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Jayhawks enter postseason still looking for some 'oomph'

This year was the "Perfect Storm"...

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Benton Smith: Inexperience catches up with Jayhawks as Big 12 title streak perishes

The streak is over. Long live the streak. It had to end sometime. Nothing is forever. When this season is finally finished, then it is time to recruit, re-group, re-build, and re-dedicate to beginning another streak. It took the "perfect storm" to end it. Injuries, a suspension, an investigation, and a leave of absence. Now is the time for all Jayhawks to rally together! Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU !!!

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Jayhawks looking to play with urgency with 2 crucial road games looming

Yep. As many predicted after that loss at WV has come back to bite us in the a$$...

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Judge denies electronic form of NCAA's request in college basketball corruption court case to 'obtain materials'

The reason the NCAA can't find it is that their shoulders are in the way... ;)

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Heavy Hand: KU junior Mitch Lightfoot leads KU to crucial win over K-State

I think continuing the streak provides momentum to win the Big12 tourney championship which provides momentum going into the NCAA Tournament.

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With 5 teams still alive, KU coach Bill Self says it's the other 5 teams that might determine the Big 12 champion

It would be sweet if KU could win the rest of their games. It would be sweeter if Baylor could win at Manhattan. It would be the sweetest if TCU could find it's mustard and take down K-State. One can hope, one can dream, one can wish... I want KU to at least tie for the conference and continue the STREAK!

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Rest easy, Kansas fans; Jayhawks not recruiting LaMelo Ball

That circus is the last thing KU needs!!

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Quick recap: No. 14 Kansas wallops West Virginia to claim third consecutive win

"Just Once and Just For Tonight:"


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