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Two new names on KU's radar who are considering reclassifying into the 2019 class

Matt, I appreciate the work you do - but to write a ‘...class that appears to be just fine’ simply because a few guys plan to re-classify? So what? KU has missed out on its last three guys so badly after YEARS of recruiting them. This is a new reality KU is operating under until this FBI BS is finally resolved. The program is toxic right now & there’s nothing that suggests it’s going to end anytime soon - regardless of who reclassifies.

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Former KU football coach David Beaty suing Kansas Athletics for $3 million

This is a bad look for the school and Jeff Long. As bad as Beaty was on the sidelines, the program is in better shape than when he found it. Give the guy his $3M and close the book on another sad coaching hire, but more importantly - the Zenger Era.

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Matt Tait: Best advice for KU AD Jeff Long: Go with your guy

I've run the gamut of emotions on this potential hire because for as staunchly as I was against Les Miles as soon as I heard his name - I wavered because people kept saying -- "it's Kansas football, what else do you expect" - and you need Les Miles, what else are you going to get?

And therein lies the problem. "It's Kansas football, what else are you going to get."

As others have said on these comment boards and several other articles have been written - Les Miles has been turned down for at least 3-5 other jobs in the last two years - and none of them involved the kind of work - short of Baylor - that it's going to take at Kansas. And at each other place he was turned down, they went with someone younger - much younger.

But for some reason, 65 is just the right age to turn around the worst program in Division I football. The guy who couldn't adapt offensively - despite being an offensive guy - with an arsenal of the best athletes in college football. Even SEC schools turned him down - see Ole Miss.

Matt, when Jeff Long asked you for tips - you should've looked him square in the eye and said -- Yeah Jeff - I do --

1. No Les Miles
2. Someone YOUNG and HUNGRY
3. Someone well respected behind the scenes
5. Think Sean McVey - but a college version.

Les Miles isn't going to turn KU around. Period.

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Tom Keegan: How old is Les Miles? Who cares?

Mike - Excellent way of putting it -- here's another article detailing what really isn's being said and why if this many programs have said no - then Jeff Long and KU need to do the same....

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Tom Keegan: How old is Les Miles? Who cares?

Here's the one thing Mr. Keegan didn't include when mentioning other older coaches who have had success at their current places - they aren't rebuilding the worst program in the FBS. That's the difference.

Sure, Frank Solich is 73, but he's been at Ohio since 2005. Snyder, who probably needs to step down in his own right, has been back in Manhattan since 2009 in his latest iteration.

Here's the thing about Les Miles - and I get it, he's a name, he won a title at LSU, and there's this misnomer that he "rebuilt" Oklahoma State before leaving to go to LSU. Listen, Oklahoma won 30 games in five years before Les got there, not great, but our Boy Beaty will finish with what, Seven wins if we're lucky in five years? That's a rebuild. And then about Les being such a great recruiter? It's LSU - Ray Charles could recruit LSU and win 8 games every year with just the talent in the state and oh by the way - you've got Houston a few hours away which has the biggest concentration of LSU Alums in the country. Ask Dorance Armstrong how many good football players there are in Houston.

My point is this - I'm not doubting that Les Miles is a good head coach. But --> At the start of next football season, barring any changes, he'd be the SEVENTH oldest coach in the FBS. Kansas isn't Louisiana and KC aint Houston. And for good measure, his offenses and lack of a QB were the reasons he was fired from LSU. How's that gonna work in the Big 12? Oh, he adapted you say? So with annual Top Five recruiting classes and an endless budget for football, he coudn't figure out a way to find a QB or an OC, but two years away from the game and suddenly he's Sean McVey when he gets to KU? Doubt it. The dude is called the Mad Hatter for a reason.

So while the name is great, my question is this - does Les Miles, at 65, have the ENERGY and open-mindedness offensively to rebuild Kansas. Thats the only question I have. I'm not worried about how long he'll be here, that's irrelevant. But those first 2-3 years are huge and with the TV deals ending in a few years, Kansas MUST position itself with a credible football program because we don't want to get left on the outside looking in. I'm not saying Miles is Weis 2.0, because that's an insult to Les. But let's dig a little deeper than the HE WON A TITLE AND CAN RECRUIT and start comparing apples to apples before a final decision is made.

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4-star New Orleans QB Lance LeGendre commits to KU football

I can’t get excited about a 4-Star JUNIOR QB when Beaty has 11 Saturdays in the Fall to convince kids why they shouldn’t come to KU. I want to see 5 wins & a team that’s competitive. That’s all.

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Free State lineman plans to walk on with KU football

I'm just glad to see Beaty actually recruit and land high school kids since he's been hooting and hollering the last three years that he was focused on building the program that way and has since gone Charlie Weis 2.0 with the JUCO desperation Move. The BV kid is interesting because he has great size and is clearly a receiving threat. Now lets see if Beaty - who's in CYA-Save-His-Job-Mode - and his staff can actually develop and PREPARE guys to play in 2018.

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Jayhawks still preparing to play without freshman forward Billy Preston

I have a sneaking suspicion we’re never gonna see Preston in a KU Uniform again....

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Five-star guard Quentin Grimes calls feeling of signing with KU indescribable

As a Jayhawk in Houston, I’m looking forward to making a couple trips to the Woodlands to see this kid in action.... Rock Chalk....

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KU chancellor states confidence in AD Zenger, football coach Beaty

A major blow to the solar plexus for sure, this new administration has made it clear that while this school understands the importance of a competitive football team, it's putting more blame on the lack of FACILITIES as the reason why this team can't compete as opposed to having a head coach who has no business being in his current role.

So to all crap teachers at KU - if you're a bad teacher, just blame it on the desks and textbooks and according to Girod, that's viable.


As a KU Grad and longtime football supporter, Girod, Zenger and Beaty are an insult to Kansas, the Athletic Department and the Big 12. Beaty isn't turning this program around any more than I'm going to grow 3 inches in the next year. He's not a good coach. Period. He's a salesman, and a damn good one apparently because he's bamboozled both Zenger (not that difficult) and Girod into thinking it's the facilities why this team makes the SAME MISTAKES EVERY WEEKEND and has shown no discernable signs of improvement.

This isn't about KU becoming Iowa State. It's about being COMPETITIVE. That's all we're asking. I promise any sensible KU fan out there would tell you - give us 4-5 wins and we lose some close to build for next year? Yes Please. Instead we're stuck with GIFs of lines not blocking and a QB BEATY RECRUITED throwing to NO ONE - Repeatedly.

That's who's building this program. And to think Girod is in charge of the University. Apparently the Millennial mindset of just showing up and earning a trophy applies to Kansas Football.

Mark my words - two more years of Beaty and Kansas will find its way out of a Power Five. But hey, at least we'll have the best facilities in the MAC.

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