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KU football counting on help from walk-ons

Not saying it is the reason for every miss but the snap can cause many misses. If the snap is bad, the holder juggles the ball, etc, but the kicker still attempts to get the kick off, it counts against him if he misses. Want to believe that Charlie has taken that into consideration.

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Bowen thrilled to be part of KU-KSU rivalry again

I remember the '87 game. There was no problem getting tickets, no one talked about the game at all, and due to the tie game, no one even had the desire to continue the rivalry in Aggieville that night. I still remember the orange fences up and extra police on patrol for no reason. At least now, both schools have passionate fan bases, have had their share of success (unfortunately more for them than us), and there is some excitement back in the game. I'm not predicting a victory, but I do believe it will be closer than most think. Not that it is good enough to be close, but we have to be competitive. Like him or not, I don't see Charlie allowing the beatings we have taken in the last 2 years under Gill. Crist is due to have the game he's capable of, but if he continues to stand in the pocket for days, we have to go to the Jayhawk or turn to Cummings or Baty As was the motto back in the '80's.....Pound The Purple.....(you figure out the rest). Rock Chalk

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More links: Audio from Missouri representative who is really opposed to KU license plates; T-Rob labeled 'jackpot' player

I kept waiting for him to say " Madame Speaker, would we have put the Jayhawk on license plates when the German's Bombed Pearl Harbor". The fact that he was ever elected says a lot about those voting. Columbia can have him!

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Missouri lawmaker's vow: No Jayhawk license tags on his watch

All of us who were fortunate to have attended KU, but live in MO need the email address for this senator so that we can voice concerns about his leadership and financial decision making abilities. You would think that having to drive on the roads we can not afford to fix would be reason enough for the state to want to generate any new revenue possible.

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

I've been thinking about this a lot today and a couple names come to mind.....Russell Robinson and Scott Pollard. Bill has always been a tremendous supporter of Russell and I could see him bringing him in to mentor him. I will admit the Scott may be a long shot, but there is no bigger, more vocal supporter of KU with NBA experience than Scott. I would think he could teach young bigs a thing or two. I also think both would relate exceptionally well with recruits. Jacque would be another great selection and perhaps one could take Barry's role for a few years. With Danny already tapping Brett Ballard on the shoulder, it would not surprise me to see Jacque with him if not us

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Brownback not interested in keeping MU rivalry

Bobbysfissure - enough is enough already. Your political rants (mostly name calling) were read, heard, and are now getting old. We all get that you lean to the left, don't like Brownback and must want us to continue MU in Big 12 markets.
Here is to never playing MU again! Not because Brownback says so, but because that is what many loyal Jayhawk's want.
By the way, if you don't like the direction of the government, use your vote to change it as I will be happy to do in November

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Weis announces dismissal of 10 Jayhawks from KU football program

Saw on rivals that Kenneth Crawley now has OU and Ohio State listed as potential schools and KU dropped to "low" or "none" for interest. This would be a big miss, but is confusing give his tweet about Campo. Anyone have more / better info on this?

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KU hires former Dallas Cowboys assistant Dave Campo as defensive coordinator

Perhaps you would have preferred to have Charlie retain Vic Shealy. I would have liked to have seen others named, but do not have a problem with the hire. To your point of Campo not relating to 18-19 year olds.....according to a tweet from a highly sought after cornerback (Crawley), he seems to like the selection. Try supporting the team or provide better facts as to why you predict this to be a failure

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Decorated QB Jake Heaps to visit KU

For the first time in a long time, we agree completely. We have a unique mascot, and it seems we have tried our hardest to remove it from the football team. I would even like to see someone come up with a Jayhawk profile design that could be used. It would also help market the team. I am always amazed at hats and clothes from other schools that highlight several different designs and logos. I know we are tied to Addias, but maybe if we give them something to work with.....

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KU football coach Charlie Weis names former Notre Dame QB Ron Powlus as quarterbacks coach

Names on the back are a must, but would love to see the Jayhawk more predominate on our uniform or helmets as well. Develop a tougher looking hawk and put it on at least one side of the helmets and a hip on the pants

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