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Holy Guacamole! KU's Graham thriving in supporting role

I think Devonte is the key to us getting a star guard to replace Frank. Any recruit should realize that with a star supporting them, their chances of success is even greater. Devonte has the respect of competitors, they can't slide off of him to double team and harass a freshman guard. If they go after Devonte, some newby will get a chance for a touch pass three or an open lane to drive. And if the frosh gets rattled, they have an experienced peer that has been there, that can win the game if necessary. Devonte will take a lot of pressure off the new kid.

In our home, Baby Graham is a family favorite. I'm looking forward to him being around another year, if it happens.

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KU basketball player Carlton Bragg accused of pushing woman down stairs, pleads not guilty; won't be allowed to play

This hurts. Carlton was actually having a productive effect on the court. I'm not expecting him back, and if guilty of pushing anyone, man or woman, down a flight of stairs, he deserves the consequences unless this was not self-defense. If not guilty, we'll need some major media spin. Either way, this downgrades our potential for the season. I don't know that Colby and Lightfoot will be able to pick up his minutes, nor Dok be able to perform as well. Guess we'll see at the end of conference play. The important effort will be to not let this affect the psyche of the team too much.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self's Allen Fieldhouse record stunning

And, Self is the only coach to have won 12 consecutive conference championships. It took UCLA three coaches. Why don't we hear that more often?

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Bill Self: Lawyers fighting hard for Cheick Diallo's eligibility

As Chris Piper shared Jay Bilas' thought, "The guy speaks three languages. Why shouldn't he be in college?"

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Cheick Diallo case remains ongoing

Self's "nature of the business" comment says it all.

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Miles named to KU basketball staff

This may be the most exciting news of the summer. Thanks Aaron, and thanks HCBS!

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Column: U.S. 'next plays' its way to victory

Tom, one of your comments is totally unnecessary and I'm not certain if it's even valid. I think Nic Moore was a major contributor to a couple of our wins. He played pretty consistently as a ball handler, made some tough runs to the basket, and grabbed some important rebounds, especially in yesterday's game. The kid is tough.

If there were a difference between the KU players and our two guests, I would say they have not learned to finish games yet. In the Russian game, particularly, both Nic and Julian had trouble taking care of the rock and in getting to the rack and scoring in the last few minutes. And yes, he made errors and turnovers, but I'm not sure he was the only one to do so. Nic is not perfect, or as polished as we'd probably like, but size is all that prevents him from being an incredible player.

That said, I wonder what Nic would be like if he played for us. I think he'd be a starter. And a closer. However, after winning the gold with us, I find no reason to point out Julian and Nic as questionable participants. Without them, we would not be wearing the gold.

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One more: Team USA advances to the gold-medal game with 78-68 victory

I was concerned about the Russian's but actually think the Serb's were tougher. It was nice to see Lucas bounce back. The way he's been banging in these games makes me wonder how hard he and Mickelson are going against each other in practice. Wish Traylor would stop with the head wave and dropped shoulders after each offensive/defensive blunder. Seems to be thinking too much. Moore seems to be having a great time getting to play with a great team. Bet he misses them in November! Are Vick's eyes really that big, or is that "deer in the headlight" syndrome. I think they're just really that big. Perry has some of the sweetist spin moves. For the tournament, Seldon has been the man. Mason is the rock.

In terms of the world knowing Jayhawks are representing the US, was in Lawrence Friday night for an event, stopped at a bar to watch game before coming home. Outside of the four of us, the crowded bar didn't even seem to notice KU was playing. Once or twice, people would look up when we cheered, but it didn't cause anyone to pay attention. We left before half, traveled back to KC, and then rewatched the whole game. Going to bed at 2:00am made it a bit tougher getting up at 4:15am today. But well worth seeing it live!

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Survive and advance: USA secures quarterfinals berth by edging Serbia

That was one of the roughest games I think these Hawks have ever played. Like another poster, I don't want to play the Serbs again, if possible. The larger lane really helps zone defense.

What happened to Landen the second half? I'd like to hear what happened between him and the Serbian he tossed to the floor at the end of the half.

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