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KU coach Charlie Weis (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Wow! Much, much better.

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Not this time: KU falls to UK, but not without a fight

What happens when the title is vacated in a couple years?

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Elijah Johnson regrets travel call

The ref blew the call. The ball had left his hands before his feet hit the ground. Should have been a 1-possession game with UK on the ropes.

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Self’s awards well-deserved

Before the internet, The Sporting News was the place to go to get hard to find sport statistics on a weekly basis. Don’t quite know how they are surviving in this day and age.

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NBA Draft Stock Watch: March 2012

I like JW’s game the best at the next level. His shot blocking ability is fantastic; he gets up and down the floor well, and can shoot free throws. He has shown signs of having a decent hook shot. He needs to get much stronger. Interesting to see what happens. Another year as the man at KU and under D. Manning will be invaluable.

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Brett Ballard has BU ballin’

Zinger, offer this young man the head coaching position of the Lady Jayhawks.

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Gary Woodland would rather be golfing

Interesting that Butch want a huge hitter like Woody to turn the ball over more. Keegs, thanks for the update.

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'Gut check': KU faces fast, emotional turnaround

Trap Game

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Cliff's Notes: Bill Self press conference, 2/16/12

Wichita Heights with Darnell Valentine and Antoine Carr was pretty good. Darnell followed his coach up to KU and Antoine turned pro and went to WSU.

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Bill Self worried about energy

KU should be playing a 2-3 zone when teams move JW out from under the basket. The guy is a shot blocking machine, but is not being utilized correctly. Oh well.

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