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Bill Self, KU agree on contract through 2021-22 season

When basketball coaches interview at Mizzou, they say: "You know I want to be able to talk to KU if they're interested in hiring me...right?"

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Thomas Robinson, Andre Drummond work out for Bobcats

When I lived in Lawrence we used to refer to it as the Urinal Whirl. It's bad even by Gannett standards and an embarrassment for a college town.

Someone should rent an airplane towing the banner "Baby Dolph, how do you sleep at night?"

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Incoming guard Doyle hoping to live up to legacy of Chicago Jayhawks

For the greater good:

fro bono

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Kansas’ Christian Garrett back from hoops/ministry trip

Pretty sure Jesus would be a 3...solid cross-court passer...can get up with the best of them...a little passive on defense but plays with passion...definitely listens to the coach...the NCAA would find academic anomalies tho.

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Milton Doyle to play basketball at Kansas University

" more thing, Merv...the mexican food in Albuquerque is terrific!"

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Making the grade: Perry Ellis averaged 25.8 PPG, 4.0 GPA

Part of being any kind of fan involves existential defense mechanisms. By seemingly belonging to a larger social aggregate one gets to enhance self-esteem. A tip-off is the pronouns used: "We were AWESOME last night!" vs "They sucked at defense and 3 point shooting...that's why they lost." The first is "basking in reflected glory"; the second "casting off reflected failure." BIRG-ing and CORF-ing respectively.

Being part of the second winningest college program of all time provides for a LOT of BIRG-ing. (Today I was waving the wheat to the driver of the car in front of me, a car with Missouri plates...that may be both BIRG-ing and CORF-ing.) Anyway, with no games for another few months, we have to bask in potential glory; our self-esteem is part of the future's market. (CORF-ing we do with fellow posters.)

This may not explain posters' proclivity for hyperbole, but it is something I learned in Frazier Hall from Rick Snyder 20 years ago in Frazier Hall, at KU.

Just a theory.

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Bill Self defends CU series

Norfolk State

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ESPN ranks Kansas basketball's Class of 2013 recruits

Top Ten Ploys Recruiters Use Against Kansas:

10. "They're an Adidas school."
9. "Do you really want a woman to whip you into shape?"
8. "Lawrence is way too liberal."
7. "The State of Kansas is way too conservative."
6. "Have you seen what a tornado can do, son?"
5. "Self will actually try to get you to graduate...and play defense."
4. "AFH will diminish your ability to appreciate music."
3. "You will be marginalized by the East Coast Establishment."
2. "The football program is in transition..still."
1. "Check their fan boards...a rabid horde of deeply passionate
supporters with a profound understanding of the game will follow
your every move and be on you like Teabaggers on a tax hike
should you ever have a turnover or a missed free throw."

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Signee Perry Ellis a valedictorian

Let's start off with Secretary of Defense.

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Thomas Robinson aiming high in upcoming NBA draft

I personally hate the NBA and regard it mostly as a means to keep track of ex-Jayhawks. I am unsure what an NBA coach does except maybe keep the four players who don't like him away from the four who are undecided. How many times have you seen an NBA timeout huddle when the players are not even paying attention to the coach? I suppose they figure out match-ups within the context of minimally controlled violence and work the refs to get an edge. But when was the last time there was an NBA equivalent to this past year's KU story?

Are you listening Bill?

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