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Lowering bowl requirements in 2020 a missed opportunity for college football

I could still see them allowing a 2 win SEC team in because after all they play in the mighty SEC. I would like to go back to the days of winning on the field meant something. Don't weigh games based on conference or Power 5. Too many teams get better bowl games with mediocre records because they played in a Power 5 conference. But a lot of those conference games are watered down because they created super conferences where everybody can't play everyone else. There should be 8-10 team limited on a conference so all the teams can play each other in football and they could all play home and away in basketball. Why do you need a conference with close to 20 teams in it? Just my opinion and in the words of the immortal Dennis Miller "I could be wrong."

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Just 1 Jayhawk still standing in the NBA's bubble in Orlando

Sorry to say I hope Kieff goes down this round. I could not stand to see LeBron running his mouth anymore.

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Quartet of newcomers brings a little bit of everything to the 2020-21 Kansas basketball roster

Did KU play a football game?? I must have missed that. All I saw was a bunch of fellas dressed in KU colors running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

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Is Mario Chalmers angling for a reunion with LeBron James in Orlando?

When are people going to realize that LeBron James is not a nice guy. Not to mention how incredibly ignorant he is on China (or any other country, policy, etc.) and the horrible human rights record they have, but he doesn't care as long as it can make him more money.

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KU walk-on Elijah Elliott has entered name into transfer portal

This is a non-sequitur for KU basketball. It will neither help nor hurt KU basketball. KU was not "forced" to allow Elijah to walk-on. He choose to and Bill allowed him to give it a try. It was obvious from watching him play, he was not top of the D1 level type of player. Unlike the "ugly fat girl", your analogy falls flat.
We will address your beauty and fat shaming at another time.

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KU walk-on Elijah Elliott has entered name into transfer portal

What the ???? How in heavens name can you attack Dale Rogers for such a benign statement or is your anger aimed at Elijah? The kid walked on at KU, he will always have that as a memory but he is a basketball player and he wants to play more so he is transferring to a place where he can play. There is absolutely no reason to shout "Are you kidding me?" No, no one is kidding you. Now take a chill pill and go back to you "new" normal life where a teenager's decision on basketball isn't the most important issue ever.

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'Hawks in the NBA: Morris twins ready to heat up Los Angeles

No way Markieff's numbers will go up at the Lakers. Too many ball hog "superstars" on that team. No way they will share the glory with Morris.

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KU reaches $2.55 million settlement with former football coach David Beaty

If he would have only been as good a football coach as he is a victim, we would have won the national championship.

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Are you really that dumb or are you just trying to be argumentative? Was it the NCAA or KU who discovered the issue? Who cares, the main point is: as soon as a problem was discovered they sat Preston and he never played a minute of a game at KU. No violation, no problem and certainly no penalty. End of story on Preston.

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KU receives NCAA response in violations case

Let me DUMB IT DOWN for you Mr. Gellar. In America you are innocent until proven guilty. In the court of law KU was found to be the victim of a crime not the criminal. The NCAA made huge leaps into what they think happened with no real proof other than one player who never played a game at KU and another that only received a small amount and had to sit out way too long for that violation.
The point being made is: the NCAA obviously doesn't really care if players are paid or not since they are pushing for it to be "legal" in their eyes. The NCAA has a long history of being judge and jury in these cases but are very selective in who they penalize. Kentucky has turned their middle finger up to the NCAA starting at least back to the 50's, yet they are never truly ever punished. There are numerous other examples of double standards from other schools that the NCAA treats as untouchables: Duke, UNC, etc.

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