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Future Jayhawk David McCormack quietly having an impressive spring

I'm game for a 'Big Mac' should go down well next season. RCJH

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Azubuike's mother arrives in San Antonio

Wow this is brilliant, so happy for Doke. Now give her a show young man, RCJH

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Reseeding and Vegas odds reveal wide open NCAA Tournament

After all that's happened this weekend in college basketball I'm surprised any pundit in their right mind would even remotely want to try and forecast any results of future games. Some supposed top level teams have totally underachieved against supposed lower level teams and at this stage it's anybody's to win. Having said that I'd risk a few bucks on our Jayhawks as all season they have fought adversity and conquered. Here's to an NC, RCJH

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No. 1 seed Jayhawks eliminate potential March Cinderella Penn

Steve and Bill, the regular season games come up on YouTube a couple days later, but as for the NCAA tourny not so sure. RCJH

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Kansas linked to college basketball scandal in Yahoo Sports report

That's interesting Kent as I have wondered all along where exactly is there any law being broken. I am bombarded almost daily with offers of money loans so what exactly is going on here? Sure the NCAA rules are there but I don't see anything fraudulent, maybe someone could help me see the light. RCJH

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Devonte' Graham now all alone in 2nd place on KU's all-time 3-point list

Devonte's score and work on Trae reminds me of the job he done on Buddy Hield down in Oklahoma. RCJH

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1-3-1 breakdown: Three under-the-radar moments from KU-OSU

I did notice at the game that the ref's were making KU give the inbounder at least a yard of space to get the ball in, that's something I've never seen before. Usually they just wave their arm between the two players, but Saturday they insisted on a player moving well away from the inbounder. RCJH

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Tom Keegan: Super Sunday for KU golfers Gary Woodland, Chris Thompson

...and his caddies golf towel with large Jayhawk. RCJH

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KU's Bill Self OK with Lavar Ball's Junior Basketball Association as long as academics is addressed

What happens to kids who go to the JBL and don't get picked up by an NBA team, how many seasons before the roster piles up and they get 'kicked to the kerb' for some new rookie. No where to go, no education, earning power gone what's next for these guys? I know the biggest mistake I made in my youth was not going to University when I had the opportunity, something I have regretted all my life. To this day I wonder 'what if'? RCJH

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Kansas head coach Bill Self lays into an official during the second half on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 at

OMG I can't believe you just said that Bill. RCJH

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