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Quick recap: KU football suffers lopsided loss to No. 11 Baylor in final game of 2019

Why get on the football site and make a comment?
If you don't think that football is relevant then just don't pay attention and go to another site. It's really pretty easy.

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How Devon Dotson and Ochai Agbaji played all 45 minutes in KU's Maui Invitational win over Dayton

I'm trying to figure out if you are being sarcastic or you really meant that statement.
The NBA guys take games off during the season to "rest". They don't come anywhere close to playing all the minutes in any of their games. And they are fully developed men.

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Thomas MacVittie 'very viable' candidate to replace Carter Stanley in 2020

Carter made bad decisions and didn't show that strong of an arm. We should be able to move on without him just fine.

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Game Day Breakdown - No. 4 Kansas vs. Chaminade

The four spot will be the biggest issue. This will only work if our 4 can stay with their smaller and potentially more athletic 4. It would be nice to see a lot of alley oops and slam dunks in this one.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Countdown begins for KU's response to NCAA allegations of recruiting violations

Dylan Lysen is trying to make a name for "them"selves as a top notch investigative reporter so don't try to rain on "their" parade.
Sorry I was confused as to what pronoun to use, it a crap shoot these days.

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'Planet' Azubuike powers Kansas past East Tennessee State, 75-63

"Silvio", his name was in the article.

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Notebook: Some significant Jayhawks could use 2019 as redshirt season

Maybe if Miles knew he was coaching football instead of baseball, he could be more successful.

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Les Miles explains why Thomas MacVittie didn't take over at QB in loss at OSU

But after watching his decision making on the one trick play, I will come out and say it: "He doesn't have what it takes to play QB at the division one level"

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Kansas lands commitment from 3-star point guard Latrell Jossell

I think this is a great "sign". He is a kid who will most likely stay for four years (maybe five with a redshirt) and learn the system. He will get bigger and stronger. He was originally from the Chicago area and we all know Bill loves to get guards from Chicago because of their perceived toughness, although this kid has been in TX for the last four years according to this article.
Welcome aboard and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

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Former Jayhawk Sam Cunliffe helps Evansville knock off No. 1 Kentucky at Rupp Arena

Great job Sam. He had ice in his veins while hitting those two free throws with 6 seceonds left.

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