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Keegan: Kansas defense just fine

Actually losing Talib may not be that bad. He had the tendancy to let his accolads get in the way of his playing and at times was too cocky. He took way too many chances and got burned, i.e. Jordie Nelson.

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Lee hard at work in Tar Heel country

I believe Nebraska showed interest in Manning during their last search. But they also got a good one in Doc Sadler. Next to us, I think they will be the second best team in the North next season.

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Mortensen on list

Yep..reminds me of that famous LB for the Bears. The name escapes me!

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Recruiting young gaining popularity

You try writing about college basketball in the off season.

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Mayer: Self's contract complex

I actually for once liked his column...

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Elmquist: Signee Little key for KU

Who is this Elmquist?I don't like change.......Who died, left, got fired in the LJW Sports Room?Someone that knows a lot more about Kansas basketball then you do...

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Mayer: Big 12 QB-rich this year

Sorry Bill, but the KC Star beat you to the punch...

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Brown itching to coach again

T. Boone may be a calling to Larry...

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Williams miffed by Coach K

Once again, Roy will take his ball and go home if he doesn't get his way...

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Punter commits to Kansas

Lew has done a great job, but he wasn't the guy who hired Mangino or Self.

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