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Longtime KU basketball strength coach Andrea Hudy leaving Kansas

Sounds like he is blaming the idiots that changed everything that seemed to be working just fine and now have driven two outstanding professionals to leave the university.

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Agbaji, Azubuike impress at Nike Skills Academy in California

"It’s not like he’s some skinny white kid that can sneak up on shooters or blend into the spectators/inmates before making a rejection"
What does the color of his skin have to do with anything?

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Why Les Miles thinks his first KU team is more talented than his first OSU team

Wow! I have to admit that is one of the best post you have ever done (but then again you did set the bar pretty low. LOL)

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KU football player arrested on suspicion of DUI

"Take it easy Francis"
-Sgt. Hulka

Good God, it was "suspicion" of driving under the influence and most people get a slap on the wrist for first offense and it is not publish for the entire fan base of a major university to see. No one is trying to sweep it under the rug but he is a 20 year old and I'm quite sure you made a lot of stupid decisions at that age as well. Thank goodness no one was harmed and a lesson can be learned.

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Former Jayhawk Dedric Lawson reportedly joining the San Antonio Spurs; McLemore on the move, too

So he went on a two week rant and you've been carrying this on for 5 years. Who's the bigger arse in this scenario?
As Eliott Reeder posted and as I have posted in the past: GET OVER IT ALREADY.
You are starting to sound like a little boy obsessed with a little girl so you keep harassing her so you will be noticed.

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Les Miles explains recruiting approach that has KU football off to hot start for 2020

How does leaving the game at halftime of a blowout effect the revenue? Does the team get all the concession revenue? If the team is competitive, even if they lose, people will show up but no one will or should have to sit through blowout after blowout.

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The Big 3: Former KU greats set to return to KCMO this weekend with Ice Cube's BIG3 basketball league

Sounds horrible and not anywhere close to real basketball. It is going to be the worst part of what basketball has become: trash talking. Sorry but it might be okay for people who want to see the former stars but it is hardly worth a TV contract. The only appeal would be to see the old stars in person.

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3-star PG from Missouri picks up offer from Kansas

why post an article from 2017?

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Report: Dedric Lawson agrees to free agent deal with Golden State after going undrafted in NBA Draft

Are you out of your mind. Bill Self helped to make him look better than what he was. They revolved everything around him which is why he led the league in scoring. He is just not athletic and nothing Bill Self or the coaching staff could do would change that. He has basketball skills but he is not the dynamic athlete that NBA teams covet.

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Report: Dedric Lawson agrees to free agent deal with Golden State after going undrafted in NBA Draft

Get off the damn Perry Ellis deal!! Ellis left Kansas in 2016, its time to let go. How many years do you have to hold on to something to make yourself feel better and smarter. Good God you're pathetic.

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