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Big 12 champs: KU knocks off WVU for tourney title

Another 'ship' safely in the harbour, room for just one more! RCJH

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Tom Keegan: NCAA changes make for prettier game

An interesting article on Higgins, check the game fee!

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Matt Tait: Confident Mountaineers make early statement in Big 12 race

Joe you are right on, besides KU, WV has played probably the bottom three teams in the B12 in KS, TCU and OSU. Lets see where they stand after the halfway point. RCJH

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of March 11, 2015

If the 6'rs get first pick and Okafor then T-Rob will be on his way. Unfortunately it will be yet another team for him work with, but on the bright side he is using his time in games to showcase his athletic ability which has never been in question. I really hope he can find a home for a few years and get settled, if he does I'm sure improvement in his shooting will follow. #FOE .....RCJH

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Column: KU's shortcomings showed throughout loss at WVU

Dirk, ISU have to go to TCU as well as the 3 you mentioned. I know they should be givens but nothing seems to be a given in the BIG12 at mo'. RCJH

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Kansas basketball v. Texas

This is the Cliff we've been waiting to see! RCJH

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Play of the year?: Traylor's hustle draws high praises

I wouldn't be surprised if Coach gets a pic of that hustle and has it framed on his office wall. Now he can take down that one of Craft diving on the floor. This one will be the one to show recruits. RCJH

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Kansas bests Texas in near flawless road victory

That's the most complete game these guys have played, and the finishing 5 minutes were so good to watch. RCJH

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Andrew White to transfer from KU

Wishing you nothing but the very best for your future Andrew, I hope you find a spot that suits you and play well my friend! RCJH

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Self confirms Naadir Tharpe transfer

Good luck Naa, FOE means exactly what you are doing!!

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