had) and controlled the time of possession. While the final result still sucked, I believe we just found our starting QB. Cozart was able to extend plays and at least gain positive yards when the pitch man wasn't available. He also had great pocket presence and when in trouble was able to escape pressure (he kept broken plays alive). With the state of the offensive line, he seems to be the only real option we have.

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Passing judgment: Weis says KU air attack 'not acceptable' following 34-19 loss to Oklahoma

While Weis won't single out Heaps of 5h17, he was spot on in blaming the lack of a passing attack for our overall troubles. The Sooners were able to put 7-8 in the box on every non-passing down from the 2nd quarter on with no consequences. I'm sorry, but if Heaps can't find holes in that defense then he's never going to find holes in any defense. Also, I don't care how good of an o-line you have, you can't run consistently while being boxed in by 7-8 players.

Anyway, since the offense couldn't get going (to the tune of 39 yards on the last 10 drives and 16 yards total passing in the game) the defense was put in a bind and was worn out far too quickly. The craziest statistic that I found was that roughly 40% of KU's total time of possession was racked up in just the first three drives of the game.

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Offensive lineman Apa Visinia orally commits to KU football

He's a 2-star recruit on Rivals. I've seen plenty of 3-star players that aren't ranked. It's also early in the recruiting process, so there's time for him to move up.

Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska were the other schools listed as being "on his radar."

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