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Diving into tonight's BCS Championship game with a Florida fan

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been kinda absent around here lately, I'll do my best to start frequenting this place a little more often. I'd like to congratulate Dugan on another well-written and thoroughly insightful blog entry. Keep it up. By the way, I know Brett Hevia personally, and I can say with all honesty that he is the most intelligent, handsome, charming, sophisticated, masculine, and knowledgeable person I've ever met. I think I speak for most of us KU sports fans when I say that we're all really interested in what Brett has to say on topics other than college football, as well.

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The Cheerleader Blog

This was fantastic. Well done. I'm a little disappointed it didn't really provide me an opportunity to make fun of KU's football team, but I'll get over it. I guess I'll just note that Mangino is really, really fat. Appallingly so. That's all.

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Men 2 Boyz

Mangino is sooooooo fat.

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Men 2 Boyz

Alright, I wasn't going to reveal this, but Jhawkdan's post really got to me. I'm Mark Mangino. I created this name just to make fun of myself in the hopes that all the loyal Jayhawk fans on this site would defend me and make me feel better about myself. But jhawkdan is a little too shrewd for that. He saw right through me. I'd like to apologize to everyone. Now I'm going to go drown my shame in Krystal Burgers and ice cream.

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Men 2 Boyz

Have none of you realized that these blogs aren't intended to provide any kind of journalistic insight or merit? They're intended to be jokes. Get over it. And yes, I think Mario Chalmers smoked weed. I'm not on a jury deciding his fate, so I don't need indisputable evidence to form my opinions. But, I mean, do any of you really think he wasn't smoking? Honestly? Also, Mangino's fat.

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Men 2 Boyz

Marijuana is illegal. Moron. But about the article, I'm surprised. I had always assumed that the only words Mangino knew had to do with ordering food, and that Kansas named all their plays things like "Cheeseburger", "Chili-cheese fries", and "Mark HUNGRY. Mark want food. FEED MARK NOW." in order to accommodate his speech disability.

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Rojas thrust into role of punter/kicker

Gee 5decadehawk, you're kind of like that mean old high school football coach with the heart of gold who uses tough love to motivate his players, and Dugan is that talented but cocky wide receiver who works his butt off to get your approval, and then when he finally succeeds you let him know that you knew they had it in them all along and you become his mentor. I guess the only thing that's wrong with this analogy is that Dugan never played football. And that no one has ever cared about getting your approval. Now please be quiet.

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Michael Phelps vs. Todd Reesing

Gagger?! Is that me? That's not even that close, really. Or offensive. Like, do I choke on stuff? Under pressure, maybe? I'm just throwing some ideas around, so elaborate, please. About what I said, I'm sticking with it. Other than the obvious jokes about Dugan sucking, everything else I said is true. You really do make wildly unqualified and crazy assertions about what it takes to be a journalist, you do talk about reading another paper if possible, you do always say how much you love KU, and you use those retarded misspellings of Missouri. That's pretty much all I said. O, and no matter how high-minded you think your comments are, the main theme that I always get from is "Dugan sucks. As a person and as a writer." Maybe I'm a terrible reader.Also, I'm not GoBadgers. There's nothing I can do to allay any of your suspicions, I know, but I'm not. I'm not going to address this again because of the lack of proof I can give.

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Michael Phelps vs. Todd Reesing

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to go ahead and summarize 5decadehawk's long-winded diatribe for him;-Dugan sucks, at writing and at life.. This cannot be overemphasized.-Dugan has no friends in Kansas. -Completely ridiculous and unqualified assertions about what it takes to be a successful journalist.-How can Dugan write about Michael Phelps even though he's never won eight gold medals? Obviously you have to have done something before you can write about it.-Dugan sucks.-I love KU like, soooo much. -If there were another paper I could read instead of this one or if I had any friends that I could talk to about sports, I would. -Seriously, what is Dugan doing having fun and not following leads? Journalism is a JOB, and he sucks at it.-Yet again, Dugan gives less than his all on a story. I mean, this isn't anything that me and my hypothetical friends couldn't have thought of ourselves. He sucks.-Also maybe some really clever misspellings of Missouri, like Misery or Methsouri. God, those never get old. I could just write them all day. That's all I've got, 5decadehawk, feel free to add whatever you think I missed.

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Michael Phelps vs. Todd Reesing

Tim Tebow would win any competition like this. Even one he's not technically competing in. But after he established dominance by attracting all the girls, everywhere, he would nobly refuse to besmirch his own reputation by consorting with the masses of harlots and jezebels that inhabit the streets of Lawrence, go home early to study his playbook, read the Bible, and maybe save a group of handicapped orphans from a burning building.

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