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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

The Flex option. It's amazing to me how Calvin Johnson, one of the NFL's most dominant receiver, came from this style of offense in college at GTech. Oh, Charlie Weis just seems to fall too in love with his Qb's putting the entire offense in their hands. It's discouraging to me that this coaching staff still doesn't know who the teams play makers are. How many looks did Peirson get after he scored? 80% of the plays called should have been for the running backs. I don't understand how we don't have these guys being used as safety valves in the passing game. Crazy!

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Who ever called the plays on offense last night should be freshening up the résumé this morning. That's been the plague of KU football since I can remember, giving people endless opportunities that they don't deserve, while not allowing those who do! Time to find an up and coming youthful healthy coach that doesn't like losing, more than they like winning. Charlie Weis just seems past his prime and lacks the energy it's going to take to make the changes we all want to see..

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Wish we could maintain a ground attack and not abandon it every time we get behind. I dont think our coaches realize the run game is the body blow of football that pays off late in games. We saw way too many drops and way too many players jogging on their routes and breaks while Heaps was scrambling out of a decently held pocket. Seems like there were way too many coverage sacks. Just an off night. I still think this team could surprise a few good teams. Just need to tighten up the play calling and timing. As always and once again, I'd love to see ku try to run the flex option (navy, Gtech, Air Force, etc) with the talent at running back and lack of talent in WR/TE.. We'd be the only team in the big 12(10) and we'd at least control the clock.

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Big 12 media days blog: Jesse, Matt discuss Weis' 'pile of crap' controversy

... If you can't play here, where can you play?'

Same could be said about that coaching job...

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Opinion: This KU loss looks, sounds different than others

Releford, a 5th year redshirt Senior, towards the end of the game passed the ball at the top of the 3pt line. It was barely deflected by his defender towards mid-court. He didn't hustle or even act with a sense of urgency to get it back. That is what's wrong with this team. Leaders not stepping up, not protecting key possessions, and not hustling. E. Johnson has also been plagued by this all year. Bigs are also as soft as I've ever seen on a KU basketball team. Scary when I can say Christian Moody played with more tenacity. I still think this team is great and has the potential to make a deep run come March Madness.

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FINAL: TCU stuns No. 5 Kansas, 62-55

I pray that Coach Self would for once in his career at KU run a taller line up. Play Young, Ellis, heck even Wesley at the 3. Slow down the pace and pound the ball inside. Let Johnson and Tharpe see what's going on and bring them off the bench. Please let McLemore run the show. Give him the green light to shoot, drive, or dish every position. I believe he has good enough handles. This team just isn't talented or deep enough to play blitz style basketball for the entire game. At times it seems like we end up hurrying a possession and/or turning it over as a result. I'm definitely not saying that Coach Self doesn't know the talent he has better than anyone, but it seems like we don't contest outside shots well and we are not dominating the glass. Doesn't a taller lineup create better rebounding? Plus, we have Withey to guard against the penetration who has, at some fault for not being even more aggressive, stayed out of foul trouble all year. I still think this team has enough to work with to make a deep run come tourney time. This isn't the end of the world!

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Former Jayhawk Jake Sharp brings football to Salina

LOL~Don't know which is more funny: Arena football, Salina, or arena football in Salina.

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Final goodbye: West Virginia 'gross mismatch' for KU in seniors' last game

Thank you to the players that stuck it out through this mess!! People running the football side of the KU athletic department, you still aren't doing a very good job.

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'A repeat story': KU falters in second half of 41-14 loss to Baylor

Man, that is one serious conspiracy theory! Don't disagree completely, but in the entirety of everything, results have demonstrated to us that the people running things have zero contingency plans for the future. Coaches move on, retire, get fired, get sick, etc. Not saying you can completely replace those, but you have to be able to adapt.

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'A repeat story': KU falters in second half of 41-14 loss to Baylor

Weis should hand over the offensive play calling to someone else. Just really questionable game management and play calling - he's a great coach, but when it comes to the X's and O's it's apparent that his previous success was off the backs and creativity of others.

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