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Chiefs sign KU football's Opurum as fullback

I was not saying Gill didn't need to go, or that Mangino did need to go. Mangino was probably the best thing to happen to our program. Charlie Weis probably wouldn't have taken the job if Mangino hadn't shown that we can win around here. I'm just saying he made a mistake in that one aspect of dividing the carries at running back between the guy who was struggling and the guy who was dominating.

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Chiefs sign KU football's Opurum as fullback

More frustrating than Gill moving him was Mangino not giving him carries over Jake Sharp playing hurt his senior season. I believe Opurum led the team in rushing his freshman year with a fraction of the carries. As far as Gill, Weis and company made the same decision that he did regarding Opurum, which was that we didn't have enough talent on defense to concentrate so much of it at running back. Congratulations to Toben Opurum, and to the Chiefs!

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No days off: Jayhawks to sweat through the summer with strength guru Holsopple

Are we screwed at kicker or what?

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KU linebacker Jake Farley to transfer to Northern Iowa

Good luck, Jake!!

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Ex-Jayhawk Langford wins Israeli title

Wizards is a whimsical name.

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Charlie Weis shows national scope

Well, several of the "not Texas" players you mentioned were from Kansas, which is a no brainer to recruit. The article shows that Mangino 2009 had more Kansas players than Mason 1996, at least in absolute terms.

And even if "Texas" holds up decent against "not Texas", that's pretty impressive for Texas. Also, Dezmon Briscoe is from Texas.

As for Mangino vs. Mason, scheduling is a part of coaching strategy, and Mangino's strategy appears to have worked better than Mason's. Maybe Mason's best team was better than Mangino's best team, but what does that get you? I'll still take an Orange Bowl win over an Aloha Bowl win any day.

And Mangino stacks up nicely as far as bowl games and winning seasons against all of KU football before and after Mangino, which includes Glen Mason.

Also, I was at that Colorado game where Reesing debuted, and I remember having the impression that Mangino put him in to have a chance at winning the game, and I feel like he would have with or without an injury. It cost Reesing a year of eligibilty, but might have saved Mangino a job, and thus gave us the best years of KU football we have (arguably?) ever had.

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Charlie Weis shows national scope

Mangino vs. Mason: Aloha Bowl vs. Orange Bowl. I could be wrong on that Aloha Bowl, I wasn't a KU fan in '96, before I was a KU fan/student/alum. I'm not knocking the "national" approach, but Todd Reesing is from Texas.

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Ex-KU O-line commitment hoping to catch on at BYU

Sounds like Mr. Heaps might be able to talk to him about life at BYU vs. life at Kansas.

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Turner Gill left recruiting abyss

10 years would be long after any of TG's recruits are gone, so I'm guessing jgrobb meant that it took TG's poor results to get Charlie Weis hired, who will have turned us into a very good program in 10 years, whether or not he's still coaching here.

As far as the Gill hire, I thought at the time that Lew didn't need a rebuilding hire. I think we were preseason #15 nationally at the beginning of Mangino's last year. Harbaugh being willing to take the job reminds me of why I thought that.

I always wonder how the next season would have gone had Mangino stayed, and had there been no public investigation. If he wanted to investigate Mangino, there was absolutely no reason to do it publicly, which would have killed recruiting even if everything had turned out unsubstantiated. But Mangino would have had the guys he recruited for his system. I remember hearing about the lack of talent, and it never made sense to me given Mangino's previous recruiting successes, and his teams which seemed to be steadily improving, with 2007 and 2009 being outlier years (2009 we had Reesing playing hurt, and Oporum should have been our leading rusher in terms of carries and not just yards, but I digress)

But I like the Weis hire for the future of the program. We'll check back on jgrobb's comment in 10 years.

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Coach: FSU should give Big 12 a look

Yes is is. That makes sense. Thanks.

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